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New Way To Work

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  • Virtual Learning - Simplified (by Unify)
    Virtual Learning - Simplified (by Unify)
    Mark Vogel -Global Education Specialist, Kapil Ghetia - Public Sector Lead, Tamara Ford Circuit Regional Development Recorded: Jul 30 2015 19 mins
    Virtual classrooms. Social learning. Student workgroups. By any name, getting students and faculty together across campus and virtual environments is one of the greatest challenges – and opportunities – in Education today.

    Now a integrated digital learning application can deliver live online courses leveraging video collaboration, breakout rooms, and lecture recording across any device; heightened social learning by establishing course groups and study networks; enhanced student and professor engagement through virtual office hours, on-demand tutoring, and real-time coaching; and more.

    See for yourself, in this brief webinar (approximately 30 minutes)
  • Teamwork 2.0 - New Rules. New Tools.
    Teamwork 2.0 - New Rules. New Tools.
    Tressa Brophy & Kate Rogers, New Way to Work Editors, Unify Recorded: Jun 10 2015 43 mins
    The world of teamwork has changed. The millennial generation, a more mobile and global workforce, and a wealth of technology is just the beginning. The research is also in on multi-tasking; collaboration habits; and many flavors of job stress, burnout, and overwhelm.

    In this webinar, we’ll share the research – by Unify and others around the world – on teamworking today. We’ll net out six research-based rules for team success in today’s business world. And, we’ll show you how to choose and use (or stop using) technology, so your team can produce.

    Presented by Unify – Harmonize your enterprise
  • The quest for sales productivity
    The quest for sales productivity
    Levine Merl, Global Brand Manager for Circuit by Unify and Michael Welch, CEO of Welch Global Consulting Recorded: Feb 26 2015 18 mins
    Get actionable, measurable and research-based advice on how to improve sales productivity. Research shows that a major factor in sales productivity is time actually spent selling. Learn how to meet growth objectives with existing resources by eliminating time sinkholes.
  • Working through the storm
    Working through the storm
    Barbara Ferguson Recorded: Jan 27 2015 19 mins
    Work through the storm using Circuit by unify. Your no cost, virtual team space is waiting for you. Let us show you how to make your team unstoppable.
  • The Flex Work Imperative: Global Attitudes on the New Way to Work
    The Flex Work Imperative: Global Attitudes on the New Way to Work
    Tressa Brophy & Andrew Cheel, Unify Recorded: Dec 18 2014 55 mins
    Over one-third of employees would leave their current employer if offered more flexible work arrangements, according to a recent study by Unify.

    In fact, workers around the world are demanding more flexibility about where and when they do their jobs – and it’s not just a hype cycle or water cooler talk. New legislation, court cases, even a presidential order – are requiring businesses across the world to be more accommodating of employees' personal obligations outside the workplace.

    In this webinar, Unify presents our latest global research in which we quantify the demand for flexible work options, detail employee and management preferences, and outline ways business leaders can respond to the changing work environment while protecting productivity.

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