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Sales Best Practices

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  • The Customer-Core Foundation Method: Enabling a Better Sales Force
    The Customer-Core Foundation Method: Enabling a Better Sales Force
    Tamara Schenk, Research Director, MHI Research Institute Recorded: Mar 12 2015 39 mins
    The term "Sales Enablement" is used for almost everything that has to do with content, training, coaching, technology and collaboration to improve sales performance and to drive revenue growth. Nevertheless, sales enablement is rarely a strategic and holistic discipline that translates business strategy into integrated sales execution plans. More often sales enablement is a tactical approach to fixing a quarter rather than a strategic approach to transform a sales organization to a customer core, customer result-based and value-creating approach.

    To get to a more strategic sales force enablement approach, a customer core foundation based on the entire customer's journey is essential. Three additional pillars, that are all based on the customer core idea, have to be integrated with current concepts to evolve sales enablement to sales force enablement.

    Why you should attend - your main takeaways:

    • Why a customer core approach is key to success, and how to design it.
    • Why frontline sales manager are a key target group.
    • Why not only sales and marketing are relevant - how to take advantage of a strong foundation in sales operations.
    • Why content and training services should be integrated - along the customer's journey.
  • Performance Accountability
    Performance Accountability
    Joe Galvin, Tamara Schenk Recorded: Feb 11 2015 14 mins
    In this webinar, from Joe Galvin and Tamara Schenk from the MHI Research Institute, learn best practices for driving performance accountability in your B2B sales organization
  • Panel: Getting the Most from your Sales Enablement Initiative
    Panel: Getting the Most from your Sales Enablement Initiative
    Moderator: Craig Nelson; Panelists: Thierry van Herwijnen, Tamara Schenk Recorded: Nov 19 2014 49 mins
    If you are like many, moving from random acts of sales enablement to a more "systemized" approach to enable sales success is new to your organization. This panel covers what to anticipate and how to overcome obstacles that cause sales enablement initiatives to either fail or simply fall short of expectations.

    These experts will share lessons learned on topics such as:

    • The 4 key elements of sales enablement
    • Sales enablement maturity assessment
    • How to create a "rolling thunder" of support that makes sales enablement get pulled throughout the organization
    • How technology is enabling the real-time delivery of sales enablement resources before, during and after the sales interaction
  • The Pursuit of World-Class Performance
    The Pursuit of World-Class Performance
    MHI Global, Joe Galvin Recorded: Nov 3 2014 37 mins
    The 2014 Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study uncovered some of the key practices that the top 8 - 10% of organizations used to drive World-Class sales performance. What are their key behaviors, and how can you use these findings to improve your sales practices? Watch this informative webinar and find out.
  • Buying 2.0
    Buying 2.0
    Joe Galvin, Chief Research Officer, MHI Research Institute Recorded: Aug 12 2014 33 mins
    Joe Galvin, Chief Research Officer of the MHI Research Institute, discusses common buyer myths. He shares new research that shows how the buying process has changed, and, as a result, how companies can change their sales process' to adapt.
  • Equip Your Sales Team with Content That Creates Value, Not Noise
    Equip Your Sales Team with Content That Creates Value, Not Noise
    Mark Synek, Tamara Schenk, Jim Moliski, Phil Aaronson Recorded: Jun 19 2014 55 mins
    Successful sales enablement starts with not only understanding your customer’s journey, but also with your sales team understanding what you’ve created and being able to use it effectively and repeatedly. Join this discussion to learn how to provide content and training that your sales managers value and the sales reps will use.

    - Mark Synek, Principal, Sales Benchmark Index (Moderator) @MarkSynek
    - Tamara Schenk, Research Director, MHI Research Institute @tamaraschenk
    - Jim Moliski, SVP Strategic Services, Launch International @moliski
    - Phil Aaronson, Director, Sales Enablement, Oracle Marketing Cloud @pavlovissmart

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