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  • Next Level Agile
    Next Level Agile
    Ryan Polk, VP of Products, Rally Recorded: Sep 2 2015 58 mins
    Agile was first adopted at the team level: groups of 7 plus or minus 2 people embracing agile practices. But in reality, this is not how most enterprise software is delivered. Enterprise software depends on multiple teams working toward common objectives. Most enterprise companies are just beginning to harness agile at this level.

    With this next level comes a new focus on agile adoption patterns and a back-to-basics approach. Companies adopting agile must come to grips with the reality that successful agile at scale requires hard organizational choices. Companies willing to go “all-in” are reaping immense rewards, including the ones who have been agile for many years.

    You’ll leave this webinar knowing:

    -How Agile at scale is different from team-level Agile
    -Why focusing on strong Agile basics is key to scaling Agile
    -Why connecting delivery to strategy is essential in realizing the promise of Agile
    -Where you are in your Agile journey, and what to do next
    -How to identify trouble spots and fix them
  • How Rally Does Big Room Planning
    How Rally Does Big Room Planning
    Interviews Recorded: Jul 22 2015 4 mins
    Watch how we do big room planning, and learn how you can do it, too.

    First, assemble the entire delivery group (dev teams, UX, architecture, product managers, business leaders) together, in the same room.

    Then share a high-level vision and business context; next, collaborate to identify risks and dependencies, and prioritize and plan work among teams and iterations; finally, commit to a shared plan.
  • Writing Great User Stories
    Writing Great User Stories
    Michael Ball Recorded: Jun 23 2015 26 mins
    Everyone loves a good user story, but how do you write one? Write compelling user stories that focus on business value. Enable conversations as the most important part of the story. Watch this video to learn how to:

    - Keep focused on customer value
    - Write acceptance criteria and define "done"
    - Create stories and tasks within Rally
  • You’re Doing Scrum: So What?
    You’re Doing Scrum: So What?
    Doug Dockery, Strategic Solutions Architect Recorded: May 21 2015 45 mins
    We’ll take you beyond Agile processes and ceremonies to Agile at the business level, so your teams can do the work that creates the most value for your business.

    You’ll come away understanding:
    - How to build the right thing: build the features customers actually want and that return value to your company
    - How to build things right: become a fast, predictable, high-quality delivery engine
    - How to coordinate work effectively and efficiently across all levels in the organization
    - How to become a responsive, dependable partner to the business
  • Release Planning That Delivers
    Release Planning That Delivers
    Andy Carlson, Technical Account Manager & Shannah Van Winkle, Solutions Leader Recorded: May 20 2015 61 mins
    We all want similar outcomes from our development efforts — faster time to market, strategic alignment, and predictable delivery of products and features customers actually want.

    The secret sauce lies in “Big Room Planning”: real-time, collaborative release planning in which you create realistic roadmaps that hit important milestones and maximize value to customers. Hear how Rally customers around the globe have launched programs in as little as three months.
  • Collaborating Across Tools, Teams, and Time Zones
    Collaborating Across Tools, Teams, and Time Zones
    Ryan Martens, Founder, Rally & Jen Provance, Release Train Engineer, DigitalGlobe Recorded: May 18 2015 66 mins
    Most enterprise social collaboration tools are designed to help you share information and get work done. But with information spread across multiple tools, teams, and time zones, you could spend more time managing your work than doing it.

    This video will show you:
    - How the right collaboration tools and mindset can empower your teams
    - How to unify team chat, email, status updates, deployment notifications, and social-media feeds
    - How DigitalGlobe uses a flow-based approach to collaborate, solve problems, minimize context switching, and maximize transparency
  • How is Agile Working for You?
    How is Agile Working for You?
    Kathryn Kuhn, Transformation Consultant & Steve Wolfe, Solutions Manager Recorded: May 13 2015 61 mins
    This presentation discusses common failures and highlights real-world Agile success stories from Rally customers to show you what high-performance Agile looks like.
  • Business Agility: Why, What, And How featuring Forrester
    Business Agility: Why, What, And How featuring Forrester
    Angela Tucci (Rally): CRO & Office of the CEO and Craig LeClair (Forrester): VP and Principal Analyst Recorded: May 4 2015 61 mins
    Business Agility is a means for organizations to respond and adapt to the new pace of change. Achieving it means transforming your organization for speed and opportunity capture. It involves changing your mindset, how you make trade-off decisions, and how you deliver products and IT services.

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