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  • Build AI and ML in the Cloud and Reduce IoT Solution Costs with Azure IoT Edge
    Build AI and ML in the Cloud and Reduce IoT Solution Costs with Azure IoT Edge Arjmand Samuel, Principal Program Manager , Microsoft; Chipalo Street, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Recorded: Mar 20 2018 53 mins
    In today’s connected world, devices and data can be found far outside traditional data centers or offices, in places like oil wells, hospitals or factory floors. For these businesses, connectivity can be expensive and unreliable and get in the way of implementing effective IoT solutions.

    Azure IoT Edge is a service that allows cloud intelligence to run on your IoT devices locally. With Azure IoT Edge, you can deploy cloud workloads such as Artificial Intelligence, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Functions or custom code via containers directly on your IoT device to enable real-time insights.

    Curious to learn more? Join us in this webinar, presented by IoT engineering experts, to learn:

    - Why and when you should use edge computing as important part of your IoT solution
    - How to get started with Azure IoT Edge
    - How to create and deploy containers using IoT Edge portal
    - Securing your edge devices and solution
  • Migrate to Azure with Windows Containers
    Migrate to Azure with Windows Containers Cesar de la Torre, Sr. Program Manager, .NET team, Microsoft Recorded: Mar 13 2018 59 mins
    Join us for a webinar on how to approach the modernization of your existing.NET Framework web or service-oriented applications. App modernization, commonly referred to as “lift and shift”, is the action of moving a workload to a newer or more modern environment without altering the application's code and basic architecture.

    We’ll examine how to move your existing .NET Framework server-applications directly to Azure by modernizing specific areas, without re-architecting or recoding entire applications.

    We’ll also highlight the benefits of moving your apps to the cloud and partially modernizing apps by using a specific set of new technologies and approaches, like Windows Containers and orchestrators in Azure.

    At the end of the hour, you’ll see:

    - An intro to the cloud migration maturity levels (Cloud-Infrastructure Ready, Cloud-DevOps Ready and Cloud-Optimized)
    - How to containerize existing .NET Framework apps with Windows Containers (e.g., -
    - Monolithic WebForms and ASP.NET MVC web apps)
    - Deploying and running your containerized app into an Azure VM
    - Deploying and running your containerized app into Orchestrators in Azure (Kubernetes and Service Fabric)
    - DevOps and CI/CD pipelines in VSTS deploying to the same environments in Azure
    - Demos for each scenario
  • Simplify teamwork with Microsoft Teams
    Simplify teamwork with Microsoft Teams Janeann Perkins, Microsoft Recorded: Mar 8 2018 81 mins
    A customizable hub for effective teams

    The way people work together is changing. Users struggle to manage multiple logins as well as share and discover information, while IT experts face the threat of shadow applications creeping in and threatening security and compliance. The combination of unique workstyles, colleagues from different generations, and collaborators with differing expectations necessitates a universal toolkit for teamwork.
    Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365, integrating with Office 365 apps and consolidating the tools you and your colleagues use to get things done.
    Join this webinar to:
    Find out how Teams facilitates chat, calls, and meetings for modern collaboration.
    Discover how you can leverage the enterprise security, compliance, and manageability of Office 365 to reach your objectives.
    See how you can customize and extend your Microsoft Teams experience with updates from the apps you use every day.
  • Digital Transformation with the Microsoft Cloud
    Digital Transformation with the Microsoft Cloud James Phillips, Microsoft, Judson Althoff, Microsoft Recorded: Mar 6 2018 76 mins
    In this session, learn about Microsoft’s vision and strategy for helping companies transform, Microsoft’s own digital transformation, as well as that of innovative customer Otis Elevator Company.

    You’ll see impactful demonstrations illustrating innovative use cases in sales, service, and marketing, including insight on our partnership with Adobe and LinkedIn and how we're changing the way companies work.
  • Marketing to the Future: Roadmap to Digital Transformation [Panel Discussion]
    Marketing to the Future: Roadmap to Digital Transformation [Panel Discussion] Grad Conn, Microsoft; Rishi Dave D&B; Paul Herman, Sprinklr Recorded: Mar 6 2018 43 mins
    Join Grad Conn, Marketing Visionary and Thought Leader, who will challenge you and your organization to do business differently.

    This session includes a panel discussion with our latest partners; D&B and Sprinklr. Rishi Dave CMO, Dun & Bradstreet and Paul Herman, VP, Product and Solutions Enablement Group, Sprinklr sit down with Grad to discuss the critical role that the Microsoft partner ecosystem plays in the cross-industry digital transformation journey.

    You won't want to miss a beat!
  • Kubernetes on Azure: Simplify the Deployment, Management, & Operations with AKS
    Kubernetes on Azure: Simplify the Deployment, Management, & Operations with AKS Gabe Monroy, Lead PM, Azure Containers Recorded: Mar 6 2018 36 mins
    Running applications in the cloud can feel daunting without the right platform to help you manage and operate them effectively. Container technology has grown in popularity to help address this challenge, including the use of an orchestrator to help deploy, scale, and operate application containers across clusters of hosts to ensure they run as intended. Kubernetes has become the defacto standard to manage containers due to its functionality and most importantly the fact it has a large open source following.

    Join this webinar to learn:

    - The benefits of using containers in your cloud strategy
    - Why Kubernetes is a great choice for managing containerized applications
    - How easy it is to implement AKS – Azure Container Service
  • Keynote: Digital Predator or Digital Prey?
    Keynote: Digital Predator or Digital Prey? Nigel Fenwick, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester Recorded: Mar 6 2018 49 mins
    According to a recent MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte University Press report, Aligning the Organization for Its Digital Focus, nearly 90% of more than 3,700 business executives, managers and analysts from around the globe say they anticipate their industries will be moderately or greatly disrupted by digital trends. Yet less than half (44%) currently believe their organization is adequately preparing for this digital disruption.

    In this keynote, Vice President and Principal Analyst of Forrester will reveal six key strategies to drive new customer value and revenue, and challenge your thinking to ensure your companies survive as “predator”, not “prey”.
  • Transform calls and meetings with intelligent communications
    Transform calls and meetings with intelligent communications Dominique Dennihy-Bailey Lead Trainer BrainStorm Recorded: Mar 2 2018 58 mins
    Harnessing intelligence for smoother meetings
    As organizations evolve to use more collaboration and communication tools, the promises of artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming real. Meanwhile, organizations are gaining massive amounts of intelligence through the Microsoft Graph. What if businesses could harness the intelligence of cognitive services, machine learning, and the Microsoft Graph to give teams a better way to collaborate and communicate, thereby changing the very nature of calling and meeting experiences? This vision of intelligent, informed communication and collaboration is now possible.
    Join this webinar to:
    Discover how Microsoft is delivering on the vision of intelligent communications.
    Learn what changes your organization already has the ability to make.
    Find out how to assess what intelligent communications mean for your unique business and needs.
  • Improve government security
    Improve government security Dean Iacovelli, Microsoft Recorded: Mar 2 2018 60 mins
    Shift your strategy for a more nimble cybersecurity approach
    Why does security feel like the most frustrating challenge in government IT? In part because security in a cloud-first, mobile-first world calls for new approaches. Data is accessed, used, and shared on-premises and in the cloud, erasing traditional security boundaries. During this webinar, we'll take a look at cybersecurity trends and introduce some resulting strategy shifts that can help government organizations detect and respond to attacks while making faster, more coordinated overall cybersecurity decisions.
  • Amplifying Human Ingenuity with Intelligent Technology
    Amplifying Human Ingenuity with Intelligent Technology Giampaolo Battaglia (Product Marketing Manger), Paul Stubbs, AI Product Marketing, Microsoft Recorded: Feb 27 2018 62 mins
    Microsoft Cognitive Services helps day-to-day developers create powerful applications with the capability to think and process information like humans. Learn first-hand about Microsoft Cognitive Services and how you can easily build customer-facing AI applications with Vision, Language, Speech, Knowledge and Search functionality.

    We will also provide an overview of the Cognitive Services API collection (30 APIs), share how customers are using Cognitive Services APIs today and provide demonstrations of how powerful these APIs can be when combined with real world applications.

    Specifically, you’ll see:

    - Our collection of 30 APIs and how to get started in minutes
    - A real-world demo of using AI to solve business problems
    - All the API Keys you can take advantage of, falling under Vision, Speech, Language Knowledge and Search and how to leverage these to innovate your existing technologies.

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