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PCT Companies: Intellectual Property

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  • The Intellectual Property Fund Landscape: An Executive Briefing
    The Intellectual Property Fund Landscape: An Executive Briefing
    Raymond Millien, The PCT Companies; Abha Divine, Techquity; David Ruder, RPX Recorded: Nov 5 2009 58 mins
    As the value of intellectual property assets has become more widely recognized within corporations, in boardrooms and even in mainstream media, it has rapidly emerged as a viable new asset class that has attracted certain investors. As such, the market has seen the introduction of various intellectual property-centric private equity funds ranging from entities that acquire pools of patents for defensive reasons to entities that invest in companies with valuable intellectual property assets. Three of the world’s leading strategists according to IAM magazine, Raymond Millien of PCT Companies, Abha Divine of Techquity Capital Management, and David Ruder of RPX Corp. will lend their expertise and insight on the following:
    * How do IP and private equity mix?
    * Who are the investors?
    * How are investments identified?
    * What are the various IP investment vehicles?
    * How are funds attempting to seek ROI for their investors?
  • State of the IP Marketplace: An Executive Briefing
    State of the IP Marketplace: An Executive Briefing
    Raymond Millien, CEO, The PCT Companies; Ron Epstein, CEO, IPotential Recorded: Sep 24 2009 49 mins
    In the past few years, the emerging IP Marketplace has undergone significant changes, including the emergence of IP as a business asset, shifting demands in IP monetization, and evolving metrics and tools for measuring value and managing IP. More recently, the tough economic conditions have instilled tight budgets and increased interest in monetizing IP, as IP buyers take a “flight to quality”. Raymond Millien, Founder and CEO of PCT Companies, and Ron Epstein, Founder and CEO of IPotential, will share their views on the IP marketplace, including:
    • What are the driving trends in buying, selling and licensing IP?
    • What IP business models are getting traction?
    • How can IP owners maximize value?
    • How are deals getting done?
    • What industries/technologies are hot?
    • What is the outlook for the near- and long-term future of the marketplace?
    Raymond Millien, PCT Companies & Michael Lasinski, Capstone Valuation Recorded: Jun 30 2009 30 mins
    In a case closely watched by the financial services, software, medical and other industries, the U.S. Supreme Court will review the In re Bilski ruling that denied a patent for a method of hedging in commodities trading. In re Bilski largely disavowed the controversial 1998 State Street Bank decision where the Federal Circuit opened a floodgate for business method patents. According to its detractors, State Street had led to the issuance of weak patents and exposed financial services companies to high-dollar litigation over business method patents. Now the future of business method patents and processes is at stake when the Supreme Court hears In re Bilski during its next term.

    Join us as Raymond Millien of The PCT® Companies and Michael Lasinski of Capstone Valuation Services – both recently named to IAM’s inaugural list of the world’s top IP strategists – discuss how the In re Bilski decision has affected the IP marketplace, including:

    - Case Background
    - Summary of Recent Court Cases
    - Speculations on how the Supreme Court will decide
    - Effect on valuation of banks, hi-tech firms and start-ups

    About the Speakers:
    Raymond Millien is the Founder and Chairman of The PCT Companies – the nation’s only integrated provider of Intellectual Property-based public policy, strategic management and monetization advisory services. Prior to PCT, Mr. Millien was General Counsel of Ocean Tomo, and VP and Group IP Counsel at American Express Company.

    Michael J. Lasinski is a Managing Director at Capstone Valuation Services, LLC. He has over fourteen years experience in business and intellectual property valuation, strategic due-diligence, and litigation consulting. Prior to Capstone, Mr. Lasinski was a Managing Director at Ocean Tomo, LLC and Vice President in Charles River Associates’ Intellectual Property practice.

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