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  • Tips for aligning business process and systems to support quota & comp structure
    Tips for aligning business process and systems to support quota & comp structure
    Prakash Hariharan Recorded: Apr 26 2016 47 mins
    Join Prakash Hariharan—former Director of Go-To-Market Financial Systems at McAfee Intel Security and now Senior Director of Global Customer Success at Anaplan—to hear his practical tips for optimizing the business process and systems behind achieving an accurate incentive compensation and quota management process.
  • Marketing operational excellence: Planning to performance
    Marketing operational excellence: Planning to performance
    Rowan Tonkin Recorded: Apr 19 2016 57 mins
    Join the webinar to discuss five key steps to achieve marketing operational excellence, including planning, production, execution, measurement, and optimization.

    Register now.
  • Tips for optimizing your sales force productivity
    Tips for optimizing your sales force productivity
    Bob Slaby Recorded: Apr 14 2016 46 mins
    Join Bob Slaby, former VP of Global Sales Compensation at Hewlett-Packard to discover how HP now efficiency and accurately manages its territory and quota globally.
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Marketing
    Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Marketing
    Anaplan Recorded: Mar 15 2016 2 mins
    Marketers are at the heart of digital transformation, but too many are disconnected from the business by using only emails and spreadsheets. Anaplan enables you to increase the speed and control of your marketing activities, build marketing plans and budgets aligned to corporate and sales objectives, and continuously optimize performance based on ROI and attribution data.
  • Bring Agile Planning to the Whole Organization
    Bring Agile Planning to the Whole Organization
    Harvard Business Review Recorded: Jan 27 2016 61 mins
    Most organizations today say they practice “agile” methods, but that agility typically begins and ends with software engineering teams and doesn’t extend to areas such as finance or HR. Agile processes can be used to help organizations plan, develop their strategies, refine their budgets, and make decisions. Agility provides speed, flexibility, continuous learning, and improvement; it provides resilience in how organizations make decisions.

    If your business effectively uses agile planning in software design, but isn’t yet using it more broadly, join lean evangelist Jeff Gothelf and Harvard Business Review, in partnership with Anaplan, for a live webinar that will explore the organization-wide benefits of agile planning.

    Watch this webinar and walk away with an actionable understanding of:

    How agile planning can be applied to all aspects of business operations, particularly the finance function
    How agile planning can enormously impact the bottom line
    How you can begin to apply agile planning principles and methods across your organization today
    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how your whole organization can benefit from agile planning.
  • 7 Reasons to Replace Spreadsheets Now
    7 Reasons to Replace Spreadsheets Now
    Stephanie Hsiung, Irina Lewis Recorded: Apr 3 2015 60 mins
    Wish you weren’t so dependent on arduous spreadsheets for planning, but overwhelmed when it comes to making the change? Not changing is costing you more than you think, and getting started is really not that difficult.

    Join AdRoll’s Corporate Controller Stephanie Hsiung and Anaplan’s Director of Product Marketing, Finance Apps, Irina Lewis, as they share 7 key reasons you should, and can, replace spreadsheets planning sooner rather than later. In this webinar you will learn:

    - How and why you can easily make the change
    - The seven most common challenges customers just like you face
    - How you can successfully address the seven challenges

    2015 could be the year you can really change, own, and streamline your spreadsheets planning process; join us and learn how.
  • Closing the Strategy Sales Gap
    Closing the Strategy Sales Gap
    Frank V. Cespedes Recorded: Mar 30 2015 61 mins
    For companies seeking to grow (and isn’t every company?), the most crucial connection is between sales and strategy. Yet in most companies, instead of a strong connection, there is a widening gap. Today, U.S. companies invest almost $900 billion annually in their sales forces, yet companies deliver only 50—60% of the financial performance that their strategies promise. That’s wasted money and managerial effort.

    In his book Aligning Strategy and Sales, Harvard Business School Professor Frank Cespedes focuses on closing this gap by establishing effective connections that improve both sales and strategy. Cespedes deals with defining the specific goals of strategy, articulating strategic choices, and developing effective control systems.

    On June 30, 2014, Cespedes will lead an interactive Harvard Business Review webinar dedicated to closing the gap between strategy and sales. Cespedes will share practical know-how, emphasize the role of processes and systems, and provide advice that will drive performance.

    If your organization wants to see your strategy become a reality and wants to deliver on your goals, register to watch HBR and Frank Cespedes.
  • Exploring new territory: The geography of compensation planning
    Exploring new territory: The geography of compensation planning
    Clinton Gott Principal, Per Torgersen, Kevin Gray Recorded: Mar 12 2015 56 mins
    Successful territory mapping can help create focus and accountability, especially when synchronized with well-designed incentive compensation. Do your territory assignments help guide your reps to do their best or just box them in?

    Join Clinton Gott and Per Torgersen, principals at Better Sales Compensation, for an in-depth discussion on realizing the full potential of every territory, even in the face of market and organizational shifts.

    Anaplan’s sales solutions expert Kevin Gray will also be on hand to answer tough questions, including:

    - Should sales territories be based on past performance, workload, or potential?
    - How do you map territories to balance your organization’s sales capacity against budget, corporate goals, and market potential?
    - Which sales compensation designs best support effective territory management?
  • Art and Science of Sales Quotas
    Art and Science of Sales Quotas
    Mark Donnolo Recorded: Feb 24 2015 56 mins
    Miscalculated quotas can derail even the best-designed sales compensation program. But setting quotas isn’t just about the numbers. It’s also about understanding your people, facilitating goals, and inspiring teamwork.

    Join SalesGlobe Managing Partner Mark Donnolo to hear about the latest best practices on aligning top-down revenue targets with bottom-up sales quotas.

    Mark will answer your toughest questions including:

    How do you balance historical performance with actual market opportunity?
    Are individual quotas at odds with teamwork and collaboration?
    Do sales quotas penalize your best reps?

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