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  • Ransomware: How to Avoid Extortion
    Ransomware: How to Avoid Extortion
    Moderator: Joe O'Halloran Speakers: Chris Merritt & John Walker Recorded: Aug 27 2015 63 mins
    The threat of ransomware is very real. Studies have found that it has hit one in three companies. And crypto-ransomware like Cryptolocker and Cryptowall are the scourge of the web – and with new and ever-more sophisticated variants springing up rapidly this year, have become the tool of choice for online blackmail and extortion by cybercriminals.

    The threat of ransomware escalates as its quality improves and becomes ever more difficult to detect, potentially lying dormant on your systems, waiting to strike.

    Security teams, therefore, need to be awake to the threats of extortionate malware.

    Join us for this webinar, where a panel of experts will explore the threat of ransomware and answer your questions. Participate in the discussion as the panel discusses:

    • What varieties of ransomware are being used today?
    • What is crypto-ransomware and how does it work?
    • How does it get onto your systems, your network?
    • What can you do to protect your organization?
  • Addressing the Security Risks of Negligent Insiders
    Addressing the Security Risks of Negligent Insiders
    Moderator: Joe O'Halloran - Speakers: Michael Crouse, Larry Ponemon & Steven Furnell Recorded: Jul 30 2015 72 mins
    All workplaces share the same security threat: the well-meaning but careless employee who may be more focused on productivity than protecting the company’s sensitive or confidential information. Often, without thinking of the potential consequences, they leave confidential documents in plain view, share passwords, circumvent security procedures and transfer sensitive data to the public cloud without company approval – ultimately costing much more to your organization’s bottom line than the employee hoped to save in time. IT professionals agree that more security incidents are caused by negligence than malicious acts.

    In this webinar, Dr Larry Ponemon of the Ponemon Institute and Michael Crouse, Director of Insider Threat Strategies, Raytheon | Websense, will discuss findings of the 2015 survey The Unintentional Insider Risk in the United States and German Organizations.

    Topics for discussion include:
    *How much unintentional security incidents are costing your organization
    *Which employees are most likely to cause an unintentional insider breach
    *What you can do about it
  • How Outsiders Become Insiders: Understanding and Combating Today's Threats
    How Outsiders Become Insiders: Understanding and Combating Today's Threats
    Moderator: Stephen Pritchard - Speaker: Ed Parsons, Kai Roer, Tas Giakouminakis & Andrew Kellett Recorded: Jul 9 2015 60 mins
    Today's attackers employ a variety of deception tactics allowing them to impersonate legitimate users and bypass existing IT security defences.

    Web applications are often compromised in order to host malware or be turned into a phishing site. Users who visit these sites then become infected or have their credentials stolen, giving attackers access to your network. Once inside, attackers become insiders. They use stealthy techniques to move around the network, looking for targets, while remaining undetected for months.

    In this webinar we will examine:
    · Common tactics used by today’s attackers to target users and web assets;
    · How attackers impersonate legitimate users to become “insiders”;
    · Best practices for preventing, detecting and containing these threats.
  • Secure Your Mobile Workforce, Improve Productivity
    Secure Your Mobile Workforce, Improve Productivity
    Moderator: Stephen Pritchard - Speakers: Cesare Garlati, Rob Bamforth, Ed Moyle & Jon Fielding Recorded: Jul 7 2015 60 mins
    In 2015 one third* of the global workforce – 1.3 billion people - will work remotely
    Cost reductions and efficiency drives are the order of the day for all businesses but how can your firm carry this out without impacting employee productivity or compromising your data security? This webinar will look at how remote working, BYOD and implementing workspace solutions can help you achieve your efficiency goals without sacrificing data protection.

    By attending the webinar you will:
    •Discover how BYOD and workspace technology go hand-in-hand to save money
    •Understand the role remote working and BYOD play in achieving in-house efficiencies
    •Appreciate how workspace devices simultaneously improve employee productivity and keep confidential data secure
    •Learn how to balance workforce mobility, productivity and security in a busy working environment

    *IDC Forecasts Strong Growth in Mobile Workforce & Runheimer International “Growing Companies Invest More in Their Mobile Workforce” 9/24/13
  • Protecting Data Across Cloud Applications: the Hidden Challenge
    Protecting Data Across Cloud Applications: the Hidden Challenge
    Moderator: Stephen Pritchard - Speakers: Alex Kurz, Alea Fairchild, Matt Lovell & Kai Roer Recorded: Jul 2 2015 60 mins
    The rise of cloud applications in the workplace is driving the need for companies to extend existing security policies to all devices and manage access to cloud applications.

    At the same time, more employees are using personally-owned devices to access, process and store corporate data.

    And the ease of deploying cloud applications has increased the incidence of employees using unauthorised applications to process corporate data.

    This webinar will discuss:
    - the increased adoption of cloud applications;
    - the need to deliver solutions with detailed analytics around cloud application usage;
    - how to provide robust security solutions;
    - and how to protect against web-borne threats.
  • Meeting the New Challenges of Enterprise Security
    Meeting the New Challenges of Enterprise Security
    Moderator: Michael Hine, Speakers: Ashok Sankar, Jon Oltsik & Rob Sloan Recorded: Jun 25 2015 61 mins
    The job of the infosec professional is becoming ever-more complicated. The effectiveness of legacy methods, tools and attitudes is diminishing, while the sophistication of attackers is on the rise. The problem for security professionals is a complex one – they need to update systems and processes to suit the new threat landscape, while trying to keep up with the threat of specialized and well-resourced cybercrime.

    For a long time security pros have been bombarded with a simple message: It’s not if but when. CISOs need to accept that breaches are, more or less, inevitable. But how does security actually need to adapt to meet the new challenges this situation brings? Join our panel of experts for this webinar to find out. Topics to be discussed include:

    •The diversification of enterprise IT, and the increase in threat vectors
    •Updating legacy processes
    •Reducing attacker ‘dwell time’ on the network
    •Effective monitoring of egress traffic
    •Holistic data collection and processing
  • Creating a Company-Wide Information Security Culture
    Creating a Company-Wide Information Security Culture
    Moderator: Joe O'Halloran - Speakers: Jenny Radcliffe & Steven Furnell Recorded: Jun 19 2015 61 mins
    As the subject of information security works its way into the boardroom, the importance of creating a company-wide information security culture is increasingly understood. Staff engagement at every level is required in order for the culture to be truly present and effective. This session will look at what it takes to make each and every user part of the organization’s information security defense, and what training and approaches can be adopted to change the company’s culture.
  • Finding Privacy and Trust in the Cloud
    Finding Privacy and Trust in the Cloud
    Moderator: Stephen Pritchard - Speakers: John Skipper, Jeremy Bergsman, Paul Simmonds & Philip Casesa Recorded: Jun 18 2015 59 mins
    As organizations turn to the cloud to improve efficiency and reduce costs, information security professionals struggle to gain assurance that their organization’s data is secure. As sensitivity to privacy heightens following revelations about government surveillance, companies can’t afford to risk their critical information assets. The increased scrutiny has placed pressure on cloud providers to provide assurance around their ability to protect data. This session advises information security professionals about the questions they should be asking in order to find privacy and trust in the cloud.
  • Preparing for the Threat of Data-Stealing Attacks
    Preparing for the Threat of Data-Stealing Attacks
    Moderator: Michael Hine, Speakers: Colin West, Mark Skilton & Paul Gribbon Recorded: Jun 18 2015 61 mins
    Organizations are increasingly finding themselves the target of cyber-attack, with each breach of network infrastructure increasing the likelihood that vital corporate data could be stolen. Developing a stance of readiness against attacks that seek to steal information is therefore essential.

    The range of security technologies available all claim to offer a solution to different problems – but which do you need to prioritize in order to give you a solid security foundation? How does the move the cloud affect companies’ data-loss prevention planning?

    Ensuring that cybersecurity is high up the company agenda is also crucial – as is a managed approach to patching and vulnerability scanning.
    Security is always a balancing act – requiring that you make the right decisions from the range of options available to you to suit your organization’s needs. To discuss how companies can achieve this, a panel of experts on this webinar will discuss:

    •Research-based intelligence that sets out the state of the problem
    •The tools, technologies and practices that contribute to a solid security program
    •Security’s status within an organization’s hierarchy
  • Strengthening the Weakest Link: Securing the Supply Chain
    Strengthening the Weakest Link: Securing the Supply Chain
    Moderator: Stephen Pritchard - Speakers: Simon Viney, Adrian Davis & Konrads Smelkovs Recorded: Jun 17 2015 60 mins
    Although third-party suppliers bring many benefits, the reality is that their systems, data management and even employee training standards may be vastly different to that of the organization receiving the services. Many organizations fail to consider whether their suppliers take the same attitude to cyber-attacks and hacking risks as they do. This session considers the questions that organizations should be asking their suppliers, and where liability lies in the event of a security incident.

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