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Mobility Moving You Forward

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  • How To Secure The True Mobile Endpoint: Apps & Data
    How To Secure The True Mobile Endpoint: Apps & Data
    Alan Murray, SVP of Product at Apperian Recorded: Oct 28 2014 42 mins
    You already know employees are using smartphones and tablets to be more productive at work. Whether BYOD or corporate owned, the question is how to most appropriately and effectively secure business apps and content? Secure the device, the apps, or both?

    In this webcast Alan Murray, SVP of Product at Apperian will discuss the pros and cons of various mobile security methods. Learn how an app-centric approach can provide fine-grained security and control across all workers, including BYOD and contracted workers, where MDM and device management can’t.

    You will learn:

    • The pros and cons of mobile security approaches

    • How to create a highly secure environment that doesn’t hamper the productivity of your mobile workers

    • Methods to make security policy administration easier, painless, and more efficient
  • The Mobile App Lifecycle: Moving Beyond Device Security
    The Mobile App Lifecycle: Moving Beyond Device Security
    Cormac Foster and Rich Morrow - GigaOM Research, Bob Egan - Analyst, Sepharim Group, Stephen Skidmore - Apperian Recorded: Sep 29 2014 51 mins
    Consumerization trends like BYOD have made device locking and wiping a priority, but device security is only a small piece of the enterprise mobility puzzle. To become truly secure–and productive–enterprises must broaden their scope to encompass a wider range of mobile issues, including application procurement, testing and validation, distribution, monitoring, and retirement.

    In this GigaOm webinar, the panelists will examine the policies and procedures necessary to provide comprehensive, holistic mobility management. It will review the costs and benefits of building a comprehensive enterprise mobility platform, and discuss the future of management tools.

    What Will Be Discussed:
    -What is Enterprise Mobility Management?
    -What are the limits of device-level security?
    -What can we learn from other device and application management paradigms?
    -What processes and tools are necessary?
    -What is the future of Enterprise Mobility Management?

    This webinar is most suitable for:
    -CIOs and CTOs
    -Mobility Managers
    -Mobile Developers
    -IT Managers
  • How IT Leaders are Unlocking the Value of Enterprise Mobility
    How IT Leaders are Unlocking the Value of Enterprise Mobility
    Alan Murray – SVP Products, Apperian; Dan Woods – CTO and Editor of CITO Research Recorded: Sep 19 2014 60 mins
    In a recent survey, 100% of IT leaders reported that they plan to distribute mobile applications to help increase employee productivity within the next two years.

    Watch Dan Woods, Editor and CTO of CITO Research, and Alan Murray, SVP of Products at Apperian, as they breakdown the results of this survey and discuss how enterprises can use the mobile application lifecycle to unlock the value of enterprise mobility.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • How your peers believe they will get the most out of enterprise mobile apps and which apps will transform today’s enterprise
    • What IT leaders biggest mobile challenges are, and what are they trying to achieve from their mobility investments
    • How you can use a mobile app lifecycle to overcome the security and adoption concerns associated with enterprise mobility today
  • Maximizing Enterprise Mobility Value: Look to the Mobile App Lifecycle
    Maximizing Enterprise Mobility Value: Look to the Mobile App Lifecycle
    Richard Absalom, Senior Analyst, Ovum Recorded: Sep 9 2014 64 mins
    According to Ovum, enterprise mobility management (EMM) is moving beyond device management. This shift is largely driven by the consumerization of IT, BYOD and the proliferation of enterprise apps, as businesses try to manage and secure mobile data.

    In this eSeminar with Richard Absalom, Senior Analyst at Ovum, you will learn:

    •The current state of the booming EMM market and recommendations on how to build a sound mobile enterprise strategy focused on security, mobile adoption, and productivity gains
    •How to secure corporate data and improve employee engagement and productivity
    •Why taking an application-lifecycle approach is today’s reality of enterprise mobility and will ensure organizations realize the promise of mobile
  • How to Optimize Mobile App Testing to increase App Quality & Ratings
    How to Optimize Mobile App Testing to increase App Quality & Ratings
    Stephen Skidmore, Director of Product, Apperian Recorded: Sep 4 2014 23 mins
    The mobile app testing phase of development involves people installing and interacting with preproduction apps, providing feedback and identifying problems. This process can cumbersome and limited to a handful of employees, often the same people who are developing the apps. The risk is lower quality apps and brand damage for your company.

    In this webinar you learn best practices for:

    •Managing mobile app testing at scale with hundreds or thousands of users
    •Achieving faster “time to market” for apps by iterating development cycles more quickly
    •Improving overall app quality through continuous innovation and user feedback

    Attend this webinar to learn how to streamline and scale your mobile app testing to help improve quality and end-user ratings.
  • Three Weeks to a Mobile Workforce
    Three Weeks to a Mobile Workforce
    Chris Hazelton, 451 Research; Henri Knoesen, Santam; Stephen Skidmore, Apperian Recorded: Aug 22 2014 18 mins
    Leading organizations recognize the importance of mobile innovation to get ahead of the competition. But building an enterprise mobility strategy has challenges—BYOD, enabling contracted workers and security to name a few. Add to that the need to mobilize a workforce—fast. How can this be accomplished?

    Leaders from Santam, the leading short-term insurance company will discuss actual ways to securely distribute mobile apps and content within a large and highly complex workforce environment.

    During this webinar, panelists discuss:
    •How to take a mobile app from idea to distribution in weeks (not months or years)
    •Driving the highest levels of adoption for maximum ROI
    •Ways to empower workers through BYOD
    •Simplifying mobile strategy

    Panelists: Chris Hazelton, Research Director, Mobile and Wireless, 451 Research; Henri Knoesen, Digital Projects Team Lead, Santam; Stephen Skidmore, Director of Product Marketing, Apperian
  • Mobile Security You Need with BYOD Your Employees Love
    Mobile Security You Need with BYOD Your Employees Love
    Carlos Montero-Luque, Chief Technology Officer at Apperian Recorded: Aug 5 2014 32 mins
    Gartner predicts that by 2017 more than 50% of companies will have implemented a BYOD (bring your own device) program. Whether you already have BYOD, or are planning for your BYOD future, security is likely one of your top concerns. Fortunately, when done right BYOD can increase employee productivity and workforce satisfaction while maintaining the security you need.

    Unfortunately, many companies often struggle by implementing BYOD policies that are too intrusive to end-user’s personal devices. The business results and security benefits are lost altogether.

    In this webinar you will learn how focusing on business apps and data can drive the mobile security you need with the BYOD your employees love.

    Carlos Montero-Luque, Chief Technology Officer at Apperian will reveal:

    • Why focusing on the true end-point of mobility, the apps and data, is the best approach to create a secure BYOD environment
    • How a zero-touch, non-intrusive BYOD security approach increases employee productivity
    • What practical steps you can take to simplify the complexity of supporting multiple devices, operating systems, and contingent workforce BYOD environments.

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