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  • The Power of Customer Engagement through Marketing Automation
    The Power of Customer Engagement through Marketing Automation
    Lee Cavallo, Certified Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner AND Mehdi Berrahou, Certified Adobe Campaign Developer Recorded: Nov 17 2015 34 mins
    In order to achieve success in a market of empowered consumers, organizations need to provide personalized customer experiences. New digital interaction channels are not only changing the way we engage with our customers, but are changing their expectations. In this live webcast presented by Lee Cavallo (Certified Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner) and Mehdi Berrahou (Certified Adobe Campaign Developer), learn how marketing automation platforms are streamlining these engagements, and how B&D is leveraging its skillset to take it one step further.

    Three Key Takeaways:

    1.Learn about the importance of the customer’s digital experience, and what is required for organizations to foster successful relationships out of these engagements.
    2.Learn about marketing automation platforms, such as Adobe Campaign, and its ability to solve the marketing challenges of today.
    3.Learn about B&D’s relationship with Adobe Campaign, and how together, we provide game changing ROI for the marketing end-user.
  • Digital Transformation Workshop: Designing your transformation road-map
    Digital Transformation Workshop: Designing your transformation road-map
    James Marzola, Vice President, Digital Business Transformation, Business & Decision, North America Recorded: Sep 30 2015 49 mins
    At the heart of every business is its customer. Yet how many businesses truly align their entire organization around the customer and the customer’s experience with their business?

    Join us for our Digital Business Transformation Workshop as our experts walk through the first steps of a Digital Transformation and layout a simple frame work that you can apply to design your businesses Digital Transformation road-map.

    This Digital Business Transformation Workshop is designed to help you:

    1.Understand all the ways your customer(s) touch your business
    2.Design a simple Framework on where to start and what to do next
    3.Case Study: See a firsthand example of a Health Insurance Company’s Digital Business Transformation and how they began their process.
  • Service Desk Metrics: How Healthy is your IT Environment?
    Service Desk Metrics: How Healthy is your IT Environment?
    Lee Graham, Principal Consultant, Business & Decision, North America Recorded: Jul 29 2015 28 mins
    In today’s fast changing IT support environments companies are looking to find ways to reduce cost while, increasing quality of service which are often opposing forces. By understanding IT support metrics, companies can better position themselves to measure success and turn opposition into opportunity.

    Join us on Wednesday, July 29th at 2pm EDT and learn about metrics that can help measure your IT support environment’s health, reduce costs and improve your IT support services.

    Key Takeaways:
    •How to determine the health of your IT Environment
    •Identify the top 10 recommended Service Desk Metrics
  • Improving the Customer Experience with Digital Transformation & CCM
    Improving the Customer Experience with Digital Transformation & CCM
    Jim Marzola, Vice President - Digital Business Transformation, Business & Decision Recorded: May 27 2015 47 mins
    Learn How to leverage Digital Transformation & Customer Capital Management (CCM) to improve your Customers Experience

    Join us for a complimentary webinar and discover how you can transform your company’s Customer Experience effectiveness.

    Did you know…
    •50% of top executives see Customer Experience Management as their #1 investment for the next five years
    •A 5% increase in customer retention impacts profitability from 25%-100%
    •You risk up to a 25% potential revenue loss without a Master Customer Data Management strategy
    •CXM leaders have customers with greater loyalty who are:
    o17.5% more likely to buy more
    o13.3% more likely to forgive a mistake

    Learn from the experts! Join us on Wednesday, May 27th at 3pm EDT and discover how you can Digitally Transform your Customer Experience effectiveness with the latest strategies, tools, and applications to leverage the return on investment through return on information.
  • The Natural Progression of Enterprise Voice
    The Natural Progression of Enterprise Voice
    Rob Riley, Business & Decision Principal Consultant Recorded: Mar 25 2015 35 mins
    Lync 2013 (soon to be Skype for Business) is commonly known as an instant messaging client that includes voice and video capabilities within the enterprise. However, its ability to cross enterprise network boundaries and reach colleagues, partners, and customers across the globe via mobile phones or traditional telephony systems is often overlooked. The natural progression in collaboration may start with a quick instant messaging conversation but often leads to picking up the phone and calling someone to attain resolution.

    Join us on Wednesday, March 25th at 2pm EST to learn about the capabilities of Lync Enterprise Voice, ways to implement it as a cost savings to your business, the impact of the launch of Skype for business and how the progression of enterprise voice collaborative tools are changing the way we run our businesses today.

    Key Takeaways:
    •What is Lync Enterprise Voice
    •How can Lync Enterprise Voice be implemented
    •Is Skype for Business different than Lync Enterprise Voice
  • How the Internet of Things is Changing ERP - Are you ready?
    How the Internet of Things is Changing ERP - Are you ready?
    Business & Decision Recorded: Feb 16 2015 51 mins
    oin us for this featured webcast and learn the Internet of Things is changing the way we leverage our ERP solutions to access Meaningful and Accurate data, measure and track results, help you stay ahead of the competition and take your business to the next level.

    Access your data Easier, Better, Faster! In this live webcast B&D will discuss the top 5 best practices that will make the biggest impact to your business in 2015. Join us and discover how to:

    •Create your 2015 ERP Strategy
    •Leverage New Technologies (Cloud, Mobility, Etc.) to better your ERP system
    •Evaluate Platform Strategies
    •Use KPI's, Dashboards and other tools to improve data accuracy
    •Apply Methodologies and Implementation Options
    •Uncover simple changes you can make right NOW

    Join our webcast on January 28, and discover how to get your ERP Solution ready for prime time in 2015 by employing new trends in Internet of Things Solutions for your business!
  • Responsive Design in SharePoint 2013
    Responsive Design in SharePoint 2013
    Don Webster Recorded: Jul 24 2014 26 mins
    According to researchers, more mobile devices than desktop computers will be used to access the web by 2015. SharePoint 2013 offers several options to optimize public-facing websites for mobile devices. Which one you choose depends on the different factors that apply to your scenario.

    SharePoint 2013 device channels and responsive web design are similar approaches, but their capabilities differ and they have different impact when used for optimizing a website for mobile devices. Join us to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Responsive Design vs. SharePoint 2013 device channels and how to choose the right method for your organization.
  • Change and Configuration Management
    Change and Configuration Management
    Guy Wakefield Recorded: Jun 3 2014 23 mins
    In part 4 of our Compliance Fundamentals series, Guy Wakefield discusses the fundamentals of change and configuration management, focusing on key concepts and examples for the IT personnel that support them.
  • Analytics 3.0: The Dawn of a New Data Era
    Analytics 3.0: The Dawn of a New Data Era
    Andrew Fletcher, Vice President Recorded: May 15 2014 27 mins
    Analytics 3.0 breaks through constraints that companies have faced around enabling any analytics, on any data, at any time. For many companies, the scope of data analysis has expanded from gathering operational business intelligence to performing product offering analysis using embedded data intelligence.

    Join our live webcast on May 15, 2014 at 12 PM EST and learn how analytics has evolved from business intelligence to the new era of data-enriched offerings, and how you can apply Analytics 3.0 to produce measurable business benefits and optimize internal decision processes for your organization.
  • Exchange Archive Management for Microsoft Office 365 Migrations
    Exchange Archive Management for Microsoft Office 365 Migrations
    Chris Day, Director of Cloud & Mobility Recorded: Apr 24 2014 25 mins
    Join us to learn how Office 365 archiving can help you to meet all of your archiving and eDiscovery needs.

    During this live webcast, Chris Day, Director of Cloud & Mobility at Business & Decision will answer the following questions:

    •What are Exchange Online archives?
    •What are the limitations of Exchange Online archives?
    •How does eDiscovery work with Exchange Online archives?
    •What do I need to consider before migrating from a traditional archive to Exchange Online archives?

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