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  • Personalized Advice and Automated Advice
    Personalized Advice and Automated Advice
    Elliot Weissbluth and Joe Duran Recorded: Jan 8 2015 6 mins
    Are advisors providing the value and guidance that clients need? Understand the challenges and opportunities today's market presents.
  • Trends in 2015 for RIAs
    Trends in 2015 for RIAs
    John Phoenix & Brian Hamburger Recorded: Jan 8 2015 5 mins
    John Phoenix of EnvestNet and Brian Hamburger of MarketCounsel discuss the trends they expect for 2015 including "robo-advisors", break-away brokers and the rise of technology platform as a service.
  • The Biggest Changes to the RIA
    The Biggest Changes to the RIA
    Todd Clarke, Eric Clarke Recorded: Jan 8 2015 8 mins
    Todd Clarke of CLS Investments, LLC and Eric Clarke of Orion Advisor Services discuss the threats financial advisors face, the needs of educated investors and how advisors can continue to succeed in a changing marketplace.
  • Revenge of the Nerds
    Revenge of the Nerds
    Joseph Duran, John Michel, Jon Stein, Elliot Weissbluth Recorded: Dec 22 2014 69 mins
    Elliot Weissbluth of HighTower Advisors leads a panel of leading internet-based advisors, Betterment’s Jon Stein and CircleBlack’s John Michel, as well as industry contrarian, Joe Duran of United Capital Financial Advisors. The group will examine the “robo-advisor” landscape and answer the simplest of questions: friend or foe?
  • The Future Role of the SEC
    The Future Role of the SEC
    Eliot Spitzer Recorded: Dec 19 2014 7 mins
    Eliot Spitzer discusses the role of the SEC and the effects of potential regulations.
  • Independent Advisors as Entrepreneurs
    Independent Advisors as Entrepreneurs
    Mark Tibergien & Shirl Penney Recorded: Dec 19 2014 7 mins
    Mark Tibergien of Pershing Advisor Solutions and Shirl Penney of Dynasty Financial Partners discuss independent advisories as entrepreneurial opportunity in today's market.
  • Regulations to Fit the Needs of Investors
    Regulations to Fit the Needs of Investors
    Harvey Pitt & Skip Schweiss Recorded: Dec 19 2014 6 mins
    Harvey Pitt and Skip Schweiss discuss the needs of investors, regulation and the fiduciary standard.
  • MarketCounsel Summit 2014 Highlights
    MarketCounsel Summit 2014 Highlights
    various Recorded: Dec 19 2014 3 mins
    Highlights from the MarketCounsel Summit 2014 in Las Vegas
  • What Are the Top Advisors Planning to Stay on Top
    What Are the Top Advisors Planning to Stay on Top
    Steve Lockshin, Brent Brodeski, Grant Rawdin, Sterling Shea Recorded: Dec 10 2014 58 mins
    In a sea of advisor rankings offered by such well known media outlets including Barron's, CNBC and Financial Times as well as a variety of trade publications, commonalities appear. However, the paths that each have taken to get there are unique. While past performance is not always indicative of future results in investing, enduring strong businesses are suggestive of strong insight and practices. Barron's Managing Director, Sterling Shea, assembles some of the country's most recognized financial advisors, Grant Rawdin (Wescott Financial Advisory Group), Steve Lockshin (Convergent), and Brent Brodeski (Savant Capital Management) to discuss what the future holds for their businesses.
  • Chutes and Ladders: Characteristics of Deals That Get Done
    Chutes and Ladders: Characteristics of Deals That Get Done
    Elizabeth Nesvold, Daniel Seivert, Leonard Chang, Corey Kupfer Recorded: Dec 10 2014 73 mins
    Corey Kupfer (Hamburger Law Firm) will sit down with Lenny Chang (Co-Founder and Managing Director of Focus Financial Partners), Elizabeth Nezvold (Managing Partner of Silver Lane Advisors), and Dan Seivert ( CEO and Managing Partner of Echelon Partners), to discuss the levers available and mindset required to get deals consummated for investment advisers. Whether it’s inorganic growth, implementation of a succession plan, a business combination, or an outright purchase/sale, all present challenges that each of these panelists have helped numerous advisers overcome.

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