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  • How to Avoid Business Outages from Misconfigured Network Devices
    How to Avoid Business Outages from Misconfigured Network Devices Joe DiPietro, SE Director at AlgoSec Recorded: Apr 25 2017 36 mins
    A single change to a network device can have far reaching effects on your business. It can create security holes for cyber criminals, impact your regulatory audit, and even cause costly outages that can bring your business to a standstill – as we have recently seen in the news!

    This technical webinar will walk you through a variety of scenarios that can cause device misconfigurations, including a basic device change, business application connectivity changes, and data center migrations. It will provide both best practices and demonstrate specific techniques to help you understand and avoid misconfigurations and ultimately prevent damage to your business, including how to:

    * Understand and map your enterprise infrastructure topology before you make a change
    * Proactively assess the impact of a change to ensure it does not break connectivity, affect compliance or create a security hole
    * Common mistakes to avoid when making changes to your network security devices
    * How to better understand business requirements from the network security perspective
  • Putting the Sec into DevOps
    Putting the Sec into DevOps Prof. Avishai Wool Recorded: Apr 6 2017 59 mins
    DevOps enables companies to deliver innovations faster to market. But with multiple functional teams collaborating on development, and so many moving parts, security is often left out of the DevOps process and then tacked on at the end - delaying deployment into production and negating many of the benefits of DevOps.

    Presented by renowned industry expert Prof. Avishai Wool, this new technical webinar will cover best practices for incorporating security into the DevOps lifecycle. This insight will help ensure better collaboration between security and the development teams right from the start and reduce the time, cost and risk of deploying applications into production.

    In this webinar Professor Wool will cover how to:

    •Identify and map existing applications and their connectivity flows to establish a baseline
    •Adjust application connectivity for each stage of the DevOps lifecycle – without coding
    •Automatically deploy connectivity throughout the development lifecycle using templates
    •Proactively assess risk and compliance throughout the DevOps process
    •Manage and maintain security in the production environment
  • 5 things you didn’t know you could do with a security policy management solution
    5 things you didn’t know you could do with a security policy management solution Edy Almer, VP Product Management at AlgoSec Recorded: Mar 23 2017 37 mins
    Today’s enterprises are continuously evolving to support new applications, business transformation initiatives such as cloud and SDN, as well as fend off new and more sophisticated cyber-attacks on a daily basis. But security and network staff are struggling to keep up – which not only impacts business agility, but exposes your enterprise to risk and hampers its ability to address the modern threat landscape.

    Many professionals believe that they need latest and greatest new tools to address these challenges. But what if you already have what you need, up and running in your organization: your security policy management solution?
    Today’s security policy management solutions do a far more than automate traditional change management tasks. In this technical webinar, Edy Almer, VP of Products at AlgoSec will highlight 5 key security management challenges facing enterprise organizations today, and will explain how AlgoSec’s solution can help you manage security, reduce risk and respond to incidents, while maximizing business agility and ensuring compliance across your disparate, ever-changing, hybrid networks.

    In this technical webinar Edy will focus on:

    •Managing security policies end-to-end across public and private cloud including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services AWS, Cisco ACI and VMWare NSX
    •Mapping security vulnerabilities to their applications to assess and prioritize risk
    •Enable SOC engineers to tie cyber-attacks to business processes
    •Migrating Firewall policies between firewall brands
    •Performing a fully automated, zero-touch security policy change
  • Migrating application connectivity to the cloud
    Migrating application connectivity to the cloud Edy Almer, VP Product AlgoSec Recorded: Mar 22 2017 31 mins
    Migrating applications to the cloud or another data center– without creating security holes or causing application outages– is far easier said than done.

    For starters, mapping existing application flows across complex enterprise environments pre-migration – which is critical in order to re-establish the correct traffic flows post-migration – is extremely difficult. A single mistake can cause outages, compliance violations and create holes in your security perimeter. Moreover, cloud security architecture is fundamentally different from physical networks, making it extremely difficult to translate application connectivity flows to the cloud security controls, and then manage network security policies cohesively across the entire hybrid enterprise environment. All in all, migrating applications is a complex, tedious and error-prone process that takes months and often compromises security, compliance and business agility.

    Presented by Edy Almer, AlgoSec’s VP of Product, this new webinar will explain how to simplify and accelerate large-scale complex application migration projects, while ensuring security and avoiding business application outages.

    The webinar will cover best practices on how to:

    - Automatically discover existing application connectivity flows
    - Analyze, simulate and compute the necessary changes – even between different network security technologies such as traditional firewalls and cloud Security Groups
    - Execute the necessary firewall rule changes, and mass-migrate relevant connectivity flows
    - Deliver unified security policy management across the hybrid enterprise cloud environment
  • Accelerate Data Center Application Deployments with Cisco ACI and AlgoSec
    Accelerate Data Center Application Deployments with Cisco ACI and AlgoSec Ranga Rao, Director of Solutions Engineering at Cisco & Anner Kushnir, VP Technology at AlgoSec Recorded: Feb 1 2017 51 mins
    In today’s fast-paced world, supporting an ever-growing number of applications across the data center poses significant security management challenges. Managing policies across physical and virtual networks and multivendor security devices requires a delicate balance between ensuring security, reducing risk and provisioning connectivity for critical business applications to increase productivity.
    Cisco ACI reduces TCO, automates IT tasks, and accelerates data center application deployments, using a business-relevant software defined networking (SDN) policy model. Through a seamless integration, AlgoSec extends Cisco ACI’s security policy-based automation to all security devices across the enterprise network, both inside and outside the data center.
    Join Ranga Rao, Director of Solutions Engineering at Cisco, and Anner Kushnir, VP of Technology at AlgoSec on Wednesday, February 1, at 12pm ET/9am PT for a technical webinar where they will discuss how to leverage the integrated Cisco ACI-AlgoSec solution to process and apply security policy changes quickly, assess and reduce risk, ensure continuous compliance, and maintain a strong security posture across your entire network estate.
    Attend this must-see webinar and learn how to:

    - Get visibility into the Cisco ACI security environment and extend Cisco ACI policy-based automation across the enterprise network
    - Proactively assess risk for the Cisco ACI fabric and recommend changes to eliminate misconfigurations and compliance violations
    - Automate the configuration of security devices on the ACI fabric
    - Generate audit-ready regulatory compliance reports for the entire Cisco ACI fabric
  • Tying cyber attacks to business processes, for faster mitigation
    Tying cyber attacks to business processes, for faster mitigation Prof. Avishai Wool Recorded: Jan 10 2017 56 mins
    Time is not on your side when managing security for a global enterprise and facing down a relentless barrage of cyber attacks. So when confronted with multiple suspect alerts flagged by your SIEM solution, you need a way to easily sift through and identify the attacks that will most likely impact key business processes – and quickly take action.
    Presented by renowned industry expert Prof. Avishai Wool, this new webinar will cover security best practices for introducing business context into your organization’s incident response processes, and prioritizing and automating remediation efforts accordingly. This insight will give you the intelligence you need to reduce the time and cost of mitigating cyber attacks by orders of magnitude.
    In this webinar Professor Wool will cover how to:
    - Augment incident triage with critical business context to assess the severity, risk and potential business impact of an attack
    - Prioritize incident remediation efforts based on business risk
    - Neutralize impacted systems through zero-touch automation
    - Limit the lateral movement of an attacker in, out and across your network
    - Keep all stakeholders involved in the remediation process to reduce disruption to the business
  • Aligning Security With Your Business Processes – a Technical Perspective
    Aligning Security With Your Business Processes – a Technical Perspective Joe DiPietro, SE Director at AlgoSec Recorded: Dec 8 2016 46 mins
    In this era of digital transformation, globalization, and relentless cyber-attacks, security can no longer remain a technology issue that simply focuses on defending networks and data. It must become a strategic, business driver that transforms the next generation datacenter to both protect and power the agile enterprise. Security teams are therefore now looking to implement intelligent automation that injects business context into their security management.

    Join Joe DiPietro, SE Director at AlgoSec on Thursday, December 8 at 11am EST for a technical webinar, where he will discuss a business-driven approach to security policy management – from automatically discovering application connectivity requirements, through ongoing change management and proactive risk analysis, to secure decommissioning – that will help make your organizations more agile, more secure and more compliant.

    During the webinar, Joe will explain how to:
    * Get holistic visibly of security risk and compliance across the enterprise network
    * How to reduce risk and avoid application outages
    * Tie cyber threats to business processes
    * Enhance and automate security processes with business context, including impact analysis and risk approval
    * Accelerate and ensure secure business transformation to the cloud
  • Migrating application connectivity and network security to AWS
    Migrating application connectivity and network security to AWS Prof. Avishai Wool Recorded: Nov 10 2016 48 mins
    It’s now a given – most enterprises are moving at least some of their business applications to the cloud. Yet while the cloud is an extremely agile platform, it also adds a new level of complexity. Because, when it comes to network security, the cloud introduces a software-defined security architecture that is fundamentally different from the organization’s existing on-prem network. As a result, many enterprises are now struggling to migrate application connectivity to the cloud, and then manage cloud security controls alongside their traditional firewalls in a way that ensures security and compliance across their entire hybrid architecture.

    Presented by renowned industry expert Prof. Avishai Wool, this new webinar will provide technical insight and security best practices for migrating and managing security across a hybrid on-premise - Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment:

    This webinar will cover:
    •Understanding network security before, during and after migrating your applications to AWS
    •How to identify and migrate the relevant application connectivity flows to AWS
    •Managing AWS Security Groups alongside your traditional firewalls – uniformly and securely
    •Making the most of AWS Network ACLs – to enhance traffic filtering and maximize capacity
  • Dos and Don’ts for Managing External Connectivity to/from Your Network
    Dos and Don’ts for Managing External Connectivity to/from Your Network Professor Avishai Wool - CTO and Co-Founder AlgoSec Recorded: Oct 6 2016 46 mins
    In today’s global market place your organization needs network connectivity with external entities – suppliers, credit card processing companies, business partners, data feeds etc. But are you really sure these connections are secure and compliant, and that they are not inadvertently creating holes in your network and exposing your organization to cyber criminals?

    Join renowned industry expert Professor Avishai Wool for this technical webinar which will cover best practices for managing external connectivity to and from your network, including:
    •Defining the right infrastructure, network segmentation, security controls and additional security protections
    •Managing changes to connectivity for third party applications or data feeds
    •Routing partner traffic through your network
    •Auditing and compliance challenges for both you and your partner
    •Technical considerations for managing the business and legal aspects of third party connectivity
  • How to migrate and manage security policies in a segmented data center
    How to migrate and manage security policies in a segmented data center Professor Avishai Wool, AlgoSec CTO Recorded: Aug 23 2016 53 mins
    Network segmentation is an effective strategy for protecting access to key data assets, and impeding the lateral movement of threats and cyber criminals inside your data center. With network virtualization, such as VMware NSX, now a reality it's now far easier and quicker to set up granular security policies for east-west traffic within the data center. Yet the added granularity of securities policies creates significant complexity.
    Presented by renowned industry expert Professor Avishai Wool, this technical webinar will provide strategies and best practices to help organizations migrate and manage security policies efficiently within a micro-segmented data center.
    During the webinar Professor Wool will cover how to:
    · Identify and securely migrate legacy applications to a micro-segmented data center
    · Effectively define and enforce security policies for East-West traffic
    · Manage the micro-segmented data center alongside traditional on-premise security devices
    ·Identify risk and manage compliance in a micro-segmented data center
    · Use network segmentation to reduce the scope of regulatory audits
    · Identify and avoid common network segmentation mistakes

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