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Data-Driven Marketing by LiveRamp

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  • How to Think Like a Freak in Advertising
    How to Think Like a Freak in Advertising
    Stephen Dubner, Freakonomics Recorded: Apr 4 2016 48 mins
    Stephen Dubner offers advice on how to think like a freak in advertising.
  • Innovation in Customer Acquisition
    Innovation in Customer Acquisition
    Hotel Tonight, Fluent, 6sense, 84.51, LiveRamp Recorded: Apr 4 2016 38 mins
    Innovation has become a critical ingredient in today’s data-driven environment. This discussion defines what innovation means for the modern marketer, address the main enablers of innovation and close with discussion around how leading marketers perceive innovative both inside and outside their own organizations.
  • How Legendary Entertainment Approaches Data-Driven Marketing
    How Legendary Entertainment Approaches Data-Driven Marketing
    Matthew Marolda, Chief Analytics Officer, Legendary Entertainment Recorded: Mar 31 2016 18 mins
    Matthew Marolda is Chief Analytics Officer at Legendary Entertainment. He formed and runs Legendary’s Applied Analytics division, which uses data and analytics to drive strategic decisions across all aspects of the company. Watch this video to find out more about how Matthew is using data to change the way movies are made.
  • 5 Techniques for Audience Expansion
    5 Techniques for Audience Expansion
    Aruna Paramasivam, Media Math; Christopher Curtis, Connexity; Rebecca Stone, LiveRamp Recorded: Nov 18 2015 30 mins
    In the digital marketplace, your customers are engaging with dozens of partners and hundreds of offers each day. Measuring behavior has always been a critical component of your marketing because it’s what lets you learn about the preferences of your customers.

    When your customer data is onboarded with 3rd party partner data, you can open new possibilities and expand the size of your core audience.This knowledge can be your best tool for modeling a new target audience, but how do you apply attributes known about your core audience to your customer expansion strategies?

    Sign up to hear experts from MediaMath, Connexity and LiveRamp speak about:

    – How you can refine your data with 3rd party sources that produce meaningful segmentation
    – How data sources, such as shopper intent data, enables more efficient and targeted campaigns
    – Practical examples on how brands and agencies are actually leveraging new data sources to improve their campaigns
  • Emerging Trends in Audience Modeling
    Emerging Trends in Audience Modeling
    Dave Katz, Sr. Dir of Data Hearst; John Wallace, CGO at MarketShare; Rebecca Stone, Marketing Dir at LiveRamp Recorded: Oct 29 2015 33 mins
    Marketers have been effectively analyzing their own customer data and identifying similar buyer attributes offline for decades. Unfortunately customer data is often siloed or spread across dozens of applications, preventing marketers from leveraging insights that should be used to model the perfect new audience for digital campaigns, or to campaign performance against offline consumer sales.

    When your data is connected insights can be shared across marketing applications and measured offline or online. Data from every marketing technology in your toolbox can finally be connected allowing you to continuously refine your campaigns. Sign up to join our next webinar where you’ll learn:

    – About new strategies for audience modeling and practical tips for getting started
    – Reach the perfect audience by connecting your customer data to digital marketing campaigns
    – To forget about measuring campaign performance with vanity metrics like “reach” or “impressions”
    – How to determine which digital campaigns are actually delivering measurable sales
  • Strategies for Unlocking the Value of your Customer Data
    Strategies for Unlocking the Value of your Customer Data
    Fatemeh Khatibloo and Liz Witherspoon, Forrester research analysts Recorded: Sep 23 2015 52 mins
    Are you a marketer looking for ways to actually put your data to use? Have you thought about monetizing your data but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve started to realize that all of your customer and online data isn’t as unified as you want it to be? There's no question that quality data is a tremendous business asset, but the majority of companies haven't figured out how best to leverage and optimize the data they have and—importantly—the data they don't own but may have access to.

    Join our guest speakers, Forrester research analysts Fatemeh Khatibloo and Liz Witherspoon, on September 10, 2015 at 10am PT, to learn about strategies to unlock the value of your data, including:

    - How to leverage second-party or “shared” customer data

    - What makes some companies creative data powerhouses while others can’t seem to leverage data strategically

    - How to create a central hub for activating CRM, sales, and other customer data across your marketing stack

    - The ROI Fortune 500 companies experience when they apply what they know about customers in the offline world to online marketing efforts
  • The Rise of Digital Video and Addressable TV
    The Rise of Digital Video and Addressable TV
    Nielsen, Videology, GM, Dish Network, Cablevision, Acxiom Recorded: Jun 30 2015 31 mins
    Addressable TV is creating exciting new opportunities for marketers, and video ad spending is set to double in the next two years. Hear about best practices for reaching consumers on these hot channels. Featuring: Andrew Feigenson, Managing Director, Digital at Nielsen, Scott Ferber, CEO of Videology, Prasad Joglekar, GM, Data and Analytics at Dish Network, and Jennifer Koester, SVP Advanced Advertising Product and Data Analytics at Cablevision Media Sales moderated by Michael Gorman, VP Partner Development at Acxiom.
  • What Digital Marketers Can Learn From Political Campaigns
    What Digital Marketers Can Learn From Political Campaigns
    Michael Beach, Targeted Victory; Eden Joyner, Revolution Messaging; Michael Palmer, i360; Recorded: Jun 8 2015 30 mins
    Learn how the data-driven marketing strategies from recent political campaigns can be adapted for use by brands. Featuring: Michael Beach, CoFounder at Targeted Victory, Eden Joyner, VP Media Strategy at Revolution Messaging, Michael Palmer, President at i360, and Michael Schneider, Director of Product Development at Bully Pulpit Interactive, moderated by Kaitie Coghlan, Customer Success Team Lead - Data and Political at LiveRamp.
  • The Emerging World of Addressable TV
    The Emerging World of Addressable TV
    Tom Hagopian, DIRECTV, Tracey Scheppach, SMG, Justin Schuster, LiveRamp Recorded: May 27 2015 59 mins
    TV advertising has historically involved the delivery of the same ad campaign to millions of viewers nationwide. Addressable TV is changing television advertising for marketers everywhere, and today, over 40 million pay-TV households in the U.S. are able to receive an addressable TV ad. If you are interested in addressable TV but don’t know where or how to start, this webinar is for you.

    Tom Hagopian, vice president of advanced advertising for DIRECTV, and Tracey Scheppach, executive vice president for Starcom MediaVest Group, will be leading a live discussion outlining how addressable TV works and will reveal how the technology is:

    - Reimagining TV advertising and providing unique benefits
    - Improving media buying, engagement and key brand metrics
    - Optimizing campaign efficiency for retail, auto, insurance, and more
  • How Brands Use Data Onboarding
    How Brands Use Data Onboarding
    Lindsay Chastain, Director of Digital Marketing at Sephora Recorded: May 19 2015 46 mins
    If you only sold to a few hundred local people from one shop on a single street, all your knowledge about your customers would be in one place, and you’d look smart whenever a customer walked in. But if that’s not your world and you market to millions of people in hundreds of places, then this webinar is for you.

    Join Lindsay Chastain, director of digital marketing at Sephora, to learn more about how Sephora adopted data onboarding to track the offline impact of their digital marketing efforts. You will leave this webinar with a clear understanding of how brands are using LiveRamp to onboard data and:

    - Understand whole customer journeys
    - Accurately measure the impact of marketing
    - Determine which marketing and advertising investments worked

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