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BrightPoint Security, formerly Vorstack

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  • Cyber Battled and Bruised: Are financial institutions ready for the next threat?
    Cyber Battled and Bruised: Are financial institutions ready for the next threat?
    Jennifer Allen, Financial Services Compliance Lead, Bit9 + Carbon Black and Rich Reybok, CTO BrightPoint Security Recorded: Nov 19 2015 37 mins
    A layered defense has been the security mantra of the decade but we continue to see bruises and losses from cyber battles across the financial service industry, which has become a favorite target for cyber criminals. Will the next generation of threats set back this industry and hinder the ongoing progress they are making by enabling mobile payments, enhancing customer experiences, and developing unique and valued ecosystems?

    Attend this webinar to learn how you can be better prepared for cyber threats, using advanced security solutions like Carbon Black to share threat information from within the perimeters of your organization. Using this innovative approach, you can accelerate toward the most relevant and risk-prioritized actions with dynamic machine learning, taking your cyber battle readiness to the next level.
  • Eight Criteria for The Emerging Threat Intelligence Sector
    Eight Criteria for The Emerging Threat Intelligence Sector
    Richard Stiennon from IT-Harvest and Rich Reybok from BrightPoint Security Recorded: Jun 25 2015 46 mins
    In order to counter modern attacks, today’s organizations have to adapt by deploying new technologies, and reorganizing their security processes. New skills and tools are needed to see the attacks in process and respond quickly. Getting control of—and extracting value from—threat intelligence today is the best investment an organization can make in advancing their security capability.
    In this webinar, Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest and the most followed IT security analyst on Twitter will set the background for the newest IT Security Sector: Threat Intelligence. He will map out how the players are categorized and provide a foundation for evaluating what is needed based on your unique organization requirements. Richard will review the eight key criteria required in an effective threat intelligence management platform.
    Rich Reybok, as an experienced CSO and current CTO of BrightPoint Security, will cover customer use cases that he has seen as the most valuable to organizations considering a Threat Intelligence Program. Rich will discuss the value to security teams that can result in significant time reduction to identify threats and take quick action for remediation based on sharing of IOCs. He will address the reasons why companies need to share threat intelligence and why automating the process of threat data analysis is critical for early detection and response. He will conclude with a brief overview of the features and benefits of the BrightPoint Sentinel threat intelligence solution.
  • BrightPoint Security, Your (TIP) - 30 Minutes to Threat Intelligence
    BrightPoint Security, Your (TIP) - 30 Minutes to Threat Intelligence
    Kelvin Kwan, Customer Success/BrightPoint Security Recorded: Jun 17 2015 23 mins
    Join BrightPoint Security, formerly Vorstack and hear about how to take advantage of one of your NH-ISAC membership benefits.

    We'll talk about:
    -Issues Healthcare organizations face when sharing threat information
    -New approaches available for successful sharing of information
    -How to securely share threat intelligence with trusted industry peers
    -Benefits organizations can recognize from information sharing
  • Overcoming the Barrier to Threat Intelligence Sharing
    Overcoming the Barrier to Threat Intelligence Sharing
    Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, Rich Reybok: CTO Recorded: Apr 23 2015 46 mins
    Your organization is constantly under cyber attack that could - if unchecked - damage your business, customers, employees and reputation. To date, the ad-hoc sharing of cyber-threat information across industries is not well defined nor well structured and in many instances, sharing threat information relevant to your organization is not allowed due to privacy, workload constraints, outdated policies or legal concerns.

    Join Jon Oltsik, Sr. Principal Analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group, and Rich Reybok, CTO Vorstack Corporation, to understand the challenges that organizations face today with sharing threat intelligence and how to navigate them both internally and externally. Come to understand what’s changed in the last few years and the historical negative stigma of information sharing. This webinar can help answer the question “What does sharing threat intelligence really mean?” Following the overview and strategy, a brief discussion on the different approaches to sharing threat information and how secure sharing within your “trusted circle” can create a simple Cyber neighborhood-watch environment. This event is designed to help you overcome the hurdles that organizations have today – that of being able to receive the available collective knowledge, validate impending cyber-threats and access remediation solutions – all within the framework of stringent data access and privacy controls.

    What you will learn:

    -Issues organizations face when sharing threat information.
    -What’s changed that has created this “need” to share threat intelligence.
    -Definition of what sharing Threat Intelligence means in today’s world of cyber crime and attacks.
    -The new approaches available for successful and secure collaboration.
    -How to participate in a Cyber Neighborhood watch with trusted industry peers.
    -The benefits organizations can recognize from collaboration.

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