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  • Tech Talk: Improving App Performance Across All WAN Transports
    Tech Talk: Improving App Performance Across All WAN Transports Derek Granath and Chris Rogers Recorded: Mar 14 2017 48 mins
    Increase the performance of your wide area network and worker productivity with key features that allow you to condition your connectivity, bond different links together to improve application performance, and define QoS profiles based on business policies to ensure that receive the priority, performance and availability they require.
  • Tech Talk: Application Prioritization & Compliance With Business Intent Overlays
    Tech Talk: Application Prioritization & Compliance With Business Intent Overlays Derek Granath and Adam Fuoss Recorded: Feb 22 2017 34 mins
    Implementing business intent overlays streamlines the process of delivering applications with the priority and QoS that business demands. Business intent overlays extend micro-segmentation from the data center across the WAN to help organizations maintain compliance requirements. Learn how to make this manageable with a Silver Peak’s SD-WAN.
  • Tech Talk: SD-WAN - A New Way to Build a WAN Explained
    Tech Talk: SD-WAN - A New Way to Build a WAN Explained Derek Granath Recorded: Feb 1 2017 42 mins
    The explosion of cloud services and frustration surrounding the high cost and inflexibility of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks has forced a rethink of the enterprise WAN. Learn how to redefine the architecture of your WAN, reduce dependency on MPLS, and streamline your organizational costs.
  • Shelby American Deploys Silver Peak High Performance SD-WAN Solution
    Shelby American Deploys Silver Peak High Performance SD-WAN Solution Silver Peak Recorded: Jan 4 2017 3 mins
    High-performance car maker Shelby American saves $1,500 per month and minimizes IT overhead by running its business on an IT infrastructure with Silver Peak SD-WAN and Dell EMC Networking solutions
  • Silver Peak 2017 Crystal Ball Predictions
    Silver Peak 2017 Crystal Ball Predictions David Hughes, Founder and CEO Recorded: Dec 6 2016 39 mins
    Join David Hughes, Founder and CEO of Silver Peak, for the annual Crystal Ball 2017 Predictions Webinar. David will share his predictions for 2017 along with insights on emerging trends that will shape the future of the networking industry.

    Attend this webinar and learn about:
    • Emerging trends that will shift your approach to networking
    • Revolutionary technologies that will enable WANs to autonomously connect users to applications
    • How end-user requirements are shaping the way SD-WANs are delivered
    • Creating a smart 2017 WAN strategy for your organization

    Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from one of the leading experts in networking who has been at the forefront of the wide area network (WAN) industry for more than a decade. Register Today!
  • Don’t Let Your Network go Dark on Cyber Monday
    Don’t Let Your Network go Dark on Cyber Monday Sri Subramanian, Sr Director of Product Management at Zscaler and Derek Granath, VP of Product Marketing at Silver Peak Recorded: Nov 17 2016 54 mins
    It’s that time of year when online shopping at work is on the rise and network performance is on a downward spiral. As network traffic increases, business-critical application performance and security is severely compromised, as employees use up excessive bandwidth visiting sites that are not always to be trusted.

    What if you could have the ability to move online shopping traffic only over specific network paths based upon your policy while maintaining peak performance and priority for business applications? What if you could ensure that all data is safely secured by a non-intrusive, yet powerful security platform?

    Now you can embrace Cyber Monday - supported by Silver Peak and Zscaler. Your traffic is secured while directed across the communication channel of your choice providing zero disruption to your business applications.

    Join this webinar to find out how you can easily build a high performing SD-WAN solution that provides secure direct Internet access to any website or cloud application from branch and remote office locations.
  • Is Network Performance Haunting Your Productivity?
    Is Network Performance Haunting Your Productivity? Industry analyst Zeus Kerravala, Silver Peak Vice President of Product Marketing, Derek Granath Recorded: Oct 27 2016 55 mins
    Is network performance haunting your decision to build an SD-WAN with broadband? Does using the internet for business critical applications scare the living daylights out of you? Silver Peak has a powerful performance potion that will dispel your fears and pique your curiosity!

    Join our live webinar featuring industry analyst Zeus Kerravala and Silver Peak Vice President of Product Marketing, Derek Granath to learn how you can solve network performance challenges with Silver Peak’s performance-centric SD-WAN solution, Unity EdgeConnect.
    Our SD-WAN experts will discuss how to turn any combination of private and broadband connections into powerful virtual overlays that deliver secure private-line like performance. All while shrinking network and equipment costs as much as 90%.

    What we’ll cover
    •High performance at any scale, using any transport combination, including consumer broadband
    •Driving performance through multiple WAN connections
    •Consistent performance through transport interruptions or brownouts
    •Optimal performance over distance – driven by integrated WAN optimization
    • Application prioritization and performance based on business intent
    • Business-class Quality of Service (QoS) even over broadband

    The spirits have spoken: not all SD-WANs are created equal. Join us and learn how to peak your network performance productivity.
  • Building a Better WAN – Performance Matters
    Building a Better WAN – Performance Matters Silver Peak Recorded: Oct 13 2016 3 mins
    SD-WANs enable geographically distributed enterprises to apply automation to the WAN and run traffic over a mix of public broadband, private MPLS and other types of broadband links to accelerate business applications, improve employee productivity and support business growth initiatives. Not all SD-WANs are equal. Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solutions deliver broadband quality of service and give each business application the priority and performance it needs with the predictability that users expect. EdgeConnect SD-WAN solutions enable you to leverage broadband connectivity with the performance and reliability of private lines, while reducing connectivity and equipment costs by up to 90%. That’s the Silver Peak difference. Learn more at www.silver-peak.com
  • 5 SD-WAN Integration Challenges SOLVED
    5 SD-WAN Integration Challenges SOLVED Ethan Banks, Co-Founder of Packet Pushers Rolf Muralt, VP of Product Marketing Silver Peak Recorded: Sep 21 2016 66 mins
    SD-WAN can dramatically reduce cost and increases the ability to rapidly bring new services online, connecting users to all types of applications, and speeding up time to market. But the idea of re-architecting the WAN can be daunting and the decision to adopt an SD-WAN solution can be a difficult one.

    Join renowned network expert Ethan Banks, Co-Founder of Packet Pushers, and Rolf Muralt, VP Products Management SD-WAN at Silver Peak, in a webinar that discusses the SD-WAN market, lessons learned, and what features to be on the lookout for as you make your decision. They will discuss issues around technology selection and deployment, including:

    · How a zero-touch, hybrid or SD-WAN can leverage multiple connectivity forms
    · Ways to prioritize and route traffic across different connections
    · Quality of Service (QoS), and how to maintain 100% uptime
    · Best practices for transitioning with minimal impact on budget and resources
    · Real customer examples that demonstrate different deployment stage and benefits
  • Not All SD-WANs Are Equal. Performance Matters!
    Not All SD-WANs Are Equal. Performance Matters! Zeus Kerravala is founder and principal analyst with ZK Research & Chris Rogers, Director of Cloud Solutions at Silver Peak Recorded: Aug 23 2016 41 mins
    The use of broadband Internet connections in SD-WAN environment has many benefits, however for any enterprise, performance and reliability cannot be compromised. An SD-WAN solution must include all the functionality needed to meet these essential requirements that deliver outstanding performance and Quality of Service by:

    •Actually improving the quality of the bandwidth you already have, instead of routing around it
    •Enabling centralized control and administration of network-wide policies
    •Providing detailed visibility into real-time and historical application and network trends
    •Allowing for the modular deployment of WAN optimization to insure performance when you need it, where you need it
    This all adds up to an enterprise-grade, performance-centric offering that allows your SD-WAN to rapidly connect users to the applications they need. Deployment times are reduced significantly and enterprises enjoy enhanced performance, visibility and control over the entire network.

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