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Zimperium - Mobile Threat Protection

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  • Anatomy of a Mobile Hack Attempt
    Anatomy of a Mobile Hack Attempt Scott King, Director of Marketing, Zimperium Recorded: Nov 17 2016 10 mins
    Join this presentation and experience what a mobile attack looks like from the viewpoint of the victim. Get insight into the complete process of a man-in-the-middle Wi-Fi attack.

    This talk will cover a specific attack which took place at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport on AT&T Wi-Fi while a business traveler was waiting in terminal A for his flight. The presentation will examine details of the attack, including how the wireless carrier rerouted the user's personal wireless traffic from an LTE network to Wi-Fi. You will see exactly what the user experienced on his device and all of the correlating events that took place during and after the attack. All of the detailed forensics and threat data are provided in this presentation to give you an understanding of the exact data provided to the security team.
  • Reduce Risks and Secure Your Mobile Endpoints
    Reduce Risks and Secure Your Mobile Endpoints Phil Hochmuth, Program Director, IDC’s Enterprise Mobility; John Michelsen, Chief Product Officer, Zimperium Recorded: Oct 27 2016 57 mins
    A long-held assumption about mobile technology in general is that endpoint security technologies are unnecessary since mobile operating systems (OSs) are inherently more secure than PC OSs. For policy enforcement and security on mobile devices, IT organizations have looked to enterprise mobility management (EMM) platforms for additional security and device control. However, there is a detection and enforcement gap between devices and back-end EMM, which does not provide real-time monitoring of app activity, network traffic, and overall endpoint health.

    Mobile endpoint protection is critical and BYO complicates the issue since enterprises may or may not own the mobile endpoint. Employee owned devices introduce many more risks and variables than enterprises account for and we wish to inform you on this webinar. Join Phil and John to learn how to privately secure your BYO devices and measure the risks these devices bring into your network.


    - How to privately secure BYOD mobile endpoints
    - How to classify risky devices by examining installed applications
    - How to create a plan to reduce risks introduced by mobile devices
  • Mobile Endpoints: Detect Threats and Improve Mobile Security
    Mobile Endpoints: Detect Threats and Improve Mobile Security Andrew Kellett, Principal Analyst, Ovum; John Michelsen, Chief Product Officer, Zimperium Recorded: Sep 20 2016 47 mins
    Controlling and protecting smartphones and tablets and the applications they run is an important part of the extended endpoint protection environment. Endpoint security is vital, and you need to treat your mobile endpoints with the same urgency as your Windows and server endpoints.

    Join Zimperium’s latest webinar featuring Ovum’s Andrew Kellett. Andrew and John will discuss the importance of adding mobile devices to your endpoint security procedures and how to detect attacks via mobile OSs, applications, malware and Wi-Fi networks.


    - Mobile Devices are a Viable Vector of Attack
    - Ovum Research: Endpoint Security & Mobile Security Requirements Differ
    - Enabling mobile devices as threat detection sensors
  • The Biggest Threat To Enterprises Comes on the Smallest Screen
    The Biggest Threat To Enterprises Comes on the Smallest Screen Zuk Avraham, Founder, CTO and Patrick Murray, VP Products, Zimperium Recorded: Dec 18 2014 40 mins
    The growth of mobile devices has already led to a significant rise in network attacks on wireless networks. With the recent wave of attacks like Shellshock, WireLurker, and now DoubleDirect, security professionals are predicting that 2015 will be the year previously undetected mobile attacks go mainstream. Hear from mobile security experts Zuk Avraham and Patrick Murray as together they explain how a mobile device changes the threat landscape forever. Learn how unsecured mobile devices provide a new entry point for hackers looking to infiltrate and compromise an organization. Zuk will dissect DoubleDirect, a new attack technique recently found in the wild by the Zimperium Security Labs to show how an iOS and Android device can be silently attacked. Patrick will share best practices to help modern enterprises securely embrace mobility initiatives for 2015 that support productivity, protect the corporate network and respect user privacy.

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