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  • ITSM & Analytics Cookbook: Serving Up the Right Data to Perform
    ITSM & Analytics Cookbook: Serving Up the Right Data to Perform Jason Hagen – Process Manager, KAR Auction Services & Heath Ramsey – Director of Customer Success, ServiceNow Recorded: Jun 27 2017 57 mins
    Data is becoming increasingly easy to come by, but how do you harness it to derive value and drive outcomes? How can you ensure that you are delivering meaningful insights when they are needed and where they belong?

    Join this webinar to learn how the IT organization at KAR Auction Services was able to evolve from operating with no visibility or standardized performance metrics to an agile business with real-time insight and the ability to make trusted business decisions. Discover how KAR was able to expand their usage of Performance Analytics and Reporting, leading to marked stability and measurable gains in performance across IT.
  • The 7 Essentials for Effective Vulnerability Response
    The 7 Essentials for Effective Vulnerability Response Piero DePaoli, Senior Director, ServiceNow & Myke Lyons, Director, ServiceNow Recorded: Apr 13 2017 49 mins
    When a high‑profile vulnerability makes the news, does your team scramble to figure out what's affected and where they should start?

    The top 10 vulnerabilities typically account for 85% of successful exploit traffic. But complex, manual processes and disparate, disconnected tools make it almost impossible for security and IT teams to come together to respond to vulnerabilities before they lead to problems.

    Join Piero DePaoli and Myke Lyons from ServiceNow as they discuss and demonstrate a new approach to vulnerability response that seamlessly connects Security with IT, allowing teams to spend less time managing simple tasks and more time preventing advanced attacks.

    Topics covered include:

    • The essential components of effective vulnerability response
    • Best practices from real‑world implementations
    • Live demonstration of a new approach to security operations
  • The Future of Security Incident Response
    The Future of Security Incident Response Joseph Blankenship, Forrester Senior Analyst and Piero DePaoli, Senior Director, ServiceNow Recorded: Apr 6 2017 61 mins
    The era of the megabreach is upon us. And it's had a seismic effect on global businesses. Many name‑brand organizations are spending millions dealing with the aftermath of losing customer data or intellectual property, and others are working as hard as they can to avoid the type of media attention that no one wants.

    The core issue is that security teams are overwhelmed and lack the speed and agility to effectively stop a breach. The only way to make security teams more effective at stopping breaches is to automate security incident response processes.

    Join guest speaker Joseph Blankenship, Forrester Senior Analyst, and Piero DePaoli, Senior Director from ServiceNow's Security Operations team, in this on‑demand webinar as they discuss and demonstrate the following.

    • The need for rules of engagement to defend against breaches
    • Defining policies and workflows to automate much of incident response
    • Best practices for creating a response index
    • Six game‑changers for efficient security incident response ‑ in action
  • Security via Automation - Where Do You Draw the Line?
    Security via Automation - Where Do You Draw the Line? Harold Byun, Sr Director of Product Management, ServiceNow & Piero DePaoli, Sr Director of Product Marketing, ServiceNow Recorded: Mar 30 2017 49 mins
    Automation in Security. Is your organization doing it? And if so, how much is really being automated? Where does good automation end – giving way to unsafe choices that can spiral out of control? Where should enterprises draw the line?

    Tools designed to enable automatic blocking or isolate a compromised system have been known to inadvertently take down critical business applications, leaving security operations teams wary of "automation." However, there are security tasks that can be safely automated without putting systems or jobs at risk. With more precious time back, security analysts can spend more time hunting and responding to threats.

    Join Harold Byun and Piero DePaoli, security operations product leaders at ServiceNow, as they discuss and demonstrate approaches to no‑risk automation that can help you dramatically improve the effectiveness of your security response program.

    Viewers will learn:

    - Why automation is critical for efficient enterprise security response
    - A short‑list of repetitive, but necessary tasks that are prime candidates for automation
    - Steps to getting started
  • Deconstructing Enterprise Security Response
    Deconstructing Enterprise Security Response Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategic Group & Piero DePaoli, Senior Director of Product Marketing Recorded: Mar 14 2017 60 mins
    Join Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst at the Enterprise Strategic Group, as he outlines the essential capabilities for an effective enterprise threat response architecture.

    • Why incident response automation projects are finally making CISOs’ short lists
    • Why Incident response is “growing up”, leaving behind manual processes and home-grown software
    • The essential functionality for an effective enterprise security response platform
    • The future: Moving from reactive to proactive incident response
    The session will include an interactive Q&A session, hosted by Piero DePaoli, Senior Director of Product Marketing for ServiceNow Security.
  • Striking a Balance Between DevOps and ITOps
    Striking a Balance Between DevOps and ITOps Troy DuMoulin, Vice President of Research and Development, Pink Elephant Recorded: Sep 14 2016 54 mins
    ITOps and DevOps are polar opposites. One group wants to move fast and drive change; the other group is hard-wired to provide security and reliability.

    Yet both groups have one common goal: to turbocharge performance and create innovative solutions to impact the business.

    Learn how to achieve both objectives through lean thinking and collaboration in our webinar: Striking a Balance Between DevOps and ITOps. Troy DuMoulin, Vice President of Research and Development at Pink Elephant, will explore:

    -How to deliver on four seemingly contradictory objectives: innovation, speed, security, and compliance
    -Value-stream thinking vs. framework thinking
    -Lean IT, DevOps, and agile development
    -Why ITSM is critical in agile environments when defining non-functional requirements
  • Unleash the Power of Your Operational Data: Take an Analytic Approach to Service
    Unleash the Power of Your Operational Data: Take an Analytic Approach to Service Heath Ramsey Director, Analytics and Reporting Customer Success Recorded: Aug 18 2016 58 mins
    As a leader in IT, you are constantly challenged to build and deliver higher quality services while minimizing cost. This is difficult to do while managing daily operations, meeting service level agreements (SLAs), and sifting through data to pinpoint areas of improvement.

    Service automation is a key strategy to drive major improvements across cost, quality and agility in service delivery. There are many areas that could be candidates for automation. Which would be the ones to drive the greatest business impact? This is where analytics come into play. By taking an analytical approach to automation, you’ll be making the best use of the operational data you already have.

    Join us and find out how to:

     Establish the value of structured communications as a baseline for organizing business goals and services

     Leverage leading and lagging indicators to measure performance of a structured process

     Align data and analytics to drive action across all stakeholders in an organization

     Integrate benchmarking as the next step in business outcome improvement
  • Delivering Service Management People actually WANT to Use
    Delivering Service Management People actually WANT to Use Udi Gotlieb, Director, Product Marketing, ServiceNow Recorded: Jun 15 2016 41 mins
    When they’re not working, your employees use the latest consumer services to get what they need. They use Amazon for shopping, OpenTable for dinner reservations and Uber to get a quick ride. But when they get to the office, your employees travel back to prehistoric times and are forced to use antiquated tools like email, phone calls, spreadsheets and even printed forms to get services and make requests within the company.

    So, how can you provide your employees with the same sort of service they have in their personal lives? Attend this webinar and learn 10 ways to deliver a modern service experience across your company, for IT, HR, field service, facilities and more. Discover how to implement an automated service process that provides real‑time responses, an easy‑to‑use interface and increased productivity for employees and management.

    Attend this webinar and learn how to:
    - Eliminate the friction between internal service providers (like IT, HR and facilities) and employees
    - Automate the flow of work, removing email and spreadsheets, so you can streamline the delivery and management of services.
    - Replace challenging user experiences with a simple, efficient, consumer‑like portal that users can access anytime, anywhere
  • How to Improve Service Delivery Performance with SIAM
    How to Improve Service Delivery Performance with SIAM Chris Pope, CSO, ServiceNow & Dan Stavola Enterprise Service Automation, Ernst & Young Recorded: May 17 2016 60 mins
    Managing the performance of multiple suppliers isn’t easy, especially if each has a unique sourcing agreement. Lack of visibility to metrics, issue tracking and subpar reporting across the ecosystem impacts performance as a whole—and not in a good way.
    But this doesn’t have to happen. With a SIAM framework, you can redefine the way you work with your suppliers to drive the quality of service up, while bringing costs down.
    Join our webinar to learn ways to improve supplier performance, including a firsthand success story from guest presenter Ernst & Young. From simplifying supplier management to providing more visibility and control, you’ll learn:
    · What it takes to make your SIAM project a success with outcome-based results

    · Best practices for on-boarding, off-boarding, measurement, and bid stages for SIAM

    · How Ernst & Young leveraged ServiceNow to deliver their SIAM solution and provide supplier visibility, reporting, and accountability for a major US bank

    · Platform integration, across instance bonding: data exchange, ticket sharing, and reporting
  • Engage Your Users with Self-Service
    Engage Your Users with Self-Service Gerald Beaulieu, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, ServiceNow & Josh Donelson, Sr. Manager, Business Development, Okta Recorded: Mar 15 2016 57 mins
    Who says submitting an IT request or onboarding an employee has to be a painful process? Done right, an IT self-service portal enables users to easily submit issues, request application access, collaborate and track progress in seconds without picking up the phone or sending a single email. Turn service requests into a delightful experience and become stars across your organization.

    Discover how to achieve self-service excellence for your organization. Attend this webinar and learn:

    • How to enable a consumer-like experience across IT and throughout your organization
    • Tips for how to share information through a centralized knowledge base and social collaboration
    · Techniques to significantly reduce the volume of incoming calls, cost-per-incident, and time-to-resolution

    · Methods to automate application access, on-boarding and off-boarding processes to increase user efficiency

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