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X1 Enterprise Webinars

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  • Introducing X1 Search Mobile to Your Enterprise
    Introducing X1 Search Mobile to Your Enterprise
    Todmund Cole, Product Manager, X1 | Barry Murphy, Business Development, X1 Recorded: Nov 17 2015 30 mins
    Given the enterprise workforce is more mobile than ever before, using multiple devices in any location, workers need access to applications and information on-the-go. Enter award winning X1 Search Mobile, the new addition to X1’s enterprise search platform, enabling full email and desktop search from mobile devices, keeping workers productive anytime, anywhere. X1 Search Mobile is the first solution of its kind. Attend this product tour with live Q&A to learn more.
  • Enterprise Search that Actually Works
    Enterprise Search that Actually Works
    Marcus Stimler, CTO UK of Capgemini | Barry Murphy, Senior Vice President of X1 Recorded: Feb 25 2015 57 mins
    With information scattered across various repositories such as, email, files, SharePoint, and Enterprise Vault, and stored in multiple locations such as, on-premise, Cloud, hybrid, personal desktops and VDI, the need for enterprise search is greater than ever. But, business professionals and IT are disaffected with traditional enterprise search because it:
    • is not user-friendly
    • does not address the bulk of business workers’ information
    • does not help users intuitively filter through information
    • requires massive IT effort to scale

    Fear not, however, there is a way to make enterprise search work by putting the end-user search experience first. Attend this “no-death-by-PowerPoint” webinar, to learn how to actually make enterprise search work for your business. Our special guest, Marcus Stimler of Cap Gemini, will also share real-world experience about evolving an enterprise search strategy that starts with the business workers and extends outward. Learn how Cap Gemini put together a number of “wins” by providing workers with a single-pane-of-glass view to their most important information.
  • ROI: Attaining Business Productivity Through Search
    ROI: Attaining Business Productivity Through Search
    Dante DeWitt, Former CIO, BMO Financial Corp. | Sue Becker, Productivity Trainer and Coach, Spark Productivity Recorded: Feb 24 2015 62 mins
    The holy grail of enterprise software is the achievement of positive return on investment (ROI). If the technology happens to be user-friendly, that is a nice bonus. Such a combination can be tough to come by, but smart organizations are learning that business productivity search can not only pay for itself, but also drive more value by making workers more efficient and effective. Join us for a complimentary webinar that will show you how to make the business case for business productivity search.

    Our special guests, Dante DeWitt, former CIO of Wells Fargo and Bank of Montreal, and productivity expert Sue Becker, will provide real-world perspectives and best practices for business productivity search. Dante will illustrate how business productivity search provides meaningful ROI in a way that traditional enterprise search cannot. While Sue will share some of the horror stories of how the explosion of digital information has made us less productive than we can be. Sue will also offer some strategies and best practices for remaining productive by mixing process and technology together. Such productivity is especially important in today’s information economy.

    This webinar will demonstrate how business productivity search provides real ROI. Attendees will learn:

    - How business productivity search produces value by putting the end-user search experience first
    - Why personal memory recall is the best analytical engine for business productivity search
    - How to best deploy search solutions in all IT infrastructures
    - How to achieve ROI on enterprise search in ways never seen in the past
    - That search can be like BASF – it can make many other technology deployments better, including VDI, SharePoint, and Enterprise Vault
  • Transform Your Enterprise Search and eDiscovery in the AWS Cloud
    Transform Your Enterprise Search and eDiscovery in the AWS Cloud
    Vikram Garlapati, Manager Solutions Architect Amazon Web Services | Tod Cole, VP of Technical Operations, X1 Recorded: Jun 12 2014 68 mins
    Join Amazon Web Services (AWS), LTech, an AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting partner along with X1, a leader in search for virtual environments for a discussion on user-friendly enterprise search solutions on the AWS cloud. Learn how LTech and X1 deliver solutions that allow organizations to quickly search, identify and act upon distributed data, whether it resides within the enterprise or within AWS. See how X1 unifies search across all critical business data such as local emails & files, webmail, network files share, SharePoint, MS Exchange, PST files and more.

    Gain insights into unified search coupled with LTech's design, management, development and implementation of Enterprise Cloud Strategies complement the combined products to suit your needs.
  • Lightning-Fast Search of Files & Emails in Citrix Virtual Environment
    Lightning-Fast Search of Files & Emails in Citrix Virtual Environment
    Vasu T.N - Technical Marketing Lead, Citrix | arry Murphy - Senior Vice-President of Product Marketing and Strategy, X1 Recorded: Apr 9 2014 54 mins
    For IT departments, the benefits of virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) are clear - enabling secure and efficient BYOD, streamlining IT administration, and reducing operational costs. The success of any VDI rollout, though, depends upon end-users embracing their new user experience in virtual environments. Because best practice dictates disabling Windows indexing to ensure optimal resource performance, end-users tend to be frustrated by poor search experiences. With X1® Search 8 Virtual Edition, it is possible to avoid disjointed search experiences and deploy VDI in a way that enhances end-user productivity. Watch the Webinar recording to hear Citrix and X1 search experts discuss on how to harness the benefits of VDI while maintaining and improving end–user productivity.

    In this webcast you will:

    - See why desktop and enterprise search are critical elements of end-user productivity
    - Learn how to enable lighting fast end-user retrieval of emails and files even with disabled Windows indexing
    - Understand how to reap all the benefits of VDI while still providing end-users with a user-friendly, intuitive search solution architected to also conserve VDI resources
    - See why X1 is the only desktop and enterprise search option available for VDI environments today
  • Overcoming Search Challenges in Virtual Desktop Environments
    Overcoming Search Challenges in Virtual Desktop Environments
    Jody Elkins, Vice President, Agile360 - A Division of Entisys Solutions | Michael Devin,VP, Search Solutions,X1 Recorded: Mar 12 2014 33 mins
    An increasing number of organizations are realizing the benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI). VDI provides the flexibility that enables organizations to achieve their business goals while controlling technical operational costs. However, as with any solution, there can be trade-offs and limitations, some of which can impede the success of VDI deployments. One such limitation is the near-inability to search user content in many virtual desktop environments. As a result, users may not be as productive and in extreme cases, frustrated users can slow or block VDI adoption entirely. X1 solves this problem by integrating its leading search application with VDI deployments using solutions from Citrix and VMware. X1 significantly enhances productivity and reduces user frustration, enabling organizations to realize the full benefits of any size VDI deployment - from the small and medium size businesses to worldwide enterprise deployments.

    Join search & IT strategists, Jody Elkins, Vice President at Agile360 and Michael Devin, Vice President of Search Solutions at X1, in a complimentary webinar to learn about a game-changing search capabilities in a VDI environment.

    In this Webcast you will:
    - Learn from a top VDI expert why many VDI implementations do not realize their promised benefits
    - Gain insight into game-changing search solutions that overcomes the most common objection to VDI implementations
    - Understand how to enable desktop virtualization by greatly enhancing user experience
  • SharePoint eDiscovery: Legal Considerations and Best Practices
    SharePoint eDiscovery: Legal Considerations and Best Practices
    Patrick J. Burke, CIPP/E, Counsel, Reed Smith | John Patzakis, President and CEO, X1 Recorded: Jan 14 2014 51 mins
    As Microsoft SharePoint continues to gain wide adoption amongst enterprises, large and small, with enhanced content management and collaboration tools and simplified workflows, effective management of eDiscovery within SharePoint is now a pressing concern among legal counsel and corporate IT departments. Legal counsel face unique challenges when searching and collecting data from SharePoint that can lead to increased costs, overlooked data and other pitfalls if not handled properly.

    Join Reed Smith attorney Patrick Burke and X1 executive John Patzakis in a complimentary webinar to learn about this critically important topic and new ground-breaking methodologies to address these eDiscovery challenges.

    In this Webcast you will:

    - Learn about the reasons for and the scope of SharePoint proliferation within the enterprise;
    - Hear our commentators discuss "best practices" for legal holds and - eDiscovery information from SharePoint sites;
    - Gain insight into the challenges associated with SharePoint search, preservation and collection;
    - Understand standards and requirements for proficient eDiscovery of data stored in SharePoint sites.

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