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  • Artificial Intelligence - Expert Sessions
    Artificial Intelligence - Expert Sessions Thomas C. Redman | the Data Doc | Data Quality Solutions Recorded: Jun 12 2018 60 mins
    Poor data quality is enemy number one to the widespread, profitable use of machine learning.” A scary claim. Especially because so many of us know the issue exists, but we don’t know how to address it.

    In this webinar, we will first explore why the “garbage-in, garbage-out” problem in analytics and decision making has remained intractable for generations. Then we’ll explore concrete steps you can take to start getting your data quality issues under control.

    You’ll also have an opportunity to ask your own questions and get expert answers gleaned from practical experience, applying hard-won lessons to the incredibly steep quality demands of machine learning. By the end of the webinar, you’ll come away with a better insight into the challenges and approaches to creating a comprehensive and well-executed data quality program.
  • InfoApp – What is it and why?
    InfoApp – What is it and why? Christopher Barnes Recorded: May 30 2018 33 mins
    Thirteen years’ experience in software sales functions such as Pre Sales, Implementation, Training, Channel Management & Strategic Solutions within Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Governance, Risk & Compliance gained in government and Fortune 500 sectors of EMEA, APac and USA.

    Specialties: In depth knowledge and understanding of BI and Performance Management methodologies, software solutions and the science of sales.

    Proven success in facilitating sales cycles and implementation processes underpinned by technical requirements.

    Empathetic to the 'human-element' present in all such
  • Using Data Management to Improve the Tenant Experience
    Using Data Management to Improve the Tenant Experience Ian Matthews, Global BDM from NG Data and Clinton Etheridge Information Builders Recorded: Apr 10 2018 40 mins
    In this rapidly changing regulatory environment, housing associations are scrambling to maintain their HCA grading by looking for ways to improve operational efficiency and governance.

    An effective way to demonstrate this is by ensuring sensitive data is well-managed. From tenants’ perspectives, a housing association with a well-governed data source can enable them to view all of their maintenance and billing schedules in one place, rather than forcing them to contact electricity, telephony, broadband, facilities management and other service providers individually.

    Focusing on data management provides the added benefit of reassuring tenants that their data is respected, well-managed, secure and accurately updated.

    Listen Ian Matthews, Global BDM from NG Data and Clinton Etheridge, Senior Pre-Sales Consultant from Information Builders to gain valuable insight into proven approaches that can impact tenant experience.
  • Powerful, Actionable, and Underused: Embedded Analytics | Claudia Imhoff, Intell
    Powerful, Actionable, and Underused: Embedded Analytics | Claudia Imhoff, Intell Claudia Imhoff President Intelligent Solutions Recorded: Mar 29 2018 62 mins
    Information is only good if it’s used – and what better way to use it than to put it directly into the workflow of the people who need it? Whether you embed business intelligence (BI) and analytics into the Salesforce.com portal, into a customer-facing application, or into the operational applications that your employees use every day, you’ll see dramatic improvements in adoption, use, and impact of analytical content.

    In this webinar, join Claudia Imhoff as she discusses the use cases, requirements, and implementation techniques needed for a successful embedded BI implementation.
  • The Value of Trusted Data
    The Value of Trusted Data Mike Ferguson Managing Director Intelligent Business Strategies Limited Recorded: Mar 15 2018 64 mins
    For business users to produce effective analytics and insights, they depend on data they can trust. However, as more data pours into the enterprise, the data landscape is becoming more complex. Today we have data in multiple cloud systems, NoSQL databases, Data Warehouse relational databases, Hadoop systems, and a myriad of small data stores. Worse, self-service projects are often stand-alone and start by people creating their own copy of data -- which makes the generation of trusted, sharable analytics and insights a real problem.

    Should we force people to use inflexible, slow-to-change ‘production’ data warehouses, or do nothing and accept the ‘side effects’ of autonomous self-service analytics?

    Neither. In this webcast by industry veteran Mike Ferguson, you'll learn about the justifications, requirements, and means for creating a trusted data foundation that your entire enterprise analytics program can depend on.
  • Monetizing Data Through Customer-Facing Analytics
    Monetizing Data Through Customer-Facing Analytics David Menninger, SVP and Research Director, Ventana Research Recorded: Mar 8 2018 62 mins
    Companies can monetize one of their most valuable assets – their data – by making it easy for their customers to interact with and analyze it.

    This presentation by Ventana Research's David Menninger will give research-based details on how organizations are using customer-facing analytics to increase customer retention, improve differentiation, and even derive new revenue. He'll also discuss the role of data quality and master data management (MDM), mobile, and related technologies in successfully monetizing the data that you're already collecting.
  • La BI intégrée - rendre l'analytique accessible à tous
    La BI intégrée - rendre l'analytique accessible à tous Tarik Zaaboul - Senior Presales chez Information Builders Recorded: Mar 4 2018 62 mins
    L'analyse des données n'est utile que si l'information est exploitée. Intégrer la Business Intelligence (BI) à ses applications métiers est le meilleur moyen de mettre à disposition l'information auprès des opérationnels et donc de favoriser le taux d'adoption par les utilisateurs. L'impact de l'analyse de données est alors réel.

    Dans ce webinar, vous découvrirez des exemples d'intégration de la BI, les pré-requis ainsi que les techniques d'implémentation permettant de s'assurer de la réussite d'un tel projet.

    Ce webinar sera présenté en français.
  • Gestion des données et solutions analytiques pour le GDPR et l’IoT
    Gestion des données et solutions analytiques pour le GDPR et l’IoT - Julie Charrier - Business Value assessment manager, Information Builders - Tarik Zaaboul - Consultant avant-vente, Informat Recorded: Mar 2 2018 62 mins
    Dans ce webinar, présenté par Information Builders et Tech Data, vous découvrirez les solutions de gestion des données, de Business Intelligence (BI) et d’analyse décisionnelle d’Information Builders à travers deux thématiques principales :

    • GDPR : Comment la technologie de gestion des données peut aider les entreprises à répondre aux exigences liées au GDPR ?

    • Business Intelligence et IoT : Comment valoriser les données issues de l’IoT ?

    Pour visualiser ce webinar à la demande, complétez le formulaire ci-dessous.
  • IoT From Strategy to Practice With Forrester Research
    IoT From Strategy to Practice With Forrester Research Frank Gillett, ‎VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Recorded: Feb 15 2018 60 mins
    Using the Internet of Things (IoT) to access data about customers, products, and assets sounds great. But the technology is complicated – and it requires new skills and behaviors.

    In this session, Forrester's Frank Gillett will help untangle your IoT strategies by outlining the three business scenarios that IoT enables. He'll review a set of use cases for each scenario so you can assess which ones apply to your company. He will also delve into a few data analysis challenges that emerge from implementing IoT use cases.
  • [Italian] Web FOCUS Series, Self-Service for thousands users
    [Italian] Web FOCUS Series, Self-Service for thousands users Enrico Buffa, Presales Consultant, Information Builders Italy Recorded: Feb 6 2018 19 mins
    La Self Service Analytics non è uno strumento utilizzabile solamente dagli analisti e dagli esperti di dati, ma una soluzione che permette di potenziare le conoscenze e le analisi di tutti gli utenti di business, dagli operativi, ai partner e perfino ai clienti, acquisendo dati in tempo reale senza la necessità di conoscere uno strumento di analisi complesso.
    Perchè partecipare:
    - Per imparare a ottimizzare la Self Service Analytics migliorando le conoscenze di tutto il team
    - Per imparare a fornire agli utenti apps facili da utilizzare e intuitive, e strumenti più complessi agli esperti di analisi dati
    Per capire come fare a condividere in tempo reale informazioni accurate e semplici da utilizzare

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