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  • vProtect - Enterprise-Grade Backup And Recovery For Nutanix AHV
    vProtect - Enterprise-Grade Backup And Recovery For Nutanix AHV Marcin Kubacki-Chief Software Architect,Peter Eicher-Director of Marketing,Krish Badrinarayanan-Director of Product Marketing Recorded: Jul 12 2018 46 mins
    Storware’s vProtect is a cutting-edge data protection solution for virtual machines running on Nutanix’s virtualization solution AHV.

    vProtect can work as a standalone solution, or it can integrate with your existing enterprise backup software:

    • Independent backup server: supports local filesystem, NFS, cloud AWS S3, OpenStack SWIFT.
    • Proxy server (media agent) for enterprise backup: supports IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM), Veritas NetBackup and Dell EMC NetWorker.

    In the webinar, you will learn how Storware and Nutanix can deliver end-to-end solutions that provide:

    -A complete infrastructure and virtualization solution ready for enterprise applications (Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS with AHV)

    -Efficient, incremental backup of AHV VMs with CBT/CRT (Changed-Region Tracking)

    -Data consistency for your applications running on AHV VMs

    -File level restore from your backups

    -A scalable, multi-node backup architecture

    -Orchestration via Open API
  • Protecting Your HCI with Data-at-Rest Encryption and Key Management
    Protecting Your HCI with Data-at-Rest Encryption and Key Management Maryam Sanglaji - Principal Product Marketing Manager at Nutanix , Kevin Mooney - Head of Solutions Engineering at Fornetix Recorded: Jun 28 2018 50 mins
    Supporting more business operations at a faster pace with a lower total cost of ownership with higher levels of security is a request that is likely familiar to many IT leaders today. Luckily, these demands are attainable via a hyperconverged infrastructure which allows data-at-rest encryption natively. Fornetix and Nutanix have partnered to create an integration that allows for flexibility without compromising security.

    During this webcast, attendees will learn about:

    1) Boosting security on your Nutanix-powered infrastructure with Fornetix Key Orchestration

    2) Leverage industry standards to enable a trusted and regulated communication channel between technology providers

    3) Unifying encryption key management across your organization for heightened governance and control
  • Automating Load Balancing in App Defined Multi-Cloud
    Automating Load Balancing in App Defined Multi-Cloud Jeevan Sharma - Sr Solution Architect at A10 , Maryam Sanglaji - Principal Product Marketing Manager at Nutanix Recorded: Jun 14 2018 57 mins
    Given modern application API services and the dynamic nature of containers, traditional load balancers fail to handle rapid config change. In this webinar we will share real world A10 & Ansible customer use cases in Nutanix Acropolis platform. Come and learn how to deploy A10’s load balancers and deliver advanced app services and lifecycle management—including auto scaling, automation and per-app analytics all through A10’s Harmony Controller within Nutanix Cloud. Simplify complex network and application delivery with A10’s recommended best practices for effective automation.
  • Cloud Bursting with One-Click Simplicity
    Cloud Bursting with One-Click Simplicity Karthik Balachandran, Technical Solutions Leader, Aviatrix; Chris Brown, Solutions Marketing Manager, Nutanix Recorded: May 17 2018 39 mins
    Using the public cloud for temporary or elastic workloads enables flexibility and agility to address today’s enterprise compute needs. Implemented correctly, a hybrid architecture assures cloud-like responsiveness that pleases end users while maintaining the procedures that any well-run organization needs. However, implemented poorly or left to individuals, it becomes a budgetary and security exposure, frustrating the user and putting the company at risk.

    Join Nutanix and Aviatrix and learn how Calm and Aviatrix’ Cloud Networking solution will simplify and automate the placement of applications and temporary workloads in to the Public Cloud (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure). With Aviatrix and Nutanix the cloud becomes a seamless extension of your datacenter allowing you to use the cloud when it is needed and bring workloads back on premises where it makes sense. Learn how Nutanix and Aviatrix are making the cloud, and networking to it, as invisible as Nutanix has made virtualization and storage in your data center.
  • Enterprise Cloud. Secured.
    Enterprise Cloud. Secured. Andrei Florescu - Bitdefender, Michael Weinstein - Bitdefender, Sivakanth Mundru - Nutanix Recorded: May 3 2018 55 mins
    Nutanix, the pioneer in hyper-converged infrastructure makes data center infrastructure and clouds invisible, elevating IT to focus on business applications. Its Enterprise Cloud OS software converges private, public and distributed clouds, bringing one-click simplicity to infrastructure and application management.

    Bitdefender partnered with Nutanix to deliver a security solution optimized for Enterprise Cloud's diverse workloads. Bitdefender GravityZone not only delivers best-in-class efficacy against advanced threats, known and unknown, but also promotes the inherent agility, efficiency and performance of the Nutanix infrastructure.

    Attend this joint webinar to achieve the following:

    - Learn how you can leverage Nutanix Enterprise Cloud to combine the simplicity, economics and flexibility of the public cloud with the security and control of the private cloud.

    - Learn how GravityZone can safeguard your Enterprise Cloud workloads while bridging security and IT operations and promoting infrastructure performance and utilization

    - See a demonstration of the Bitdefender-Nutanix integration covering GravityZone SVE, Nutanix Prism and Nutanix’s Calm automation and orchestration marketplace
  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud 101
    Nutanix Enterprise Cloud 101 Rohit Goyal - Sr. Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Apr 24 2018 26 mins
    Welcome to Enterprise Cloud 101! This session will provide an introduction to Nutanix software and overview of the architecture. A Nutanix expert will show you how Nutanix combines HCI storage, virtualization, software defined networking and compute services into the Enterprise Cloud OS that can run on off-the-shelf x86 servers. See how the Enterprise Cloud OS goes beyond legacy datacenter architectures and prepares your business for the hybrid cloud future.
  • Automate Your Enterprise Cloud with Nutanix Calm
    Automate Your Enterprise Cloud with Nutanix Calm Chris Brown, Solutions Marketing Manager, Nutanix Recorded: Mar 29 2018 45 mins
    Application development and delivery is growing in complexity, making it challenging for teams to keep up with increasing expectations to move faster. Siloed organizations and processes disrupt one another, resulting in cross-discipline overhead and slowing the ability to deliver business value.

    Every request is touched by many IT specialists, leading to unplanned delays and miscommunication of requirements, delaying required changes until the few who understand the full system are available.

    Fully integrated into the Nutanix platform, Calm combines powerful automation with consumer-grade management. Applications can be defined in a single, easy-to-use blueprint, so you can manage applications rather than VMs.

    Calm orchestrates the provisioning and scaling of applications across multiple environments, making the entire IT infrastructure more agile and application centric. Calm empowers your team with self-service, dramatically streamlining daily operations and eliminating the wait for specialized resources.

    Watch this live Nutanix Tech Talk X presentation to learn more about how Calm can help your organization.
  • Rethink Files Services with Nutanix AFS
    Rethink Files Services with Nutanix AFS Shubhika Taneja, Senior Product Marketing Manager & Dwayne Lessner, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer Recorded: Mar 15 2018 42 mins
    Businesses are demanding the same simplicity, elasticity and scalability as the public cloud for their file server deployments. Join this session to learn how Nutanix AFS simplifies the deployment and management of file services, and brings the scalability and elasticity of the public cloud without compromising enterprise grade features for your on-premise file server needs.
  • Microsegmentation: Protecting Applications in the Modern Datacenter
    Microsegmentation: Protecting Applications in the Modern Datacenter Mike Wronski, Principal Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Mar 1 2018 37 mins
    Application requirements on the datacenter are changing rapidly. With the addition of cloud native applications, multi-tenancy, and connections to public clouds, the complexity of virtualization and network security has grown exponentially. Microsegmentation can be a crucial tool in the security architectures of the modern datacenter. Administrators can leverage it to get granular at the application level in addition to gaining visibility into application interactions that are not possible using a traditional perimeter security model. In this session, join Mike Wronski from the Nutanix product team to learn more about how the concepts and principals of software defined networking (SDN) with microsegmentation can be applied to network and application security. Mike will review the technology behind microsegmentation, highlight common use cases, and dig into the unique implementation that is native to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS.
  • Architecting for Performance – Running Business Critical Workloads on HCI
    Architecting for Performance – Running Business Critical Workloads on HCI Greg White, Solution Marketing Principal & Gary Little, Director of Core Performance Engineering Recorded: Feb 9 2018 31 mins
    Hyperconverged infrastructure based solutions have historically been knocked as not ready for your tier 0/1 workloads. Nothing could be further from the truth. Attend this informative and technical session to understand how an enterprise cloud built on HCI is the ideal solution for supporting the performance and availability requirements of enterprise applications and databases from Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Splunk and others. You’ll also learn that high performance workloads don’t require high complexity and infrastructure silos.

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