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  • 11 Steps to Analyze Data for Campaign Performance
    11 Steps to Analyze Data for Campaign Performance
    Catherine Magoffin, Senior Strategist, StrongView Recorded: Jul 16 2014 45 mins
    To succeed in today's rapidly evolving marketing landscape, you need to understand how to collect, analyze, and leverage the massive and varied amount of data available. A system of data analysis, usable by data novices and ninjas alike, can unlock your campaigns’ performance potential.

    Join StrongView’s Senior Strategist, Catherine Magoffin, as she lays out a step-by-step, soup to nuts process for marketing data analysis, focused on campaign performance.

    Key Things You Will Learn:

    * Why it is so important to begin utilizing your customer data, today
    * 11 Steps for harnessing your customer data into action
    * Real life examples of success from Extra Space Storage and Redfin
  • Introducing Present Tense Marketing
    Introducing Present Tense Marketing
    StrongView Visionaries and Clients Recorded: Jul 10 2014 3 mins
    Present Tense Marketing focuses on understanding your customers' current context in order to provide personalized engagements that meet their needs real-time. Visit www.strongview.com/presenttensemarketing to learn more.
  • Marketing to the Continuously Connected Customer
    Marketing to the Continuously Connected Customer
    Shawn Myers, Vice President of Marketing, StrongView Recorded: Oct 30 2013 57 mins
    Cross-Channel Marketing Strategies for Understanding and Engaging Your Customer Across all Touchpoints.

    Are you marketing in the now? Sounds New Age, but it’s what consumers expect of the brands they love. Marketers are constantly seeking the perfect time and place to reach their customers, yet they keep coming up against the same hurdle: each customer has a different perfect time and channel, and it’s continuously changing.

    Watch this On-Demand Webinar now to learn how to upgrade your marketing campaigns to meet escalating consumer expectations.

    Key things you will learn:

    - How consumer expectation is driving a new era of customer experience
    - Techniques for identifying your customers’ expectations and their context
    - Strategies for engaging consumers with a unified experience
    - Real-life examples from brands that are leading the charge

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