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  • Got budget? Building the business case for your 2018 GDPR project
    Got budget? Building the business case for your 2018 GDPR project Terry Blake, SureCloud, Nick Rafferty, SureCloud, Michael Rasmussen, GRC 20/20 Recorded: Nov 16 2017 45 mins
    The deadline to comply with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation is May 25, 2018. Non-compliance could result in hefty fines to your company and impact your ability to do business in the EU. With calendar year budget planning now underway, this webinar will help you build the case to fund your GDPR project and gain alignment within your organization. You'll also get a demo of the Cloud-based SureCloud GDPR Suite. Deadline-driven demand will surely drive costs up so the time to act is now to secure both your funding and resources.
  • GDPR - How to embrace PCI’s big brother
    GDPR - How to embrace PCI’s big brother Chief Operations Officer, Nick Rafferty & Head of GRC, Oliver Vistisen Recorded: Aug 23 2017 44 mins
    If your organization stores, processes and transmits cardholder data, PCI’s big brother - the EU General Data Protection Regulation - could affect your ability to do business in the EU.

    Impacted PCI US companies may have EU residents as employees or customers.

    The GDPR has become a primary item on most organizations' agenda this past year, yet a disproportionate amount of focus has fallen on the fines that are set to come in force May 25, 2018.

    We want to take a more optimistic look at the regulation, why it came to be and how it can be a massive opportunity to strengthen your reputation and (re)gain customer confidence. We will also look at how the implementation and ongoing maintenance of compliance can be addressed through an analytical approach to the Articles themselves; the rules of the regulation.

    What attendees will learn:
    • How US ecommerce and other companies involved in payment card transactions can be impacted by the GDPR.
    • Why the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.
    • Why the GDPR is far more than a simple check-box compliance exercise.
    •Why the GDPR is a massive opportunity in disguise for organizations who take it seriously.
    •How the GDPR aims to change company culture by turning risk assessments on their head.
    •An analytical breakdown of the GDPR Articles that uncovers those that are applicable to your organization, and how to tackle these through a risk based approach.
    •Key areas of focus for any GDPR program based on personal and client feedback.
    •How to effectively implement GDPR by expanding upon existing compliance programs and management systems (ISO 27001).
  • Let the countdown begin: What does the GDPR mean for US companies?
    Let the countdown begin: What does the GDPR mean for US companies? Stephen Bailey, Head of Privacy at NCC Group, Terry Blake, SureCloud EVP – North America, and Nick Rafferty, SureCloud COO. Recorded: May 25 2017 60 mins
    Exactly one year from the date of this webinar, the General Data Protection Regulation will take effect in the European Union. The GDPR applies to any organization that stores, processes or transfers the personal data of residents within the EU. It includes organizations located in and outside the EU. Non-compliance can result in fines of more than $20 million or 4% of worldwide revenues, whichever is greater. A recent survey found an alarming percentage of US-based companies are planning to reduce their presence in Europe or exit the European Union altogether rather than deal with the GDPR. Instead of tossing up their hands over the GDPR and going home, strategic US companies can follow the defined steps and adopt software solutions that can bring certainty to these uncertain times. In fact, they see another company’s exit from the EU as a potential opportunity to gain share. The good news is that you’re not too late in getting started to meet the GDPR deadline. But as the countdown begins, urgency escalates. The time to act is now.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    What the GDPR means for you
    How to get started on your journey to compliance
    How the SureCloud GDPR Applications Suite can help you gain and demonstrate compliance and continuously improve your performance

    Agenda includes plenty of time to address your questions.
  • Third Party Risk: Gaining certainty amid a web of global relationships
    Third Party Risk: Gaining certainty amid a web of global relationships Michael Rasmussen, GRC Analyst at GRC 20/20 and SureCloud's COO, Nick Rafferty Recorded: Apr 6 2017 56 mins
    In today’s interconnected world, organizations struggle to adequately govern risk in third party business relationships. Over half of the organization’s insiders are no longer traditional employees. Insiders now include suppliers, vendors, outsourcers, service providers, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, temporary workers, agents, brokers, dealers, intermediaries, and more. Third party problems are the organization’s problems that directly impact brand, reputation, compliance, strategy, and risk to the organization.

    Join Michael Rasmussen, The GRC Pundit of GRC 20/20, and Nick Rafferty, SureCloud COO, to get an expert view of the challenges companies face and how to gain certainty amid an uncertain web of complex, global relationships.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    Why fragmented approaches to third party governance are doomed to fail
    How inadequate resources can’t keep up with growing risk and regulations
    How document, spreadsheet and email-centric approaches lack current-state analyses and audit trails
    Amid a challenging environment, what to do today by defining a strategy and adopting a single-version-of-the-truth software solution.
    How SureCloud's unique GRC Platform and its Third Party Risk Manager Application can strengthen your assessment process

    Agenda includes plenty of time to address your questions.
  • Data Transfers under the EU GDPR - do you need to comply?
    Data Transfers under the EU GDPR - do you need to comply? GDPR Expert at White & Case LLP, Tim Hickman and CEO Richard Hibbert at SureCloud Recorded: Mar 15 2017 60 mins
    Many organisations transfer personal data across borders to both EU and non-EU recipients. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) imposes strict rules about how such data should be transferred, and applies to many unsuspecting non-EU organisations.

    Join Tim Hickman, GDPR Expert at White & Case LLP and Richard Hibbert, SureCloud CEO, to get the legal perspective on personal data transfers under the GDPR, and practical guidance on how this issue affects your business.

    In this webinar we will:

    Explain what constitutes a data transfer (you may be surprised).

    Identify the different types of data transfer (e.g., internal transfers within a corporate group; external transfers to service providers; etc.) and examine the implications for businesses.

    Examine the pros and cons of each data transfer mechanism (example consent, adequacy, Model Clauses, Binding Corporate Rules, etc.).

    Provide hints and tips on how organisations can prepare for data transfers under the EU GDPR.

    Discuss how SureCloud GDPR Suite can help you achieve compliance with data transfer regulations
  • Ready for GDPR? Learn about challenges and ways to comply
    Ready for GDPR? Learn about challenges and ways to comply CEO Richard Hibbert & Head of Products, Oliver Vistisen Recorded: Feb 1 2017 45 mins
    The GDPR comes into force 25 May 2018 and this will have a significant impact on the way in which organisations collect, process and share data. Companies that fail to prepare for the GDPR risk incurring hefty fines of 20m euros or 4% of world-wide revenues, whichever is greatest. As such all organisations need a strategy for GDPR. By implementing a structured approach through the use of cloud-based applications, organisations will be able to effectively achieve and maintain compliance.

    In this webinar we will: explore the key provisions of GDPR, examine the challenges organisations are facing with the new rules, provide guidance for Risk Managers, Compliance Leaders and other IT Professionals on how to approach these challenges, then demonstrate how our cloud-based GDPR Applications Suite can provide effective solutions that ensure your business can achieve and maintain compliance.
  • What is Ransomware and why it's time to simulate an attack?
    What is Ransomware and why it's time to simulate an attack? Luke Potter (Security Practice Director) & Elliott Thompson (Security Consultant) Recorded: Jan 31 2017 35 mins
    Learn how to detect, prevent and mitigate ransomware attacks. Our experts will cover: the current mitigation strategies, how they are bypassed and why, how attackers perform directly targeted attacks and why it's time for organisations to simulate their own attacks.
  • [Cybersecurity] Our Indigenous Apps: Securing Critical Business Data
    [Cybersecurity] Our Indigenous Apps: Securing Critical Business Data Senior Security Consultant, Christopher Cooper Recorded: Dec 6 2016 29 mins
    Despite the rise of the cloud and increased reliance on web applications, native desktop applications are still highly relevant and often the delivery method of choice in enterprise IT. As penetration testers, we still see a number of very poorly architected native applications being used to protect extremely sensitive information.

    This webcast will discuss some of the core issues relating to native desktop applications, why they are so frequent, and the severe impact that their insecurity can cause.

    In the 2017 threat landscape, we propose that these flaws are not going away, and the industry isn't currently in a position to help developers resolve them effectively.
  • [Security Strategy] Risk Manager for IRAM2 Application
    [Security Strategy] Risk Manager for IRAM2 Application COO, Nick Rafferty & Head of Products, Oliver Vistisen Recorded: Nov 17 2016 46 mins
    SureCloud has worked with key ISF community members to develop an application (Risk Manager for IRAM2) that helps to consolidate the IRAM2 risk assessment process.

    This application complements the ISF's world class methodology that help risk practitioners as well as other business and technology leaders to apply a simple, practical, rigorous approach to managing risks.
  • Policy-driven, Risk-based Security
    Policy-driven, Risk-based Security Audrey Gilchrist - GRC Team Leader at SureCloud and Amanda Ewing - Security Assurance Manager at Dentsu Aegis Network Recorded: May 11 2016 19 mins
    Policy is the corner stone of any risk-based security programme. Policies are put in place not only to govern the way organisations operate, but also to mitigate risks, and as such require board level backing and sign-off. Yet when it comes to security programmes information risk, both internally and externally, is often presented in terms un-meaningful to the board of directors. Using real world example, this session will present a model for effective risk-based security that engages senior executives.

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