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  • Ethical Challenges for Today's Practitioner
    Ethical Challenges for Today's Practitioner John F. Raspante, CPA Recorded: Oct 30 2017 94 mins
    • The Codes of Conduct
    • Rulings and Interpretations
    • Requests for records by clients and former clients
    • Ethics in Tax Engagements
    • AU 561
    • Licensees in Industry
    • Ethics Interpretation 101-3
    • Competency
    • Common Ethical Complaints
    • New developments
    • Questions and Answers
  • Avoiding Risk in CPA Firm Mergers
    Avoiding Risk in CPA Firm Mergers Joseph Tarasco and John Raspante Recorded: Jan 18 2017 64 mins
    All mergers and acquisitions (M&A) involve some degree of risk—and carry no guarantees of fulfilling the intended goals and objectives of the transaction. However, using M&A as a growth, talent acquisition, and succession planning strategy is essential and a top priority at most firms.

    The right deal could take your firm to the next level of success provided that you take the proper precautions before and after consummating the transaction.

    This webinar will address avoiding M&A risks and focusing on maximizing the deal’s ROI.

    What we will discuss:
    •Balancing risk in M&A while maximizing ROI
    •Increase ROI and the chances of a successful transaction by assessing the level of risk and avoiding M&A deal traps.
    •Doing what it takes to avoid big risks and placing the emphasis on the deal’s ROI and strategic implications.
    •Determining the right M&A strategic goals and objectives that have the best potential of maximizing ROI and minimizing risk in the future.
    •Avoiding the risk of a terminated transaction after many months of discussions by planning and structuring the deal terms and identifying deal breakers and dissenting partners early in the negotiation stages.
  • Five Cases to Change the Way You Practice
    Five Cases to Change the Way You Practice Gary Kessler, Esq. Recorded: Nov 16 2016 62 mins
    Stay ahead of the game and listen as Attorney Gary Kessler shares details of five cases that will surely make you think twice about some of the practices you have in place at your firm. You will leave this webinar with an understanding of the types of claims that happen to firms like yours.
  • Top Ten Trouble Spots for Accountants
    Top Ten Trouble Spots for Accountants Wilhelm Dingler Recorded: Oct 27 2016 59 mins
    Wilhelm Dingler has provided legal counsel to thousands of professionals over the past 30 years. During this webinar Attorney Dingler will discuss the Top Ten Trouble Spots for Accountants.

    Bookkeeping services.
    Objectivity and personal contact with an audit client.
    Lack of an engagement letter.
    Lack of clarity of the work to be performed.
    Tax advice beyond area of expertise.
    Fiduciary duty claims.
    Lack of internal procedures for follow-up.
    Advising more than one party to a transaction.
    Lack of disclaimers in prepared financial statements.
    Failure to keep current in ones education and training.
  • CIMA TPA Bonding Site
    CIMA TPA Bonding Site Debbie Custis from CIMA Recorded: Sep 30 2016 18 mins
    In an effort to expand our relationship with our family of TPA insureds, we have teamed up with NAPLIA and The Hanover Insurance Group to bring you an online ERISA bonding option for your plan sponsor clients, that's low cost and simple to use.
  • Risk Management Loss Control - Emerging Trends
    Risk Management Loss Control - Emerging Trends Stephanie Sessions Perkins, Esq Recorded: Sep 29 2016 66 mins
    These days it’s not unusual for headlines to highlight matters where professionals such as CPAs are accused of malfeasance in work performed for clients. But, still many CPAs carry liability coverage as a necessary “but I will never really need it” evil that they may carry more out of habit than real risk. You may even think it—meaning lawsuits or claims—can't happen to you. After all, accounting seems like a fairly predictable industry. While that may even be true, even the best practitioners can find themselves caught unaware. In fact, this view can be lethal to a practice. Savvy CPAs know that as the profession expands the services it provides in an effort to compete in a global economy, their exposure may also increase, or at least change. The types of risk simply evolve along the way, and so professionals should be prepared. From information security to new laws and policies, it's critical to stay on top of the trends. While predicting risk trends in an uncertain future is never easy, especially with respect to a profession with such diverse talents and services, this timely and informative webcast will discuss some of the trends giving rise to risk for today's accounting professional, and will also provide you with guidance and suggestions for reducing the likelihood of an engagement problem down the road.

    This program, presented by Stephanie Perkins, a well-seasoned and experienced litigator and risk management advisory counsel to the profession], will help you face the challenge by offering practical risk-management suggestions, such as contract and engagement-letter drafting and guidance on formulating document-retention policies, and we provide consulting services on issues such as electronic documentation and expansion of scope of services. The program will also cover the risks associated with areas such as:
    -Data Protection
    -Engagement Documentation
    -Wealth Transfer
    -Business Engagements
  • Got claims? Just look at the tax side of your practice.
    Got claims? Just look at the tax side of your practice. Ralph G. Picardi, Esq. Recorded: Jun 23 2016 54 mins
    Tax claims are underappreciated by most practitioners.

    Tax claim statistics
    Why the CPA should use tax EL’s
    Sales Tax Claims

    45 minutes plus 15 minutes of questions

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