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Inside Sales

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  • AA-ISP Webinar: 4 Ways Queue-based Lead Management is Shaping Inside Sales
    AA-ISP Webinar: 4 Ways Queue-based Lead Management is Shaping Inside Sales
    CEO, David Hood & EXVP, Kevin Thornton - VanillaSoft Recorded: Mar 12 2015 49 mins
    Fundamentally, the most important determining factors for sales success are the processes and systems in which leads are managed and worked. Proper lead management is key and systems custom-designed for the unique challenges of the inside sales industry are imperative.

    In this webinar, VanillaSoft's CEO, David Hood, and Executive Vice President, Kevin Thornton, will take you through an engaging session where you will learn:

    •The current climate of the Inside Sales industry
    •4 key areas that are crucial to sales success
    •Common obstacles inside sales teams face and how to overcome them
    •How queue-based lead management is changing the inside sales arena

    A must-attend session for sales managers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to maximize ROI on lead spend.

    This AA-ISP hosted webinar is complementary and open to all.

    David Hood, CEO for VanillaSoft, is a successful software entrepreneur with extensive experience in finance, business development, and marketing. As co-founder and CEO of Hemera Technologies, David grew a firm from a basement start-up to a world-class player in the digital image content space in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

    Kevin Thornton, a strategic, global sales & marketing executive, Kevin’s career spans over 20 years leading sales teams that have generated over $1B in software sales. Kevin has forged dozens of strategic partnerships and has executed the go-to-market strategy for hundreds of leading software solutions through multiple channels and regions. As Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing for VanillaSoft, Kevin is responsible for accelerating global customer and revenue growth and overseeing all new customer engagement and acquisition strategies.
  • Show Me Your Dashboard - 4 Things I Can Predict, That You Can't
    Show Me Your Dashboard - 4 Things I Can Predict, That You Can't
    Jim Benton, Chief Business Officer & Co-Founder at ClearSlide Recorded: Nov 6 2014 62 mins
    Jim Benton, Chief Business Officer & Co-Founder at ClearSlide will discuss how engagement data is a better predictor of key sales management concerns than activity reporting alone. Can you predict which reps will make quota and who is planning to leave? Do you know which ramping reps need more coaching around prospect engagement? Can you predict deal closure with a high degree of accuracy? Do you know which content is working or not? Jim does, and can show you how to use engagement to make your dashboard useful again.

    Hosted and presented AA-ISP. This webinar is complimentary. All are invited and welcomed.

    We hope you can join us.
  • What Football Teams Can Teach Sales Teams?
    What Football Teams Can Teach Sales Teams?
    Dan Enthoven, Chief Marketing Officer, Enkata Recorded: Sep 18 2014 60 mins
    Football is back! To celebrate the return of America’s favorite sport Chief Marketing Officer at Enkata, Daniel Enthoven, will talk about lessons sales teams can learn from football teams. For example, while both teams often rely on star players, it’s often basic blocking and tackling that makes or breaks a season. Just like in football, sales excellence requires basic skills, great teamwork, and leadership. In this webinar, Daniel will discuss the basic blocking and tackling skills that sales teams miss most often, how to make special teams more effective, and what football coaches can teach sales leaders.

    If you are a Sales Manager, Leader or Rep looking to improve the dynamics of your team you will benefit from this fast moving session.

    Webinar is complimentary and open to all.

    Hosted and presented by AA-ISP.
  • Inside Sales Training, Development & Accreditation
    Inside Sales Training, Development & Accreditation
    Bob Perkins, Founder & Chairman, AA-ISP & Dionne Mischler, Director of Sales, HireRight & Bruce Lewolt, Founder, BrainX Recorded: Aug 14 2014 63 mins
    The AA-ISP 2014 Top Challenges Report revealed training and development as the #1 issue facing today's Inside Sales leaders and reps.

    Please join us on Thursday, August 14th at 2:00PM EST as Bob Perkins, Founder & Chairman of AA-ISP, and Dionne Mischler, Director of Sales at HireRight & AA-ISP 2014 Chapter President of the Year explore the detailed research around this huge training gap along with the AA-ISP administered accreditation programs designed to address these challenges.

    Topics Include:

    View detailed research around the Top Challenges Report including the training and development gap. More importantly learn what today's top performing Inside Sales organizations are doing to overcome these challenges.
    Understand the emerging requirements for today's virtual selling reps. Why they have risen and how the explosion of new Inside Sales jobs has made this challenge a #1 priority.
    Join a discussion of how the CISP® (Certified Inside Sales Professional) and AISM™ (Accredited Inside Sales Manager) will help raise the level professionalism and performance of virtual selling reps and their leaders.

    If you are an Inside or Field Sales Representative, Manager, Director, VP of Sales, or in Sales Operations or Training, you will benefit from this informative, research based discussion.

    All registrants will receive a complimentary copy of the 2014 Top Challenges Report.

    This webinar is hosted by the AA-ISP.
  • Sharpen Your Sales Axe: 10 Ways to Hone Your Prospecting Chops
    Sharpen Your Sales Axe: 10 Ways to Hone Your Prospecting Chops
    Amit Melwani, Manager, Corporate Sales, ClearSlide Recorded: Jul 31 2014 61 mins
    Small changes can add up to big results. Did you know that if you get 1% better at something each day, that you would be twice as good at it in just 2 ½ months? Imagine getting 2x better results from your break–in emails or cold calls. What would that mean for you in terms of goal attainment?

    In this session, Amit will share 10 ways that you can improve your results with easy changes to what you’re doing each day. From testing your email anatomy to using personalized video to break-in to new accounts, you’ll learn actionable tips that you starting using TODAY.

    Presenter, Amit Melwani is Manager of Corporate Sales at ClearSlide.

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