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  • Getting a grip on shadow IT in the age of self-service technology
    Getting a grip on shadow IT in the age of self-service technology
    John Peluso, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, AvePoint Recorded: Nov 12 2015 46 mins
    With the increase in cloud computing and easy-to-use file sharing systems in the workplace, it's become increasingly difficult for IT departments to keep track and maintain a secure environment. When staff needs to access or share data quickly, they no longer need to rely on IT to provide the tools to do so. Why would they go through the red tape of IT procurement, provisioning, testing, and security when they can find a solution themselves in a matter of seconds?

    Join John Peluso, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at AvePoint, as he presents how organisations have decided to call a truce and provide self-service provisioning and management. In this webcast, he will discuss:

    - The dangers of having silos of information that IT and the business are unaware of – disconnected from the centralized servers and storage of the data center or even approved cloud services
    - How all of this information may be absent from aggregated capacity, secured content, usage, and other reporting at higher levels, which can complicate business decisions.
    - What an organisation can do to proactively manage any rogue IT by providing self-service to end users
  • Digital First World: Data Sovereignty and Privacy in the Cloud
    Digital First World: Data Sovereignty and Privacy in the Cloud
    John Hodges, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, AvePoint and Dana Simberkoff, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer Recorded: Nov 11 2015 45 mins
    Businesses today operate across more geographic boundaries than ever before and as data travels globally, a company's compliance, risk, and data governance obligations become exponentially more complex. Data moving across public and private clouds also increases breach risk, and compliance regulators can stop projects in their tracks - sometimes with drastic consequences to the business.

    How is information stored and managed in the cloud? A question every company should be asking when dealing with the privacy and security of information stored in the cloud. Join our panel of AvePoint experts, led by Dana Simberkoff, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer, to discuss data sovereignty and privacy in the cloud. With many factors to be taken into consideration, our panel offers tips and advice to help understand the existing or upcoming data protection laws in the EU and ways technology can keep your data safe in the cloud.
  • Lessons Learned from Ignite: Thriving in the Next Era of SharePoint & Office 365
    Lessons Learned from Ignite: Thriving in the Next Era of SharePoint & Office 365
    Eric Riz, Founder&CEO Empty Cubicle inc, Maarten Eekels, CTO Portiva & Randy WIlliams, Director of Client Services AvePoint Recorded: Jul 15 2015 91 mins
    Microsoft Ignite was the largest, most comprehensive Microsoft technology event of 2015 – filled with exciting new announcements about SharePoint and Office 365 from Microsoft and its partner ecosystem.
    In case you missed it, don’t miss our upcoming webinar that will recap lessons learned and bring clarity to the news to help you navigate a post-Ignite world. Several 2015 European SharePoint Conference Speakers who attended Ignite will come together and shed light on:

    • The latest announcements around SharePoint and Office 365
    •Benefits, concerns, and predictions for the future of SharePoint and Office 365, and what it all means for you

    Join us at 14.00 BST on Wednesday, July 15, for an interactive question-and-answer session that will help you craft a playbook to thrive throughout the next generation of SharePoint and Office 365.
  • Do you offer “SharePoint as a Service” or “SharePoint as a Platform”?
    Do you offer “SharePoint as a Service” or “SharePoint as a Platform”?
    John Peluso, Vice President of Product Management, AvePoint Recorded: Jul 9 2015 61 mins
    What does it mean to consume a technology “service” in today’s world? As a consumer, you can quickly download an app to cater to your needs. You take it for granted that your personal web mail is always available and constantly updated with new features. You can deposit a check, program your DVR, form and interact with social communities, as well as store and share huge amounts of files on cloud-hosted servers all with just a few flicks of a finger.

    With that in mind, slow-moving IT service delivery with a focus on IT’s priorities will not cut it any longer. If internal IT departments are to remain relevant today (and tomorrow), they will need to evolve their service delivery to meet the expectations and demands that users expect: a delivery model based on availability, self-service, agility and business-focused productivity while ensuring compliance with corporate and regulatory policies.

    In this session, we will examine the increasing sophistication of today’s corporate technology user. Then, we’ll suggest tools, concepts and processes that can help IT organizations adopt a more service-driven SharePoint offering driving productivity and governance.
  • Information Governance Inside and Out
    Information Governance Inside and Out
    Ant Clay, Founder & CEO of Soulsailor Consulting Ltd & John Hodges, VP of Global Account Product Management at AvePoint Recorded: Jun 11 2015 106 mins
    Presented by Ant Clay

    Information Governance has long been regarded as a key element of SharePoint Governance, but in large enterprises and global organisations it’s not as easy or as well understood as we may think and that’s just from the business perspective, technology solutions to information governance are even more complex than we think!

    This session focuses on what Information Governance really means to large organisations, where the mismatch between information governance theory, organisational compliance and our SharePoint technology platform is and approaches to delivering a pragmatic IG solution across your organisation

    •What is information governance?
    •Why information governance is so hard for large or global organization’s
    •The mismatch between theory and practice
    •Business complexity working against the SharePoint information governance features
    •Approaches to managing information governance complexity
    •Tips and tricks to delivering SharePoint in complex information governance scenarios.

    Presented by John Hodges

    Join John Hodges, AvePoint, as he explores how documents are available and accessible by the right people at the right time, and more importantly how to ensure they are disposed of properly and in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.
  • Your Avenue to Successful SharePoint User Adoption
    Your Avenue to Successful SharePoint User Adoption
    Rob Pratt, Combined Knowledge Recorded: Mar 18 2015 103 mins
    SharePoint Roll-out and User Adoption in a Global Company.

    This session reviews the introduction of SharePoint at Johnson Matthey an international speciality chemicals company, founded almost 200 years ago in London. Introducing a new way of working into a global company with over 12,000 employees in 32 countries is always a challenge, when the software is SharePoint things can get complicated.

    We will focus on the potential challenges of introducing SharePoint on a global scale with an eye on a wide range of considerations including practical tasks that had to be completed before SharePoint could be implemented such as software upgrades and migration of content from network drives through to softer topics such as how Johnson Matthey approached marketing SharePoint to their users to raise awareness, this is not the easiest thing to achieve when your users vary from Senior Scientists to Personal Assistants.
    Whether you are currently planning your SharePoint roll out or you are wrestling with user adoption this session will show you how Johnson Matthey met these challenges
  • SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 – Benefits on one single collaboration platform
    SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 – Benefits on one single collaboration platform
    Dux Raymond Sy and Chris Thorpe, AvePoint Recorded: Mar 10 2015 82 mins
    Part 1. Lead the Enterprise Collaboration Revolution: How to Inspire, Transform and Drive Sustainable Adoption

    The enterprise social revolution is brewing in the enterprise today. Mobile technologies, business velocity, collaborative engagement, advanced analytics, and unified communications are converging to deliver the promise of enterprise collaboration success.

    Organizations that miss this paradigm shift from transactional systems to engagement systems will face dire consequences. How can you ensure that enterprise social technologies will be embraced and adoption will be sustainable?

    Join industry thought leader Dux Raymond Sy in this interactive session as he shares how you can positively transform your organization and lead the enterprise social revolution. You’ll learn how to apply practical steps to drive culture change and effective techniques to promote sustainable adoption with enterprise collaboration technologies

    Part 2. 3 Ways AvePoint Takes the Pain Out of Migration to SharePoint
    Now that you have decided to opt for SharePoint, how do you get there? In this webcast, we’ll discuss the potential obstacles you’ll face during a migration project. Then we’ll show you three ways AvePoint can expedite your path to SharePoint, including:

    •Optimizing migration resources by automating remediation of stale

    •Minimizing business disruption over the course of migration projects
    with customizable scheduling

    •Maintaining all relevant content, permissions, and metadata

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