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  • How To Prepare for Intensifying Cyber Security Risks in 2017
    How To Prepare for Intensifying Cyber Security Risks in 2017 Andras Cser VP and Principal Analyst, Forester, Al Sargent Sr. Director Product Marketing, OneLogin Recorded: Dec 15 2016 58 mins
    Applications are under siege, and successful application attacks are the source of the biggest data loss. While there isn't an "easy" button for cyber security, there are some proven initiatives security professionals can take to ensure employees can seamlessly access the right applications - while keeping corporate data secure.

    Join guest speaker, Andras Cser from Forrester and OneLogin as we discuss key predictions for 2017, and outline how you can automate secure access to your applications, laptops, and mobile devices in a rapidly evolving landscape. Don't miss the experience, without compromising security.
  • Stop Hackers with Integrated CASB & IDaaS Security
    Stop Hackers with Integrated CASB & IDaaS Security CloudLock: Brad Pielech - Integrations Architect, CloudLock OneLogin: Mario Tarabbia - Director of Sales Engineering Recorded: Dec 7 2016 54 mins
    Your organization has turned to cloud platforms and applications (including SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and even IDaaS) to meet business needs, and it’s your job to make sure those applications are both easily accessible as well as airtight. Luckily, a new set of identity and security solutions have arrived that ensure fast access and security around all your publicly accessible data,w the apps it resides on, and the users engaged.

    Find out how OneLogin’s identity and access management capabilities including single sign on (SSO), combined with CloudLock’s cloud cybersecurity solution can make users more secure and productive in the cloud, no matter the data, applications, or people they work with.

    Join OneLogin and CloudLock to learn how to:

    – Identify the top five cyber threats to your cloud environment
    – Protect against cloud security risks leveraging advanced user behavior analysis
    – Improve company-wide productivity through streamlined identity and access management
    – Easily automate your cloud access management process
    – Put it all into action quickly – managing cloud application security with a powerful IDaaS+CASB joint solution
  • Securing Access to On-Prem and SAAS Environments with Cloud-Based IAM
    Securing Access to On-Prem and SAAS Environments with Cloud-Based IAM Merritt Maxim, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research Recorded: Nov 16 2016 50 mins
    Despite the rapid enterprise adoption of SaaS, many organizations still rely on a hybrid mix of on-premise and SaaS apps to run their business, creating administrative challenges and inefficiencies.

    Identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) solutions have evolved to provide business and security professionals with a viable and compelling alternative to traditional IAM options. Besides delivering all the great cloud benefits, cloud-based IAM offerings can integrate with on-premise environments to increase business agility, reduce operational inefficiencies, mitigate identity risks, and improve real-time visibility for today's hybrid enterprise.

    Join featured speaker Merritt Maxim, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, as he discusses the state of IDaaS in the context of new architectures and real world use-cases, including:

    – Current IDaaS Market Trends
    – Critical considerations for building an IDaaS architecture & strategy
    – Challenges in extending on-premises
    – IAM approaches to the cloud
    – Key benefits from deploying IDaaS in hybrid environment
    – Quick Demo of OneLogin IDaaS solution for hybrid environment
  • Secure Your Company in 2017: Four Key Initiatives
    Secure Your Company in 2017: Four Key Initiatives Garrett Bekker Senior Analyst, Information Security at 451 Research, Al Sargent Sr. Director Product Marketing at OneLogin Recorded: Nov 8 2016 63 mins
    Risk flows to the least-secure. Hackers will target what they see as the weakest link. Given the unrelenting security attacked we've seen in 2016 - and their high costs - you don't want your company to be seen as a target in 2017.

    Join 451 Research and OneLogin as we explore the current state of identity security and share best practice findings on what security initiatives you should pursue in 2017, including:

    HR-driven IDaaS for high-integrity on- and off-boarding
    Automated threat response with CASB/IDaaS integration
    Application threat aware integration with IDaaS/SIEM integration
    Unified Endpoint Management to extend cloud security to all devices
  • Prevent Laptop Security Breaches, No Active Directory Required
    Prevent Laptop Security Breaches, No Active Directory Required Al Sargent Sr. Dir. Product Marketing, OneLogin and Tal Herman Lead Product Manager, Identity, OneLogin Recorded: Sep 22 2016 63 mins
    It only takes one unsecured laptop for a security breach to occur. OneLogin Desktop can fix that. Cloud-first companies can use it to secure laptops by connecting them to our cloud directory. Companies with Active Directory can use it to secure laptops that aren’t domain-joined -- Macs, or PCs used by non-employees.

    Join our live webinar to find out how OneLogin Desktop can help you:

    Extend strong authentication policies to all your laptops, including operating system password complexity, rotation, and uniqueness
    Implement frictionless multi-factor authentication that secures all SaaS application access without impacting employee productivity
    Reduce service desk loads by presenting end users with a simplified sign-in experience that reduces password-reset requests.
  • Secure Your Company from the SaaS Tsunami
    Secure Your Company from the SaaS Tsunami Al Sargent, Sr. Dir. Product Marketing, OneLogin, Michael Gleason, Product Marketing Manager, Cloudlock Recorded: Sep 8 2016 64 mins
    According to Gartner, a staggering 600 to 1000 SaaS apps are in use at a typical company, yet IT only knows about & manages ~7%. The unmanaged ~93% pose very real security and compliance challenges including unauthorized access, data leakage, and violation of industry regulations.

    Gartner calls this the "SaaS Tsunami". It grows daily as employees sign up for new SaaS apps using corporate credentials -- all it takes is a browser, a credit card, and an expense report - two clicks and they’re in. Join us for an interactive webinar on how to bring unmanaged SaaS apps out of the shadows to reduce security and compliance risks.

    By joining this webinar, you will:

    - Quantify the scope of the SaaS Tsunami and its security impact on your business
    - Learn how to discover and manage previously unknown apps
    - Be quick on your feet and take action when risk is introduced
    - See a demo on how you can mitigate the security threats posed by the SaaS Tsunami
  • Simplify Your Google Apps Collaboration and Management with IDaaS
    Simplify Your Google Apps Collaboration and Management with IDaaS Nathan Chan, Solutions Architect at OneLogin Recorded: Aug 18 2016 44 mins
    Google Apps for Work is a preferred solution for productivity and collaboration in the modern enterprise. But with a large suite of tools, proper provisioning and maintenance is anything but easy. Attempting to roll out Google Apps to the right users with the right access often results in over-extended IT resources, delayed employee on- and off-boarding, and misallocated access to key documents and data.

    It doesn’t have to be this way. Hundreds of organizations are using OneLogin’s best-in-class directory integrations to achieve faster Google Apps time-to-value and on-going application security and automation.

    Join OneLogin for an informative webinar designed to get you through the most complex of Google Apps deployments.
  • Fast Track Your Office 365 Deployment and Beyond
    Fast Track Your Office 365 Deployment and Beyond OneLogin Solutions Engineer Nathan and Chan Mustafa Ebadi, VP of IT & Services at SOTI Recorded: Aug 9 2016 36 mins
    Whether you’ve just purchased Office 365 or have been using it for a while, deploying and managing safe access to Office 365 is not simple, fast, or pleasant. It’s your job to get the most value from your application investments, and while Microsoft has tools to assist like ADFS and DirSync, they are not only cumbersome and costly to maintain, but do not meet industry standards that can be scaled across your organization. And let’s face it, you’re not just implementing Microsoft products. Can you extend ADFS beyond Office 365 in a timely matter?

    Join OneLogin and customer SOTI, a proven product innovator and EMM Industry leader in mobile consulting, for an informative webinar about deployment best practices for Office 365 integrated with Active Directory.
  • IDaaS: Modernize Your IAM in the Cloud
    IDaaS: Modernize Your IAM in the Cloud Nathan Chan, Solutions Architect at OneLogin and Al Sargent, Senior Director of Product Marketing at OneLogin Recorded: Aug 2 2016 44 mins
    IT, Security, and IT infrastructure teams are faced with a complex set of challenges, and identity and access management (IAM) done the old way tends to compound things. Companies who haven’t modernized their IAM infrastructure can spend months dedicated to setting up each new business application, both on premises and in the cloud, and another several months launching it to their users. It doesn’t have to be this way, with cloud-based solutions such as OneLogin reducing the time, effort, and risk of IAM modernization.

    Join us for an informative webinar with OneLogin presenters Nathan Chan, Solutions Architect, and Al Sargent, Sr. Director of Product Marketing.
  • Supporting Legacy Infrastructure on the Way to the Cloud
    Supporting Legacy Infrastructure on the Way to the Cloud Andras Cser, Principal Analyst at Forrester; David Meyer, VP Product at OneLogin Recorded: Jun 16 2016 47 mins
    Join featured speaker Forrester Principal Analyst Andras Cser and OneLogin VP Product David Meyer as they discuss how to protect legacy investments, while securely expanding cloud application portfolios and extending identity management to devices.

    The following topics will be covered:

    – Benefits of a unified cloud directory
    – Support for IT protocols including LDAP, RADIUS, and more
    – Support for directory consolidation
    – Secure access to WiFi, VPN, SSH, on-prem and cloud applications
    – Extending identity management to the device
    – Cloud-based replacement for on-premises Active Directory and LDAP directories
    – Demonstration of key IDaaS features
    – Q&A

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