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Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN Webinar Series

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  • The State of WAN Architecture in a Software-Defined World
    The State of WAN Architecture in a Software-Defined World Dr. Jim Metzler, Principal Analyst, Mike Wood, VP of Marketing Recorded: May 23 2017 57 mins
    Dr. Jim Metzler, Principal Analyst at Ashton, Metzler & Associates, presents a detailed analysis of network organizations’ level of satisfaction with current WAN architecture. Jim discusses the issues experienced with existing Wide Area Network (WAN) transmission services, the general interest in adopting a software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), as well as various related topics such as the differences between a DIY vs. a Managed Services approach.

    Join this webinar to learn more about:
    · Key customer use cases
    · Critical operational issues faced by enterprises
    · Setting up a project team to evaluate SD-WAN options
    · Managing existing WAN contracts
    · Building a business case for adopting a new WAN solution
  • How to Deliver Optimized SD-WAN Segmentation for your Cloud Network
    How to Deliver Optimized SD-WAN Segmentation for your Cloud Network Fan Gu, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, VeloCloud Recorded: May 16 2017 29 mins
    Network segmentation is essential when traffic from different customers and/or business entities must be isolated from each other. Full support for segmentation includes the isolation of management, control and data plane traffic.

    This webinar discusses:
    - Why Enterprise and Service Provider networks require segmentation
    - What is SD-WAN segmentation
    - How VeloCloud segmentation is implemented and optimized
  • How to Optimize Cloud App Performance
    How to Optimize Cloud App Performance Rohan Naggi, Technical Marketing Manager Recorded: May 2 2017 49 mins
    Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN provides enterprises with enhanced application performance by leveraging secure end-to-end SD-WAN overlay tunnels, enabling direct traffic routing to applications hosted in the cloud or a data center, tightly integrating mobile and wired access media, and monitoring network conditions in real-time to govern forwarding decisions that ensure optimal application response time.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    - How to leverage cloud-delivered gateways to enhance application performance and security
    - How cloud applications gain increased performance on mobile devices with an SD-WAN
    - How to monitor and measure the performance of cloud applications
  • Large Scale SD-WAN Deployments: 3 Real-Life Use Cases & Solutions
    Large Scale SD-WAN Deployments: 3 Real-Life Use Cases & Solutions Steve Woo, VP of Product, and Mike Wood, VP of Marketing, VeloCloud Networks Recorded: Apr 19 2017 61 mins
    SD-WAN is becoming the defacto standard for wide area network replacement, migration and greenfield deployment. The questions many very large businesses have are whether SD-WAN is ready for the big time and what are the use cases that matter to them.

    Join Steve Woo and Mike Wood for this webinar where they will reveal three real-life large scale SD-WAN customer deployments, the specific use cases involved and the actual solution deployed.
  • How to Integrate your Software-Defined Network and Cloud Communications
    How to Integrate your Software-Defined Network and Cloud Communications Fan Gu, Sr. Product Manager, VeloCloud Networks Recorded: Mar 16 2017 24 mins
    Voice quality monitoring is essential for anyone, whether Service Provider or Enterprise, with voice deployed in their network. It is an indispensable capability – from either a business or operational viewpoint – in the network infrastructure, and is often costly and complex. VeloCloud VQM allows you to monitor, diagnose and proactively troubleshoot network issues before they impact business-critical voice communications.

    This webinar discusses:

    - The tangible benefits of the VeloCloud VQM solution
    - Explains how VeloCloud integrates VQM with SD-WAN architecture
    - Provides details on the licensing models to enable VeloCloud VQM in your network
    - Diagnosing and solving your voice quality challenges with VeloCloud VQM
  • How to Extend SD-WAN to AWS
    How to Extend SD-WAN to AWS Parag Thakore, Director of Product Management Recorded: Mar 2 2017 26 mins
    Enterprises are trending towards deploying inexpensive Internet broadband links to enable bandwidth-intensive applications, but public transport links are “best-effort”, insecure and susceptible to damaging attacks. A cloud-delivered SD-WAN delivers ubiquitous security and enterprise-grade application performance independent of the transport medium, enabling a cost-effective solution for organizations increasingly moving data center workloads to IaaS, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    In this seminar, you learn ways to reduce operational complexity and optimize application performance to cloud data centers, including:

    - The challenges inherent in access to IaaS workloads such as AWS and Azure
    - Seamlessly including IaaS workloads in your SD-WAN architecture with only a few clicks
    - How to secure and optimize IaaS access in your SD-WAN
    - A live demonstration of cloud-delivered SD-WAN capabilities
  • How to Integrate Cloud Security into SD-WAN
    How to Integrate Cloud Security into SD-WAN Varun Santosh, Manager, Technical Marketing at VeloCloud Networks Recorded: Feb 23 2017 27 mins
    In recent times speed has become the currency of business, and security threats have multiplied and soared in sophistication—often rendering traditional security deployments insufficient or ineffective. Cloud-delivered security provides a great opportunity for enterprises to strengthen security posture, to quickly deploy the latest defense mechanisms, while at the same time reducing latency and costs.

    Join this webinar to learn how to transition to cloud security in a complex distributed enterprise environment, address the challenges and preserve application performance.

    Topics covered include:
    - Challenges faced when introducing cloud security into a legacy network
    - Key considerations to ensure a successful migration
    - A guide to how an SD-WAN solution simplifies the transition from on-premise security to cloud security
  • How to Migrate from Traditional WAN to SD-WAN
    How to Migrate from Traditional WAN to SD-WAN Kangwarn Chinthammit, Director of Deployment, VeloCloud Networks Recorded: Feb 21 2017 32 mins
    Once your enterprise makes the decision to implement SD-WAN, the question arises: how to migrate the network infrastructure with minimal disruption to business operations. Having the right feature set is important, yes, but it is just as critical to come up with the right strategy of connecting the SD-WAN to the existing network.

    Join this webinar to learn

    - Challenges enterprises face during SD-WAN migration
    - Key considerations for a successful SD-WAN deployment
    - Step-by-step guide to transition from a traditional WAN to SD-WAN

    Kangwarn Chinthammit uses real-life customer use cases to discuss the optimal steps to a successful SD-WAN deployment.
  • How to Prepare Your Network for the Cloud
    How to Prepare Your Network for the Cloud Steve Woo, VP of Product and Co-founder Recorded: Feb 2 2017 53 mins
    Enterprise application migration to the cloud is forcing the re-evaluation of traditional WAN architectures. The wide distribution, dynamic nature and public cloud location of these cloud application workloads significantly changes the architectural requirements. Both private network and Internet accessibility must be considered. How can both on-premises and cloud applications be seamlessly incorporated into the same architecture, operational management, and business policies?

    What are the critical ingredients of a WAN architecture to provide the performance, security, reliability and operational efficiency necessitated by these new hybrid or cloud application architectures?

    Join us to learn how SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) can optimally address these new requirements. Gain an understanding of the different approaches - Do It Yourself, Cloud Delivered SD-WAN as a Service, and Managed SD-WAN solutions from service providers.
  • Top Considerations for Deploying SD-WAN in a Large Enterprise
    Top Considerations for Deploying SD-WAN in a Large Enterprise Steve Woo, Co-founder and VP of Products, Michael Wood, VP of Marketing Recorded: Jan 25 2017 61 mins
    Very large and multinational enterprises require SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) solutions that enable them to deploy flexible, secure, high performance WAN connectivity that reliably scales to large numbers and various sizes of distributed branch locations and the cloud. Before embarking on an SD-WAN deployment journey across thousands of branches, you must consider the top factors that impact the efficiency, speed, and, ultimately, the success of your implementation.

    Join this webinar with Steve Woo and Mike Wood as they walk you through the key considerations involved in typical multiple thousand-site SD-WAN roll-outs - and the top best practices of a successful deployment.

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