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  • 3 Best Practices for Achieving Cloud & Hosting Service Growth
    3 Best Practices for Achieving Cloud & Hosting Service Growth
    Stuart Oliver, Global Service Provider Programs Manager & Mara McMahon, Director of Service Provider GTM Recorded: Jul 28 2015 39 mins
    Analysts project 6X more growth in cloud than traditional IT, but most of your enterprise customers run less than 1/3 of their apps in the cloud today. What’s it going to take for them to migrate the rest to your platforms? In this webinar, cloud and managed hosting experts share experiences and best practices to help drive new revenue opportunities enabled by flash storage.

    We’ll discuss:

    -Enterprise application trends and how to drive more applications to your cloud & hosting platforms

    -How to differentiate your services for competitive advantage

    -Where new profit centers may await and where other service providers are placing application and technology bets for maximum revenue growth
  • Consolidating VMware workloads - How to guarantee Storage performance?
    Consolidating VMware workloads - How to guarantee Storage performance?
    Phil Hooker, Senior Systems Engineer, SolidFire Recorded: Jun 11 2015 30 mins
    Looking to consolidate VMware workloads? Demand more from your VMware storage infrastructure - deliver predictable, efficient storage performance to all of your VMware applications and services. Guarantee storage performance to every virtual machine with an all-flash storage architecture built for Quality of Service (QoS).

    Join this webcast to learn how, similar to how VMware virtualises compute resources, SolidFire storage systems virtualise performance separate from capacity, giving IT managers unprecedented storage control. Phil will explain how you can now provision, change, scale and guarantee storage performance on demand without interruption or downtime. He will also discuss best practice integrations with VMware VAAI, SIOC, VASA and VVOLS.
  • Implementing Storage Performance SLA's with Storage QoS
    Implementing Storage Performance SLA's with Storage QoS
    Martin Richards, UK SE Manager, SolidFire Recorded: May 19 2015 34 mins
    All-Flash storage solves many problems associated with traditional disk-based storage. Solving straight performance issues for single applications is not a big issue any more. However, in a shared multi-tenant or Cloud environment, when looking to host performance-sensitive applications you can only get so far on full throttle performance.

    Join this webcast to learn how speed must be accompanied by quality-of-service (QoS) controls that govern the provisioning and enforcement of performance, to ensure each application can run effectively and efficiently. Martin will discuss what storage performance SLA’s are, why they are important and how to implement and enforce them - something previously impossible with traditional storage arrays.
  • OpenStack: Making the right Storage choices
    OpenStack: Making the right Storage choices
    Andy Roberts, Field Solutions Architect, International SolidFire Recorded: Apr 21 2015 27 mins
    Most organisations are investigating moving some internally hosted services to cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Colt, Sungard, Century Link, to increase agility and reduce complexity. The key to this for all service providers is data centre automation. OpenStack is a Cloud Operating System that can help you quickly build and automate your own Cloud Infrastructure and gain the benefits of automation and agility it brings.

    There are many choices to make when building your OpenStack environment. Andy will introduce OpenStack, then review in detail the storage choices that need to be made. He will look at how SolidFire Agile Infrastructure for OpenStack simplifies and dramatically reduces OpenStack project deployment times.
  • SolidFire: Storage choices for the Next-generation Data Centre
    SolidFire: Storage choices for the Next-generation Data Centre
    Andy Roberts, Field Solutions Architect, SolidFire Recorded: Mar 3 2015 41 mins
    Real business demands for greater agility, performance and automation are increasingly being held back by traditional storage platforms. As companies move from traditional storage infrastructures to the next generation data centre, they have more options for consuming storage infrastructure than ever before - as a Service, Converged Infrastructure, as an Appliance, or Software running on commodity hardware. Which combination should you choose?

    Andy will review the storage infrastructure choices available today. He will then discuss the elements you should consider for your next generation, cloud storage platform, however you choose to consume storage - Quality of Service for guaranteed application performance, In-line data reduction, Scale-out storage architectures, Self-healing high availability and Complete system automation. Finally, he will share how these capabilities have been proven in the worlds most demanding data centres, including solutions for Virtualised Applications (VMware, Microsoft) and Cloud Orchestration (OpenStack, CloudStack, VMware).

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