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  • Test setup verification
    Test setup verification
    Tim Hardin and Ray Rautenstrauch Recorded: Mar 25 2015 33 mins
    Sensor setup verification provides confidence in sensor performance and measurement chain installations, before running expensive or unrepeatable tests.

    A wide variety of techniques make it possible to verify sensor performance, connector and cabling integrity, signal conditioning, and data acquisition, or to identify problems along the measurement chain and make adjustments in the field.

    Meggitt experts Tim Hardin and Ray Rautenstrauch teach you about techniques and tools to simplify troubleshooting, verification, and system checks for vibration and pressure test systems which incorporate a variety of sensors.
    • Piezoresistive pressure transducers
    • Piezoresistive accelerometers
    • Variable capacitance accelerometers
    • Piezoelectric accelerometers
    • IEPE accelerometers
    • Differential output accelerometers
  • Minimizing noise in signal conditioning systems
    Minimizing noise in signal conditioning systems
    Jim Mathews and Tim Hardin Recorded: Dec 10 2014 40 mins
    Challenged by extrinsic noise and possibly corrupted measurement data with your piezoelectric and piezoresistive transducers?

    Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from and engage directly with Meggitt experts on how to minimize noise in your transducer measurement chain.

    What you’ll learn
    • Definition and sources of noise
    • Proper selection and installation of transducers: IEPE accelerometers, differential piezoelectric accelerometers, piezoresistive accelerometers, piezoresistive pressure sensors
    • Optimal installation of transducers, cabling, and general-test conditioners to minimize noise and ground loops
  • Effects of Mounting Techniques on Accelerometer Performance
    Effects of Mounting Techniques on Accelerometer Performance
    Jim Mathews (Applications Engineering Manager, Meggitt); Scott Mayo (Applications Engineer, Meggitt) Recorded: Oct 1 2014 55 mins
    General purpose accelerometers are subject to a variety of mounting conditions that may affect the accuracy and integrity of the sensor’s vibration measurements. Join this webinar as Meggitt explores the effects of common mounting techniques on the frequency response of piezoelectric accelerometers. You’ll learn which ones have the greatest impact on sensor performance, how to balance “ideal” requirements vs. practical limitations, and a single technique that can overcome a variety of challenges.

    Key highlights:

    •Mounted resonance frequency defined
    •High amplitude resonance peaks and measurement distortion
    •Key test set-up considerations
    •Test results matrix
    •Trends in technology development
    •Endevco PODs multi-configuration mounting innovations

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