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Oracle Sales Cloud

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  • [Sales Talent + Opportunity] - Distractions = Success
    [Sales Talent + Opportunity] - Distractions = Success
    Andy Keleher, Sales Cloud, Oracle; Neil Pridham, CPQ Cloud, Oracle Recorded: Apr 6 2016 38 mins
    Removing distraction allows your sales team to be more productive and focus on success.

    At Oracle we believe the secret to sales success is bringing sales talent and market opportunity together, whilst removing distractions. As a sales leader you develop talent and generate opportunities, and we can help you remove the distractions allowing your sales teams to focus on the right thing – selling.

    Sales Performance Management helps your sales teams focus on the activities you know will make them successful and:
    •Ensures coverage of addressable markets with Territory Management by suitable experience, skill and capacity
    •Aligns quotas to the Territory potential, ensuring targets are aggressive yet achievable
    •Motivates desired behaviours with Incentive Compensation use transparent reporting to increase trust and reduce shadow accounting

    Oracle CPQ Cloud removes all the distractions your sales teams face when reaching the pricing, quoting and contracting phase of your sale. By removing these distractions you:
    •Enable greater sales outputs
    •Reduce errors and rework
    •Reduce margin erosion.

    Further along, CPQ can help ease fulfilment when the delivery team is presented with clean, accurate contracts.

    Find out how to optimise all aspects of sales design, so that your business gets the focused selling it needs and delivers the experiences your customer demand.
  • Getting Started with Social Selling
    Getting Started with Social Selling
    LinkedIn, Sirius Decisions, and Oracle Recorded: May 27 2015 36 mins
    Digital disruption has forced sales and marketing teams to develop new ways to engage their customers throughout the buying cycle. For many, social selling has provided an effective way to get connected with customers earlier and more frequently. According to research from Aberdeen Group, 72% of salespeople using social selling as part of their sales process outperformed their peers and exceeded quota 23% more often.

    With so much at stake and with so much potential promise, organisations are feeling the urgency to implement an effective social selling strategy. But, what does that look like? Who’s involved and how do you measure the ROI?

    Kevin Scott
    Head of Sales Solutions, EMEA

    Mark Levinson
    Service Director, Sales Operations Strategies
    Sirius Decisions

    Carmel O’Boyle
    Director of Sales Programs and Social Media
  • Gartner Webcast: The Power of Mobile Selling
    Gartner Webcast: The Power of Mobile Selling
    Robert Desisto, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner Research Recorded: Oct 30 2014 57 mins
    Drive Smarter Sales – get insight into the future of sales force automation and mobile selling
    Dramatic shifts in workplace norms as a result of remote, on-the-go sales teams are now a reality.
    In the past few years, sales mobility has evolved from being a wish-list item to becoming mandatory as increased competition and demand from customers are driving the need for optimal sales effectiveness. Research shows that best-in class sales organizations today are using mobile-selling practices and tools to achieve higher quota attainment, increase customer retention and ensure forecasting accuracy.
  • Constellation Research: Turbo Charging Sales
    Constellation Research: Turbo Charging Sales
    Ray Wang: Principal Analyst and CEO, Constellation Research Recorded: Oct 30 2014 50 mins
    Moving Beyond Traditional Sales Force Automation
    Do you struggle with getting sufficient high quality leads to meet revenue goals?
    Are you or your reps spending too much time on leads that won’t close in the near term or at all?

    New buyer behavior and the emergence of new technologies and social channels are making old marketing and selling models ineffective. In today’s modern selling environment, the need for Marketing and Sales alignment is even more critical for success. “Getting it right” requires new approaches in both processes and technology.
  • Managing Data to Boost Sales & Global Competitiveness
    Managing Data to Boost Sales & Global Competitiveness
    Steven Elsham, Oracle, Colin Magee, Logical Glue, Jeremy Malindine, Total Finesse, Ben Turner, Institute of Sales & Marketing Recorded: Oct 22 2014 35 mins
    Sales performance vs data. How closely are the two linked?

    Don't be scared of "Big Data" ... it is already in your business! Watch our panel of experts discuss how data could - and should - be boosting your sales.

    This is probably the biggest opportunity facing your sales organisation today!

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