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Intel Network Builders

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  • Service Assurance in 2020: Fully orchestrated assurance & a path to get there Service Assurance in 2020: Fully orchestrated assurance & a path to get there Marcus Friman, Netrounds; Kaela Loffler, Netrounds Recorded: Sep 29 2016 33 mins
    Network functions virtualization (NFV) has promised us many things- lower capital and operational costs, increased interoperability with best of breed vendors, and at the same time decreased vendor lock-in, and lastly, but most importantly, faster time to revenue for new services with enhanced, agile service creation and platform awareness capabilities. But what exactly does a completely automated network with fully orchestrated assurance look like and what are the benefits that programmable service assurance solutions will bring you?

    This webinar will describe the challenges and limitations with test and assurance today and one suggested transformation route to achieving a fully programmable, actively assured network, allowing you to take advantage of the operational cost savings and the ability to deploy new services faster promised by NFV.
  • Software-Defined WAN:  A Disruptive Intersection Software-Defined WAN: A Disruptive Intersection Rory Browne, Network Architect, Network Platforms Group, Intel Corporation Recorded: Sep 28 2016 38 mins
    Today, Communications service providers face real challenges in terms of their ability to innovate and deliver new services with greater speed and agility and at lower costs. Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is fast becoming a disruptive intersection of cloud, telco and enterprise. SD-WAN offers an alternative to delivering managed services with centralized configuration, management, and optimization of Enterprise applications across the WAN. According to IDC, SD-WAN is projected to be a $6B market by 2020, with an estimated compound annual growth rate of 100 percent.

    In this webinar, viewers will learn about the technologies that enable SD-WAN and the value proposition for enterprises and communications service providers. They’ll also hear about specific deployment options where SD-WAN delivers benefits over traditional methods.
  • Open Architecture for Branch Services in the Cloud and on Premises Open Architecture for Branch Services in the Cloud and on Premises George Hamilton, RIFT.io; Noel Charath, RIFT.io; Lakshmi Sharma, Sr. Director of Product Management Recorded: Sep 27 2016 59 mins
    Join this webcast to learn how to seamlessly deploy and orchestrate virtual network functions and services for the branch as both cloud-based and on-premises solutions. You’ll discover how easy it is to operationalize new service offerings and create a path to cost savings, rapid service monetization, and competitive differentiation.

    RIFT.io and Brocade have collaborated to integrate the Brocade Vyatta Network Operating System, deployed as a Virtual Network Function (VNF) Platform, with RIFT.ware’s network service orchestration capabilities (NFV-O). This combination creates an on-premises branch services solution (vCPE) and cloud-based service.
    The webcast will discuss best practices and feature a demo that will show:
    • How Brocade and RIFT.ware jointly deliver a robust and scalable solution for operators to deploy virtualized network services for vCPE in the cloud and customer premises.
    • How RIFT.ware and Brocade work together to deploy Vyatta Network OS as a VNF and VNF platform.
    • Details on why an open architecture approach to interfaces is critical to ensure interoperability and rapid operationalization of services.
  • Quality of Service and flow management in OpenStack Neutron Quality of Service and flow management in OpenStack Neutron Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez, Intel; David Shaughnessy, Intel Recorded: Sep 22 2016 46 mins
    During this presentation two areas of development in OpenStack Neutron will be discussed.
    The first is Quality of service, we will describe how to enable it, the back end drivers it is implemented on and the features currently available and in development.
    Extension interoperability in OpenStack Neutron will also be discussed, specifically in regards to the Open vSwitch driver and the extensions use of the OpenFlow tables.
  • Business Transformation: On the Evolutionary Path to IoT and 5G Business Transformation: On the Evolutionary Path to IoT and 5G Gloria Nogales, Intel; Jesus Cabrera, Verizon Wireless Recorded: Sep 21 2016 49 mins
    With the advent of 5G, the coming advancements in wireless technology will dramatically impact the way we do business, interact with each other, and accomplish everyday tasks. As with any coming or newly emerging technology, predicting the impact of 5G is a challenge, but we know for sure that the leap to 5G will have an instant impact on end-to-end device and network transformation. The increase in speed, power, and functionality that 5G offers can enable Communications Service Providers to keep pace with the increasing demands of their customers. In essence, 5G will enable the network to become personal.

    In this webinar, Intel and Verizon will explore how 5G will make it possible to transform the way we think about devices and things and the networking technologies that will drive the need for flexible computing to enable the widespread connectivity required for the Internet of Things. In addition, participants will learn how platform scalability and flexibility through virtualization are necessary to deliver the efficient, powerful use of computing needed in the 5G network and how Communications Service Providers can streamline the delivery of services and drive new opportunities for service growth.
  • Hybrid Security Services Orchestration & Automation Hybrid Security Services Orchestration & Automation Hervé Guesdon, CTO, UBIqube Recorded: Sep 8 2016 52 mins
    Virtualization presents tremendous efficiency and service innovation opportunities for the telecom industry.

    However, while most of the attention in the industry has focused on the virtualization of the functions themselves by leading networking hardware vendors, a greater challenge lies ahead for the telco aiming at orchestrating holistically services across these new architectures while still exploiting their legacy installed base.

    The task is rendered even more complex as what used to be a standalone silo in legacy network architectures now has to be weaved into every service delivered and orchestrated by the telco for their clients: Security.

    In this webinar we will focus on the specific challenges that come with orchestrating security as part of the network service (whether virtual or physical), and the associated end customer expectations on the matter (self-management portals, monitoring, big data analysis, remediation etc..).

    We will also discuss the broader adoption of next generation orchestration technologies as they relate to security services and the need for channel empowerment through devops and agility and technology integration easiness, which may lead to a subset of open source communities/solutions in the industry.
  • Profiting from NFV: Telco Cloud Revenue and Services Opportunities Profiting from NFV: Telco Cloud Revenue and Services Opportunities Keate Despain, Intel; Anthony Dornan, STL; Bala Thekkedath, HPE Recorded: Sep 7 2016 63 mins
    Recent evolutions in cloud technology have yielded an exciting advancement, Telco Cloud, offering seamless, agile delivery of unique communication and cloud services on converging infrastructure. In addition to traditional services, including voice and data, infrastructure and business solutions, Telco Cloud technology supports a wide range of services and creates revenue opportunities beyond today’s offerings. In this webinar, the audience will get an introduction to Telco Cloud infrastructure, understand trends in the industry that are changing the landscape for service delivery, and hear real examples of how services are being implemented today that are generating new revenue opportunities for communications service providers.
  • High Performance vADCs & OpenStack Virtual Infrastructure by 6WIND and Radware High Performance vADCs & OpenStack Virtual Infrastructure by 6WIND and Radware Frank Jimenez, Product Marketing Manager, 6WIND, and Frank Yue, Director Solution Marketing, Radware Recorded: Aug 30 2016 44 mins
    Experts from 6WIND & Radware prove that it is possible to attain and sustain virtualized performance above and beyond industry expectations for NFV using an OpenStack environment. By combining 6WIND Virtual Accelerator™ and Radware Alteon® NG VA, network operators can migrate to high performance vADCs while eliminating PCI passthrough and SR-IOV. The end result is a cost effective move to an NFV architecture without compromising the performance or impacting the virtualization environment that their customers expect.
  • Telco Cloud: Exploring the Tools and Technologies Powering the Ecosystem Telco Cloud: Exploring the Tools and Technologies Powering the Ecosystem Steve Adams, Strategy Director, Network Platforms Group, Intel Corporation Recorded: Aug 25 2016 46 mins
    Telco Cloud represents an enormous opportunity for communications service providers to transform their business practices. By bringing together the best of telco and cloud tools and technologies, communications service providers can deploy network functions anywhere to provide the best user experience without sacrificing service reliability. In this webinar, we will highlight the technical problems and challenges and offer a variety of solutions for the audience to address performance, availability, security, and manageability and automation as they consider their options for transforming their networks in a Telco Cloud environment.
  • From B to C – What’s Happening in OPNFV From B to C – What’s Happening in OPNFV Frank Schapfel, Intel SDN and NFV telecom marketing manager; Tapio Tallgren, Nokia Recorded: Aug 23 2016 52 mins
    OPNFV is an open community project developing solutions for transforming to Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN). Learn the progress the vendor and service provider communities are making to accelerate the transformation.

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