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B2B Digital Marketing Insights

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  • Content Strategy: Is your content connected to your customer? Content Strategy: Is your content connected to your customer? Mark Donkin, Managing Director and Karl Horton, Creative Director Recorded: Aug 17 2016 42 mins
    In this webinar from SuccessFlow, Mark Donkin, Managing Director and Karl Horton, Creative Director, will take you through the process of understanding your audience, to better align your content strategy and content marketing strategy with your customer journey. With a documented strategy, you will feel considerably less challenged and have the right tools to become more effective at content marketing. The end result being a more personalised and valuable journey for your customer, and creating consistent brand experience.
  • Flood your pipeline with sales-ready leads Flood your pipeline with sales-ready leads Mark Donkin, Managing Director Recorded: Mar 16 2016 33 mins
    If you’re looking for a stable framework to convert strangers into customers then you need to tune into this webinar – convert, to learn how to nurture your leads beyond the email inbox.

    Sign up now to discover

    • how to prioritise leads through lead grading and scoring
    • why personalisation is critical in developing effective lead nurturing
    • how to nurture your web visitors, even when they’re anonymous

    The content in this webinar will help accelerate your understanding of online nurturing concepts, and how you can use this to convert your website visitors into leads.
  • Next Generation Content Marketing - Do you have what it takes? Next Generation Content Marketing - Do you have what it takes? Moderator: Lindley Gooden, plus BrightTALK, Eventbrite and Ledger Bennett Recorded: Mar 18 2015 61 mins
    The job description of a content marketer has evolved dramatically over the last few years. Having initially morphed from a creative function into a publisher/distributor role, we are now entering the era of the next generation content marketer - not only capable of creating and distributing compelling content, but also with technical, operational and analytical acumen to develop, refine and measure campaigns.

    In this live video panel, experts will discuss what it takes to be a leading content marketer in 2015. From buyer journeys and personas to usage management, format innovation and analytics, this video will discuss the role and responsibilities of a next generation content marketer.
  • Have you made Content Marketing your New Year’s resolution? Have you made Content Marketing your New Year’s resolution? Mark Donkin, MD, Successflow Recorded: Feb 18 2015 31 mins
    Join SuccessFlow’s MD, Mark Donkin, for our New Year webinar that will provide the latest insights on how to create and implement a successful Content Marketing strategy. If you want to increase your sales and marketing activities in 2015, we can provide you with the necessary knowledge.

    This webinar will cover
    - Creating a successful content strategy
    - Using personas to segment your database
    - Optimising your content for lead generation
    - Managing your content build by creating content timelines
    - Choosing appropriate software for your needs
    - Using nurture programmes and scoring frameworks to enhance conversion rates
  • Sales is from Mars and Marketing from Venus Sales is from Mars and Marketing from Venus Simon Donkin: Comercial Director Adam Dore: Senior Functional Consultant Janelle: Act-On Recorded: Jan 28 2015 32 mins
    This exciting new webinar will address the issues surrounding the relationship between sales and marketing, while also providing strategies for optimising alignment. The presenters will share real-world examples of businesses which have obtained operational efficiency by integrating their marketing automation and CRM functions. We will also provide insight on how companies can harness the power of modern marketing technologies to brand, expand, and personalize the customer experience.
  • Life after Automation Life after Automation Moderator: Kaitlin Stich, BrightTALK; Mark Donkin, Successflow; Daniel Kushner, Oktopost Recorded: Dec 11 2014 49 mins
    When thinking about marketing automation everyone jumps to software purchases. But what happens after the purchase? Does this big piece of software solve all you marketing problems?

    Most marketers find that the biggest challenges with marketing automation come from implementing and running it. From creating the right content to ensuring and the lead flow is strong enough, marketers sometimes find it hard to find results after automation.

    Join this panel of experts as they discuss what it takes to make automation a success in your business.
  • Integrating Marketing with CRM Integrating Marketing with CRM Mark Donkin & Adam Dore Recorded: Nov 20 2014 33 mins
    Join Mark Donkin director of SuccessFlow and Adam Dore senior functional consultant of SuccessFlow on the new webinar focusing on the alignment between marketing and sales and how this is implemented into your CRM system.

    The webinar will provide an introduction to:

    - The elements needed to set up and run a marketing campaign
    - Making sure your marketing is returning the best possible ROI by allowing full visibility across the campaign
    - Keeping your database (CRM) up to date with the latest information garnered from marketing
    - Best practice around content creation, segmentation and nurture
    - How marketing automation platforms can be used in conjunction with CRM
    - Aligning your marketing activity with sales and making sure sales people have ammunition at their fingertips within CRM.
  • B2B Social Marketing: Convert Likes into Leads B2B Social Marketing: Convert Likes into Leads Steve Hoyle, Head of Client Services, SuccessFlow, Mark Lerner, Director of Marketing, Successflow Recorded: Oct 22 2014 46 mins
    Join Steve Hoyle, Head of Client Services at SuccessFlow, and Mark Lerner, Director of Marketing at Oktopost, for this great webinar highlighting the importance of utilising social media for B2B lead generation.

    Attendees will be provided with actionable tips on how to leverage social channels to increase their lead database, and push leads further down the sales pipeline with social data.

    Topics that will be covered during the webinar include:

    •Building a social marketing infrastructure for lead generation
    •Differences between engagement and conversion metrics
    •Most effective social channels for B2B lead generation
    •Enriching lead data in your CRM with social analytics
    •Utilising gated content to generate leads on social channels
    •Managing social generated leads through to sale
  • NEW LinkedIn Sales platform – Exclusive Preview NEW LinkedIn Sales platform – Exclusive Preview Mark Donkin & Gary O'Reilly Recorded: Oct 9 2014 55 mins
    View our exclusive UK Webinar previewing a NEW sales platform within LinkedIn – due for public release early August.

    Gary O’Reilly from LinkedIn is showcasing this new feature alongside Mark Donkin. We have a demonstration of the new features and how this integrates with Salesforce.

    If you use LinkedIn and Salesforce to generate and manage leads, then this is essential viewing for you.

    LinkedIn and SuccessFlow cover the key steps:

    Exclusive preview (Demo) of the New Sales Platform
    LinkedIn Social Selling
    Salesforce Integration
    Set-up and Training
    Management and Measurement

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