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Cisco Umbrella

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  • Back to School Cybersecurity Checklist
    Back to School Cybersecurity Checklist Casey Ulaky, Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Umbrella Recorded: Sep 21 2018 27 mins
    As summer vacations draw to an end, and kids return to school, we’re hoping you have more time to focus on how to improve your organization’s security posture. Cisco cloud security product expert Casey Ulaky will walk you through our Back to School Cybersecurity Checklist, where you will learn how to:

    - Know if you are experiencing a targeted attack.
    - View unsanctioned cloud services and gain a better understanding of your internet activity across all devices, on and off the network.
    - Highlight some of our new features, like iOS protection, cryptomining security category, app discovery and more!
  • Cybersecurity Made Simple
    Cybersecurity Made Simple Cisco Security Recorded: Sep 7 2018 2 mins
    Simple. Open. Automated. Effective: Cisco Security.

    Cisco built the network and now they’re building the most effective cybersecurity architecture in the world. Learn more via the links in the attachments tab.
  • Cisco Cloud Security Live Demo: Cisco Umbrella and Cloudlock
    Cisco Cloud Security Live Demo: Cisco Umbrella and Cloudlock Meg Diaz, Product at Cisco Umbrella Recorded: Aug 8 2018 49 mins
    As the industry’s first secure internet gateway, Cisco Umbrella provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet anywhere users go. Because Umbrella is delivered from the cloud, it is the easiest way to protect all of your users in minutes.

    Cisco Cloudlock is a cloud-native CASB and cloud cybersecurity platform that helps accelerate use of the cloud, including the apps you buy and build. Cloudlock helps you to secure your identities, data, and applications in the cloud.

    Join us to see how Cisco cloud security complements existing network security by providing an additional layer of protection when users connect directly to the internet and cloud services. Through a live demonstration, you'll see first-hand how our innovative approach sees threats other security solutions miss. If you or someone from your team would like to join us at an upcoming webinar session, please be sure to reserve your spot.

    Speaker bio:

    Meg Diaz is a member of the Cisco Umbrella (formerly OpenDNS) products team at Cisco, where she is responsible for the go-to-market strategy and execution across multiple products. Diaz has been in the security industry for more than seven years, with experience in network, endpoint, cloud, and data security. Prior to Cisco Umbrella, she worked at RSA, the Security Division of EMC in various roles. Diaz graduated with honors from Cornell University, where she majored in Applied Economics and Management and minored in Communication.
  • An Analysis of Cryptomining and Cryptojacking
    An Analysis of Cryptomining and Cryptojacking Josh Pyorre, Security Researcher, Cisco Recorded: Jul 25 2018 60 mins
    SANS Principal Instructor, Ted Demopoulos, sets the stage for Cisco Security Research Analyst, Josh Pyorre, to walk you through a brief history of cryptomining and cryptojacking, how it all works and the various steps you or your organization can take to detect and stop it.

    Josh Pyorre is a security researcher with Cisco. Previously, he worked as a threat analyst with NASA, where he was part of the team that initially built out the Security Operations Center. He has also done some time at Mandiant. His professional interests involve network, computer, and data security with a goal of maintaining and improving the security of as many systems and networks as possible
  • Once Upon a Network
    Once Upon a Network Kate MacLean Sr. Product Marketing Manager Cisco Cloud Security Recorded: Jul 18 2018 24 mins
    We don’t think having the best security for your users, data and apps should have to be a fairy tale. If you’re looking for speed, reliability and the best threat intelligence to see and stop attacks before they happen, look no further. Cisco Umbrella provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet, anywhere your users go. And we can prove it.
  • The Latest Threat to your Endpoint Security: Cryptojacking
    The Latest Threat to your Endpoint Security: Cryptojacking Kevin Beaver Author, Hacking for Dummies, Andrew Baker Virtual CIO, Brainwave Consulting Company, Karen Bannan Moderator Recorded: Jul 12 2018 53 mins
    Cryptojacking, the latest form of malware spreading across the globe, is a credible threat with a growing impact on enterprise security. Left ignored, the costs associated with not addressing this threat and its associated vulnerabilities can be much higher than the actual cure.

    In this webinar, independent information security consultant and author of Hacking For Dummies, Kevin Beaver and consultant and Virtual CIO Andrew Baker will discuss cryptojacking and its tangible business risks. Join this discussion to learn not only what cryptojacking is about but how you can detect it, prevent it, and address it in the context of your endpoint security controls.

    Cisco® Security solutions help you adopt the cloud, endpoint and network with confidence and better manage security for the way the world works today. Cisco’s cloud security is a cohesive and complementary solution that includes both Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Cloudlock. Cisco Umbrella secures access to the cloud while Cloudlock secures usage of the cloud. This combines both breadth and depth to provide you with the security you need, where you need it; to protect users against threats anywhere they access the Internet and secure your data and applications in the cloud. With Cisco’s cloud security, you gain visibility into Internet activity across cloud applications, all office locations, and roaming devices. You can also detect and respond to threats faster. Cisco Security provides an effective security platform that is open, automated, and simple to use.
  • Threats: The good, The Bad and The Ugly – Cryptocurrency Miners Making Headlines
    Threats: The good, The Bad and The Ugly – Cryptocurrency Miners Making Headlines Steven McLean, Sr. Manager, Global Information Security at Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Artsiom Holub, Cisco Security Research Recorded: Jun 29 2018 50 mins
    Join us for a discussion with Steven McLean, Sr. Manager, Global Information Security at Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Artsiom Holub, Cisco Security Researcher and Meg Diaz, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Cloud Security, as they discuss and debate how they use threat intelligence to transform the incident response process, reduce dwell time, and cut response time for better security.

    In this webinar you will:

    - Learn how Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics benefits from using Cisco Umbrella Investigate for threat hunting
    - Gain a perspective on emerging developments in the threats landscape, including how malicious hackers are infecting unsuspecting users’ computer with code that commandeers devices for cryptocurrency mining
    - Understand how Cisco Umbrella uses statistical models to automatically score and classify data to detect anomalies, and uncover known and emergent threats
  • Bye Bye Backhauling: Better Branch Office Protection
    Bye Bye Backhauling: Better Branch Office Protection Kevin Rollinson, Product Manager, Cisco Recorded: May 16 2018 31 mins
    Today, IT departments are under pressure to do more with less. With limited budgets and smaller teams, the race is on to deliver more effective security without any reduction in reliability or performance. The high cost of enterprise WAN connectivity and support, combined with the growth of cloud-based services and bandwidth-hungry streaming applications, is forcing many network admins and security professionals to search for alternative solutions. With more branch offices connecting directly to the internet, how can you quickly and easily protect users on any device, anywhere they roam?

    Find out how Cisco Umbrella is making it easier than ever to provide effective cloud security with centralized visibility and control. Watch to see how you can say bye bye to backhauling and hello to better branch security.
  • Is Your Security Stack Ready in 2018?
    Is Your Security Stack Ready in 2018? Kevin Rollinson, Product Manager, Cisco Recorded: May 3 2018 45 mins
    2017 brought forth an increase in breaches, attacks, and ransomware instances. Trends around mobility, the growing number of IoT devices, SaaS app usage and the amount of sensitive data stored in the cloud will continue to increase. While increased mobility and flexibility in the workplace has led to reduced costs and booming productivity and independence, it comes at a price. Attackers are getting bolder and employees are no longer safely protected behind their firewall or secure web gateway. Is your security stack ready for 2018? Watch to learn about the shift towards secure internet gateway and why a new approach to security is needed. Kevin, Ayse, and Austin will explain why existing network security solutions need to adapt. We’ll look at the shifts in the market and the safe bets for protecting your data, users and apps in 2018.
  • University of Oklahoma Shares Experience with Cisco Umbrella
    University of Oklahoma Shares Experience with Cisco Umbrella Aaron Baillio, University of Oklahoma; Dave Gormley, Cisco Cloud Security Recorded: May 2 2018 44 mins
    Customer Story: University of Oklahoma

    Are your users accessing the Internet from many locations and devices? Are you relying on SaaS apps like Office 365, G-Suite, Box and Salesforce to improve collaboration and productivity? The University of Oklahoma is embracing the cloud to empower users while reducing costs and they have embraced advanced cloud security to protect their users and data. Hear how Cisco Umbrella is securing their internet access and Cisco Cloudlock is protecting their SaaS users, data and applications.

    Join us to learn:

    - How to reduce the risk of ransomware and other malware in your environment
    - How a CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) can reduce the risk from compromised accounts
    - How you can easily secure access to and usage of the cloud

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