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  • Key Research Findings: How to Optimize Business Processes
    Key Research Findings: How to Optimize Business Processes
    Bob Larrivee, Director of Custom Research, AIIM Recorded: Feb 26 2015 53 mins
    Based on recent research by analyst Bob Larrivee of AIIM, this webinar will address how organizations can leverage technology to identify, evaluate and optimize business processes to increase operational efficiency.

    Join us as we explore:
    - Drivers for problem-solving, tracking KPIs, process failures and workflow management
    - How technology can reduce errors and exceptions that lead to lost business and non-compliance
    - Increasing visibility to optimize processes, reduce costs and deliver a superior customer experience
  • Process Intelligence: Delivering New Business Value for Insurance Companies
    Process Intelligence: Delivering New Business Value for Insurance Companies
    Ed Gray, Principal, eGray Matters LLC and Alex Dibeler, BI Technology Expert, Altosoft Recorded: Dec 4 2014 45 mins
    Every insurer has business intelligence (BI) tools in place, but many carriers find that traditional BI is no longer enough. Today's faster speed of business, more complex processes, and increasing compliance and E&O exposures require that insurers take advantage of process intelligence – advanced analytics providing a new, deeper level of insight down to the business process level – step by step, system to system, from start to finish.

    In this webinar, discover how process intelligence goes far beyond legacy BI to pinpoint potential issues in your underwriting, claims and other key processes, allowing you to achieve new business excellence and success:
    - Underwrite more lucrative business opportunities through optimized “triage” of new risks
    - Minimize error rates and exceptions in underwriting and claims processing that lead to lost business, non-compliance and higher costs
    - Ensure compliance with external regulations and internal policies with new actionable data visualizations
    - Do all of this and more with no BPM or process modeling tools required

    This webinar features Ed Gray, a 30-year veteran of the insurance industry who's risen to C-level positions and provided leadership in IT and business operations. Through his consulting business, Mr. Gray now helps insurance carriers and solution providers develop the vision, strategy, architecture and practical programs of initiatives to transform themselves and their market positioning and effectiveness. His experience has allowed him to see what does - and does not - deliver real value to the insurance organization.
  • Document Process Intelligence: Drive Your Document-Centric Processes to Success
    Document Process Intelligence: Drive Your Document-Centric Processes to Success
    Matt Finch, BI Technology Expert, Altosoft, A Kofax Company Recorded: Oct 9 2014 58 mins
    According to the IDC, seventy-five percent of senior execs surveyed reported that poor document-driven business processes exposed their companies to needless risk, including lost customers.
    With increased complexity of business processes and regulation—and compliance more stringent than ever—businesses must ensure that they have a holistic view of their document-driven processes and are compliant with regulatory standards.

    Document process intelligence provides a complete view of your entire document operations process, pinpointing areas of waste, inefficiencies and loss—in ways other BI tools cannot match.

    Attend our webinar and discover how document process intelligence provides:
    - Process analytics: tracking adherence with operational best practices, including measuring overall process execution
    - Process quality and compliance: detecting inefficiencies and operational failures in real-time
    - New information flow and actionable insights: leveraging operational dashboards

    Register now for this exclusive webinar that could transform your business.
  • Process Intelligence: An Exciting New Frontier for Business Intelligence
    Process Intelligence: An Exciting New Frontier for Business Intelligence
    Claudia Imhoff, President and Founder, Intelligent Solutions and Scott Opitz, General Manager, Altosoft, A Kofax Company Recorded: Sep 18 2014 60 mins
    Business Intelligence (BI) tools are a mainstay in many successful organizations, used for analyzing business trends and managing a complex business environment. BI provides answers to specific business problems but does not link processes that drive the success of an organization. In order to get a complete understanding of the operations of the organization BI must be extended to provide greater process context to business data.

    Process intelligence encompasses the capabilities of traditional BI, and extends your ability to identify challenges and opportunities in light of all the dependent processes and operational systems.

    In this informative session, attendees will get tips on how to:

    - Improve the effectiveness of operational processes: Identify exactly where waste, inefficiencies and loss (in time, effort and resources) are occurring throughout a process and take action to mitigate these bottlenecks.
    - Seamlessly aggregate and analyze data that spans multiple operational systems: Overcome the challenge of integrating data that exists multiple systems of record.
    - Determine process quality or compliance to the recommended pathway: Discover when and where exceptions to the processes occur, for example when activities are skipped or repeated.

    Join us for this exclusive webinar – led by the industry’s foremost experts on the topic – and get an inside look on how process intelligence extends BI capabilities through process analytics and process compliance.

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