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TIBCO Analytics

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  • Four Application Integration Methods Explained
    Four Application Integration Methods Explained
    Sherman Wood, Sr. Director Solutions Consultants WW Shane Swiderek, Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Dec 6 2018 65 mins
    Choosing the right type of analytics for your users is critical. Equally as important is how you deliver the right type of analytics to your users. To maximize the usefulness and adoption of analytics, businesses are increasingly embedding reports, dashboards, and visualizations into the applications that their users already know and love.

    There are a variety of methods that modern applications can use for embedding analytics, and each method comes with benefits and considerations. This webinar will go into depth on these embedding methodologies and help you decide which is best for your users and your application architecture.

    Topics Covered:
    -RESTful API for management and scheduling of objects
    -iFrame or HTTP API for embedding entire BI applications
    -Javascript API (visualize.js) for a seamless integration
    -Live demonstrations for each integration level
  • Building Custom Analytics Applications
    Building Custom Analytics Applications
    Magnus Rylander, senior product manager Recorded: Dec 4 2018 21 mins
    Building Custom Analytics Applications with TIBCO Spotfire X:
    TIBCO Spotfire® is a highly customizable and extensible analytics platform. With Spotfire® APIs, you can unlock new ways of building analytics applications, integrate Spotfire with other applications, create interactive web mashups, or extend the core functionality by building custom components. Join us to get an overview of the different APIs available in the Spotfire Developer platform and how they can be applied to various business needs—all illustrated with real-world examples.
  • Accelerate Insight Generation with AI
    Accelerate Insight Generation with AI
    Dan Rope, director, data science Andrew Berridge, data scientist Recorded: Nov 27 2018 27 mins
    AI and TIBCO Spotfire X: Inside and Out.
    Cleverly combining artificial with human intelligence delivers a far more effective result than either type of intelligence on its own. Join us for an exciting tour of how TIBCO Spotfire® augments human intelligence and solves challenges that arise as data and number of variables grow ever larger. We will demonstrate how Spotfire® uses built-in AI to accelerate insight generation and how it acts as an excellent vehicle for developing AI-driven applications for your organization.
  • Rapidly Create Rich, Attractive, Dynamic Maps
    Rapidly Create Rich, Attractive, Dynamic Maps
    Arnaud Varin, product manager Peter Shaw, data scientist Recorded: Nov 27 2018 24 mins
    Making Analytics Location-aware with TIBCO Spotfire X
    Maps are unique in their ability to help generate insights from location data and make predictions not possible using traditional statistical plots, charts, and tables. Whether it's optimizing territories, matching field assets with resources, or creating what-if scenarios with new locations as conditions change, TIBCO Spotfire® helps you achieve better outcomes using location intelligence. Join us to learn how to rapidly create rich, attractive, dynamic maps and start exploring patterns and trends for deeper insights using powerful geographical analysis tools. You will also learn about new mapping features delivered in the latest releases.
  • Benefit from Continuous Intelligence with Real-Time Dashboards
    Benefit from Continuous Intelligence with Real-Time Dashboards
    Niklas Amberntsson, Senior Product Manager Recorded: Nov 21 2018 25 mins
    Real-time Analytics with Spotfire X and Spotfire Data Streams.
    A real-time view that provides a common picture into operations can tremendously improve the way you run your business. TIBCO Spotfire® real-time dashboards allow business users and frontline staff to benefit from continuous intelligence. By visualizing and analyzing historic and real-time data together, you can improve your knowledge of what’s happened in the past and better respond to conditions in the moment. Join us for some cool demos that show how extremely easy it is to create these real-time dashboards.
  • Embedded Analytics: Buy or Build?
    Embedded Analytics: Buy or Build?
    Scott Anderson, Senior Solutions Consultant Shane Swiderek, Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Nov 20 2018 58 mins
    A Guide to Making the Toughest Decision in Embedded Analytics

    Buy or build? This question has tormented IT and development teams since the beginning of commercial software. When it comes to embedding analytics into your application, there is a lot to consider. Does the convenience and quality of third-party commercial software outweigh the cost-savings and fine-tuned control of building embedded analytics on your own?

    In this webinar, we’ll lay out the pros and cons of both options and explain the trade offs of embedding third-party analytics software into your application versus building and embedding your own analytics.

    Review major considerations for embedded analytics
    Compare creating, embedding, and managing analytics in each scenario (buy and build)
    See live demonstrations of analytics embedded into a business application
    Join a live Q&A session with an embedded-analytics technical expert
  • Wrangle Data 80% Faster
    Wrangle Data 80% Faster
    Thomas Blomberg, Senior Product Manager Recorded: Nov 15 2018 29 mins
    Simplifying Your Data Experience with Spotfire X:
    Data is foundational to analytics—but connecting and wrangling data takes more than 80% of a user’s time. See how TIBCO Spotfire® is making it simple to connect to, join, clean, and wrangle data from a variety of sources including big data stores. Through product demos, learn about the latest Spotfire® features and our continued focus on “edit everything” to streamline data wrangling.
  • Modern Reporting at Scale
    Modern Reporting at Scale
    Shane Swiderek, Product Marketing Manager Sherman Wood, Sr. Director Solutions Consultants WW Recorded: Nov 14 2018 60 mins
    Recent innovations in data discovery are dominating business analytics discussions in the CIO office. Meanwhile, large scale reporting systems continue to deliver the lion’s share of information; Most of the content consumed by organizations is still in the form of a report or a spreadsheet.

    Reporting keeps evolving and needs are shifting because relational databases are being augmented or replaced with integration platforms or NoSQL systems; monthly schedules with instant alerts; and static outputs with multiple interactive formats.

    In this session, learn about these market and technology shifts, the pressures they create, and the tooling that effectively answers important information delivery needs.

    View to learn:

    -How data access paradigms have evolved
    -The shift from single static outputs to multiple interactive outputs
    -Expectations for speed and delivery methods
    -TIBCO Jaspersoft® APIs, architecture, and reporting innovations
    -How self-service reporting allows you to offload reporting workload to your users and customers
  • Governed Analytics through Automated TIBCO Spotfire® Documentation
    Governed Analytics through Automated TIBCO Spotfire® Documentation
    Botond Kopacz Product Owner EPAM Enterprise Analytics Daniel Farkas Business Analyst & Presales Consultant EPAM Enterprise Recorded: Nov 13 2018 20 mins
    Ever got exhausted from the amount of wasted timed during report development, which led to slow progress with delivery? The risk of manual errors and long period of release cycles mean major risk for BI developers in terms of client satisfaction. EPAM’s DXP Documenter provides offline snapshots and exhaustive technical documentation to solve these challenges.

    Join our webinar and see how DXP Documenter can help your Spotfire Analytics environment grow!
  • Back to Basics: Dashboarding 101
    Back to Basics: Dashboarding 101
    Scott Anderson, Senior Solutions Consultant Recorded: Nov 8 2018 39 mins
    Looking to learn about TIBCO Jaspersoft® dashboards? Our dashboard software combines data and graphical indicators to deliver at-a-glance summaries so users can view the state of their business and quickly respond. Dashboards can become highly interactive with hyperlinks and filters.

    What’s the best way to get started?

    Watch to learn:

    -Concepts and components of a dashboard
    -Dashboard assembly
    -Interactivity and styling

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