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  • It’s true, SAP can be virtualized – and it’s not difficult.
    It’s true, SAP can be virtualized – and it’s not difficult. Krishna Kattumadam, Sr. Director, Solutions & Engineering - Sachin Chheda, Director Product Marketing, Nutanix Recorded: May 2 2017 50 mins
    Virtualization, hyperconvergence, and the cloud bring a host of benefits to IT landscapes, including management simplicity, enhanced resource utilization, better availability, and increased business agility. So what options are available for bringing these advantages to your business-critical SAP landscapes? And what considerations are involved when migrating your two or three-tier SAP architecture to a virtualized cloud platform built on hyperconverged infrastructure?

    In this webinar, we’ll show you how to implement an optimized, protected and high performing cloud platform on HCI across your SAP landscape, including NetWeaver, S/4HANA and RDBMSs. You will hear real-world customer experiences and learn about:

    • The technical details involved in a virtualized deployment of SAP Business Suite
    • Performance, availability, and scalability best practices for using HCI to build a private cloud solution
    • How to simplify and speed system copy and refresh with a web-scale architecture to benefit development, testing, quality assurance, copying, and migration in your SAP landscape
  • Next Gen Protection and Availability for your Critical On-prem and Cloud Apps
    Next Gen Protection and Availability for your Critical On-prem and Cloud Apps Stephen Firmes - Commvault; John Margiolas - Nutanix Recorded: Apr 19 2017 33 mins
    Business-critical applications like Oracle E-Business Suite and Database, SAP and Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint are the lifeblood of today’s non-stop enterprises. Not only is it important to optimize how you run them for your unique performance, cost and management parameters: it is equally important to ensure they will be available, and that data is not lost or unrecoverable in the event of something going wrong.

    The traditional DP/DR approaches for protecting enterprise apps and data are not meeting organizations’ needs. Nutanix and Commvault have collaborated to bring a modern, integrated solution that can work across both on-premises and the cloud and deliver the flexibility to tailor recovery SLAs to match the workload requirements.

    Attend this session with Nutanix and Commvault experts and ask your questions to:
    • Gain an understanding of the benefits of the integration of Nutanix and Commvault for running and protecting important applications and databases
    • Learn about a spectrum of technologies, old and new, that can be leveraged to tailor protection and recovery to meet your unique needs
    • Hear about real-world experiences from organizations who enhanced protection, disaster recovery and management for their enterprise apps and data across private, hybrid and public clouds
  • What A Modern Enterprise Cloud Platform Looks Like
    What A Modern Enterprise Cloud Platform Looks Like Jeremy Brooks, Manager, Customer Success Engineering, Platform9; Chris Brown, Solutions Marketing Manager, Nutanix Recorded: Apr 14 2017 35 mins
    Just what does it mean to have a cloud platform? What does one even look like? In this session, you'll learn what a modern enterprise cloud platform is comprised of and the following concepts:

    - How a SaaS-managed OpenStack solution can optimize your infrastructure and increase productivity

    - How an agile, DevOps environment can benefit your infrastructure and development teams

    - Do more with less; a SaaS-managed solution frees up your IT team and makes your dev/test team more efficient
  • Considerations for deploying Avaya Aura with Hyperconverged Infrastructure
    Considerations for deploying Avaya Aura with Hyperconverged Infrastructure Jason Burns, Solutions Architect – UC & Networking, Nutanix Recorded: Jan 30 2017 51 mins
    Hyperconverged platforms, where compute, storage and virtualization are combined into a single appliance, are becoming a popular mode for deploying infrastructure to support Avaya Aura installations. This webinar will discuss the benefits, pitfalls and best practices of running Avaya Aura with hyperconverged solutions, including details on performance, sizing, data protection and high availability.
  • Bringing Hyperconverged Networking to the Enterprise Cloud
    Bringing Hyperconverged Networking to the Enterprise Cloud Steve Marchesano, Director, Solutions Marketing, Plexxi - Amanda Martinez, Business Development, Nutanix Recorded: Dec 15 2016 35 mins
    Plexxi’s software-defined network fundamentally changes the scalability and economics for customers deploying the latest scale-out applications and hyperconverged infrastructure. With Plexxi, organizations can deploy a single IP network that supports all workloads. On a per-workload basis, administrators can: define workload policies, allocate path bandwidth, and isolate workload traffic across the Plexxi fabric, eliminating the need to deploy multiple, separate networks.

    The ability to support multiple, diverse workloads on a single IP network fabric and control them through software is a fundamental requirement that Plexxi clearly understands and uniquely delivers. Plexxi’s software control plane, programmatic APIs, and pre-built Connect Integration Packs deliver zero-touch integration and dynamic, Nutanix-specific, workload optimizations that simplify ongoing management.

    This webinar will discuss the ease-of-use, tight integration, and cost benefits of deploying Plexxi as the scale-out network for Nutanix environments. You’ll learn how Plexxi’s next-generation design fundamentally change the speed and economics of deploying Nutanix through:

    •Single, flat network topology for simple deployment and scaling
    •Dynamic, event-driven provisioning and allocation of network resources
    •Per-workload control for optimized performance and security
    •Building block scalability of network resources

    We look forward to you joining our Plexxi/Nutanix webinar, as we look at how Plexxi brings the benefits of hyperconverged networking to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.
  • Splunk: To Virtualize or Not to Virtualize
    Splunk: To Virtualize or Not to Virtualize Chris Brown, Technical Solutions Manager, Nutanix Recorded: Dec 13 2016 48 mins
    Is your Splunk deployment or upgrade going to be hosted on bare metal, a virtualized platform, or the cloud? The cloud has often been chosen for agility and flexibility, but on-prem deployments are experiencing a resurgence. Data security concerns and the desire to bring the analysis engine as close to the data source as possible are key influencers in the on-prem trend. In these cases, bare metal deployments are commonly chosen due to cost or complexity of hypervisors, however with bare metal Splunk loses out on all the quality of life improvements users have come to expect with virtualization.

    This webinar explores the benefits of virtualizing Splunk on the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform, taking the complexity out of managing virtualized infrastructure for Splunk, allowing Splunk experts to spend more time extracting insight from data. Nutanix allows Splunk to take full advantage of server virtualization without the limitations of other solutions and combines this with the agility and flexibility of public clouds. By ensuring data is accessed locally by all Splunk indexers, Nutanix eliminates the “I/O Blender” effect that can plague conventional, bare metal infrastructure.

    Register to see how to architect the best environment for Splunk with deployments that can scale to handle increasing data ingest rates and ever-increasing expectations for high performance. Learn useful tips on how to fully leverage the Nutanix distributed storage fabric, with details on data tiering, EC-X erasure coding, disk balancing, and more. We’ll also show how Splunk on Nutanix ensures:

    - The ability to ingest GBs of data per day
    - Quick search capabilities for mission critical applications
    - Ability to support growth in data ingest rates
    - Ease of deployment and management
    - Self-contained deployments for data security and privacy
  • Nutanix - How It Works
    Nutanix - How It Works Nutanix Recorded: Nov 7 2016 5 mins
    Watch this 5-minute video for a basic understanding of hyperconverged infrastructure and the architecture and features of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.

    Nutanix makes infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business. The Nutanix enterprise cloud platform delivers the agility, pay-as-you-grow economics and operational simplicity of the public cloud, without sacrificing the predictability, security and control of on-premises infrastructure. Nutanix solutions leverage web-scale engineering and consumer-grade design to natively converge compute, virtualization and storage into a resilient, software-defined solution that delivers any application at any scale.
  • 5 Steps to Simplify Security in the Modern Data Center
    5 Steps to Simplify Security in the Modern Data Center Brian Morris, Worldwide Solutions Architect, vArmour Recorded: Oct 27 2016 60 mins
    Legacy security architectures and traditional security platforms are ineffective at securing modern data centers. Modern data centers need a security solution that is software-based, distributed, and simple: making security better, faster, and cheaper. vArmour is the leader in software-based segmentation and micro-segmentation that protects critical applications and workloads in the data centers and cloud.

    Join this webinar to learn more about the simple steps to securing the modern data center with vArmour.

    Step 1: Understand the behaviors of applications and workloads (with deep visibility) for more informed decisions
    Step 2: Streamline segmentation policy creation and management
    Step 3: Flatten and secure your infrastructure without a network redesign
    Step 4: Utilize proper control placement for better security and more efficient resource utilization
    Step 5: Scale out independent controls with automation
  • How Should I Secure My Data-At-Rest? 3 Approaches for Effective Data Security.
    How Should I Secure My Data-At-Rest? 3 Approaches for Effective Data Security. Michael Rothschild, Sr. Manager Product Alliances and Marketing, Vormetric Recorded: Oct 26 2016 28 mins
    Data security is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Data-at-rest should be secured in a variety of ways, depending on the use case, security policy, and regulation surrounding it. Modern enterprises need flexibility in how they apply data security, yet also need ease of management. Vormetric is a leader in data security, with a large global footprint of securing data in cloud and on-prem environments.

    In this webinar, you will learn critical aspects to securing data in a variety of ways:

    1) Three approaches to securing data-at-rest
    2) How software-defined policies can ease security management
    3) The role that key management plays in securing data-at-rest
    4) How real-time alerting can take your security posture to the next level
  • Securing Hyperconverged Infrastructure
    Securing Hyperconverged Infrastructure Rohit Goyal, Nutanix Security PMM Recorded: Oct 25 2016 38 mins
    Security in the modern datacenter requires an evolved mindset and approach. In this technical webinar, Nutanix will provide deep insight into the latest security advancements engineered into the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform, and explain how these advancements can be leveraged to build the most secure environments for your applications and data. Join this webinar to learn security best practices and ask questions relevant to your organization.

    Nutanix offers defense in depth by embracing a security-first approach to platform design and development. The Nutanix enterprise cloud platform combines powerful features, including two-factor authentication and data at rest encryption, with a Security Development Lifecycle that is integrated into product development to help customers meet the most stringent security requirements. The Nutanix solution is certified across a broad set of evaluation programs to ensure compliance with the strictest standards.

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