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  • Black Cloud Network Security With Software-Defined Perimeter
    Black Cloud Network Security With Software-Defined Perimeter Josh Flinn, Principal Solutions Architect, Cradlepoint Recorded: Sep 28 2017 24 mins
    How do you ensure your organization’s data is protected — even over public Internet, with more devices and users than ever before needing connectivity? Create a Virtual Cloud Network that the public Internet doesn’t even know exists.

    You can’t hack what you can’t see, which is why black cloud security through Software-defined Perimeter services is the best way to secure IoT devices that live on today’s Elastic Edge.

    Join Josh Flinn, a principal solutions architect at Cradlepoint, for a live webinar on Sept. 28, 2017, as he explores how Cradlepoint’s NetCloud platform creates completely secure, private, invitation-only IoT networks in minutes.

    Attendees will learn how SD-Perimeter:

    + Offers LAN-like performance to remote users on virtually any device
    + Secures all transactions with an invitation-only network
    + Micro-segments users, groups, applications, and resources with simple policies
    + Is enabling customers to simplify their network architecture
  • FirstNet/Band 14 & the Future of Public Safety Networks
    FirstNet/Band 14 & the Future of Public Safety Networks David Rush, Senior Product Manager, Cradlepoint Recorded: Sep 21 2017 37 mins
    There’s a lot of buzz among public safety agencies about the potential for FirstNet (First Responder Network Authority) and a nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN) to ensure first responders have optimal levels of operational capabilities during natural disasters and other emergencies.

    AT&T has won the bid to build out this network, and states now have the opportunity to opt in or out. However, how it works today is a different story than what it will look like in the coming months and years. Other key factors to consider include Verizon’s announcement that it will build its own public safety network core.

    Join David Rush, a senior product manager at Cradlepoint, for a live webinar on Sept. 21, 2017, as he explains and navigates FirstNet/Band 14 and other elements of the still-evolving public safety network landscape.
  • In-Vehicle Network Solutions Overview
    In-Vehicle Network Solutions Overview Todd Kelly, VP Solutions Engineering, Cradlepoint Recorded: Sep 6 2017 60 mins
    As the digital transformation in IT continues to create the need for an Elastic EdgeSM, traditional tethers to the central office have all but vanished. Physical boundaries continue to decrease in importance, and organizations of all types require constant and dependable in-vehicle connectivity to keep up with changing business imperatives.

    Dependable mobile connectivity keeps vehicles on the road longer, helps enterprises better manage their fleets, and allows businesses and organizations to better serve their customers. Forward thinking IT and fleet managers in nearly every industry are implementing in-vehicle networks at a fraction of the cost and with less complexity. By taking advantage of cloud-managed, software-defined solutions, IT teams are evolving enterprise networks to reach improved productivity, reduce costs, and create operational efficiencies.

    Join Cradlepoint for a live webinar on Wednesday, September 6, 2017, at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET to learn how networks on the move are staying always connected and protected.

    Attendees will learn how:

    •Reliable 4G LTE network solutions keep fleets connected

    •To cut costs & create operational efficiencies

    •Cloud management and software-defined technologies enables always-on networks

    •To choose the best solution for networks on the move
  • Software-Defined Everything at the Elastic Edge
    Software-Defined Everything at the Elastic Edge Tyler Peterson and Matt Thueson, NetCloud Product Specialists at Cradlepoint Recorded: Aug 16 2017 43 mins
    From SD-WAN at branches and quick-serve restaurants to SD-Perimeter (SD-P) for the Internet of Things and remote employees, networks today need constant connectivity, mobility, cloud services and software-defined everything. The Elastic Edge of the network requires a secure, next-generation WAN that expands, contracts, and evolves at a moment’s notice.

    Join Tyler Peterson and Matt Thueson of Cradlepoint for a live webinar on Aug. 16, 2017, to discuss use cases and success stories for SD-WAN, SD-P, and always-available LTE connectivity.

    Attendees will learn about:

    + The characteristics of the Elastic Edge
    + Simpler, more efficient networking at the branch level
    + Virtual Cloud Networks and dark cloud security for IoT
    + Real-word SD-WAN and SD-P success stories
  • Cradlepoint Unifies NetCloud Platform with New Updates
    Cradlepoint Unifies NetCloud Platform with New Updates Cradlepoint's Product Management Team Recorded: Aug 1 2017 46 mins
    Join the Cradlepoint Product Management team to learn about these new updates to the Cradlepoint NetCloud Platform.

    Cradlepoint updates key software elements to unify them under the NetCloud Services umbrella: 
    NetCloud OS: Router firmware is named and elevated as a key pillar of the NetCloud Platform
    NetCloud Manager: Enterprise Cloud Manager, the single-pane-of-glass management service for all Cradlepoint solutions, is renamed NetCloud Manager
    NetCloud Engine: A Software-Defined Perimeter service offering dark cloud security

    When combined with Cradlepoint routers, this integrated platform of flexible, extensible, and rapidly deployable applications enables an entirely new way to easily build, secure, control, and manage end-to-end private networks in the cloud.

    Cradlepoint is also launching NetCloud OS 6.4 router software for enhanced network security and configuration flexibility. Cradlepoint leverages NetCloud Manager’s unique connectivity to enable secure cloud management for non-cloud-managed third-party devices, plus enhancements to Out-of-Band Management capabilities.

    Cradlepoint continues to invest in NetCloud Engine to bring the advantages of dark cloud security (or of a software-defined perimeter) to customers who need to integrate IoT connections into corporate networks. 
  • Smart Stores
    Smart Stores Ken Hosac, VP, Cradlepoint Recorded: Jul 25 2017 44 mins
    Technology is improving retail operations and enhancing the customer experience. The “Smart Store” has come to life with the rise of the Internet of Things, inspiring stores to adopt applications such as digital signage and IoT sensors.  

    Sign up for this webcast with Ken Hosac, Vice President at Cradlepoint, to learn more about how Smart Stores concepts are changing the dynamics of the shopping experience, creating new retail store standards, and how it’s all dependent upon a foolproof network connection. 
  • The Elastic Edge of Today's Connected Enterprise
    The Elastic Edge of Today's Connected Enterprise Ian Pennell, Chief Marketing Officer, Cradlepoint Recorded: Jul 13 2017 30 mins
    At the Network’s Edge, the 24/7 need to connect people, places, and things to the WAN over wired and wireless internet broadband is shaping a new paradigm: the Elastic Edge. The Elastic Edge constantly expands, contracts, adapts, and evolves as business needs dictate. Wireless connectivity is essential to achieving this level of elasticity that today’s Connected Enterprise requires.

    Join Ian Pennell, Cradlepoint CMO, on July 13, 2017, for a live webinar about the characteristics of the Elastic Edge — software-defined, policy-driven, and highly orchestrated to eliminate network complexity.

    Attendees will learn about:

    + Challenges and opportunities in network infrastructure
    + How wireless connectivity and related strategies enhance network infrastructure
    + How Network-as-a-Service expands connections, capacity, and services when and where you need them
  • LTE, SD-WAN & Network Trends
    LTE, SD-WAN & Network Trends Ian Pennell, Chief Marketing Officer, Cradlepoint Recorded: Jun 22 2017 32 mins
    Today, businesses and organizations of all sizes — and from all industries — are challenged to extend their networks to more people, places, and things than ever. It’s also clear that legacy WANs — predominately based on wired, hardware-defined, and resource-intensive infrastructures — can’t keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of today’s lean and agile connected enterprise.

    Join Cradlepoint’s Ian Pennell on June 22 for a live webinar about trends in enterprise WAN architectures. Learn what Cradlepoint’s recent State of the Network 2017 report revealed about LTE adoption, software-defined WAN, and more.
  • The Gateway Crisis of IoT
    The Gateway Crisis of IoT Perry Lea, Engineer, Cradlepoint Recorded: Jun 15 2017 58 mins
    Today’s IoT topology is a hodge-podge of standards, communication mechanisms, software, and hardware.

    Look at a typical home IoT environment that requires a unique hub for every IoT device. This results in complexity and interoperability challenges for widespread adoption and support. Sensors will continue to reduce in size, power, and cost but will remain constrained as to how many features one can bind into a small compute device. Communication standards at the Edge range from WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Zwave, Thread, ANT, and the list is growing. What is needed are smarter Edge devices that provide the services of communication routing, security, aggregation, and resiliency.

    Join this webcast with Perry Lea, Principal Architect and IoT Strategist, for insight into the “wild west” of IoT interoperability, recommendations and predictions on how smart gateways will evolve in the near future.
  • Advances in IIoT Made Possible by Innovations in 5G, Virtualization & the Cloud
    Advances in IIoT Made Possible by Innovations in 5G, Virtualization & the Cloud Paul Parker-Johnson from ACG Research, Ken Hosac from Cradlepoint, Dave Nowoswiat from Nokia & Prodip Sen from HPE Recorded: May 31 2017 68 mins
    An ACG Analysis, Research Brief and Webinar Developed in Partnership with RCR Wireless. Concurrent innovations in 5G radio access and in network control and application delivery using virtualization and the cloud at multiple layers of the ‘stack’ will bring services to market not feasible in the past. This fortunate combination makes the arrival of 5G especially inspiring. Evaluating several of the more impactful new radio access innovations, the way they benefit from virtualization and the cloud in managing the network and and delivering new applications, and examining the benefits these enhancements bring to stakeholders in the 5G and IIoT ecosystems is the focus of this research.

    One area of innovations in 5G and IIoT is to support a massive scale of connectivity for ‘things’ for commercial and industrial use. In many cases use of low power access technologies such as LoRa is integral to supporting new applications at scale. In other cases innovative data distribution mechanisms such as Coordinated Multi-Point communications (or CoMP) to support the use of diverse types of end-stations are crucial to bringing the versatility, efficiency and scale to IIoT that some applications need. In parallel support for highly reliable and ultra-low latency communication for applications in transportation, health care, public safety and other vertical sectors will harness new frequency bands and transmission management techniques to accomplish their functions.

    This research brief and webinar from ACG Research will examine the symbiosis between 5G radio access innovations and the technologies of virtualization and the cloud for delivering IIoT at scale in ways that have not been possible in the past.

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