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  • Office 365 Security Best Practices
    Office 365 Security Best Practices Rob Sobers Recorded: Jun 25 2018 53 mins
    Office 365 is dominating the cloud, yet its native security lacks unified controls required to protect the billions of sensitive files that flow between internal storage and the cloud. Learn why cloud-centric security is not enough, where built-in Office 365 security features fall short and how to enhance Office 365 security with Varonis.
  • How Security Teams Use Varonis
    How Security Teams Use Varonis Adrian Pinderhuges Recorded: Jun 20 2018 58 mins
    Want inside tips on how to get the most out of DatAlert?
    Join and learn how to use DatAlert through and through - from understanding the dashboard and user alerts to prioritizing your investigations.
  • Where Does CyberSecurity Preparedness Fall Short? Lessons from the DoJ
    Where Does CyberSecurity Preparedness Fall Short? Lessons from the DoJ John Carlin Recorded: May 9 2017 73 mins
    From the hack of SONY Entertainment, to Russian interference in the 2016 election, John Carlin led investigations into these breaches and was responsible for protecting the nation against terrorism, espionage, and cyber and other national security threats.

    John's days of chasing cyber-terrorists for the DOJ as Assistant Attorney General for National Security might be over, but he’s joining us to share an insider’s perspective on cyber threats in the public and private sector.

    Where cybersecurity preparedness falls short (public and private sector)
    Practical takeaways to meet the cybersecurity needs of C-Suite executives
    How to manage the evolving threat landscape - and what you can do to stay secure
  • GDPR Is Coming - Are You Ready?
    GDPR Is Coming - Are You Ready? William Priestly Recorded: May 9 2017 34 mins
    The GDPR is uniform law across the EU and beyond, with new
    requirements for documenting IT procedures, performing
    risk assessments, rules on breach notifications, and
    tighter data minimization – establishing a single law to
    enforce European data protection rules and regulation
    and the right to personal data protection.

    Watch our webinar & learn:
    The new requirements of the adopted GDPR
    How to address the challenges and implement the changes
    The consequences of non-compliance (and how to avoid them)
    How the Varonis DSP helps you meet these requirements.
  • Are You Prepared to Identify & Defend Against Ransomware?
    Are You Prepared to Identify & Defend Against Ransomware? Mo Abdullahi Recorded: Apr 21 2017 37 mins
    Ransomware’s showing no signs of slowing down – and neither are we!

    We'll teach you about ransomware, how you can protect your data AND demonstrate why Varonis customers have some of the fastest response times in the industry.

    Attend our Webinar to discover:

    Warning signs of an impending ransomware attack
    The most recent ransomware threats (Cryptolocker & its variants, Zcrypt, Locky, and more)
    How Varonis customers:
    Use DatAlert to detect suspicious behavior and insider threats
    Stay up-to-date defending against the latest ransomware variants
    Discover which files were affected and how to recover quickly
  • 6 Steps to HIPAA Compliance & Ransomware Protection
    6 Steps to HIPAA Compliance & Ransomware Protection Kilian Englert Recorded: Apr 6 2017 58 mins
    Ransomware strains are targeting healthcare providers knowing they will pay to reduce life-threating downtime. Even if the data is restored, do you need to report it as a breach? Were you in violation of HIPAA data protection laws?

    Don’t put your reputation and patients at risk! Join our HIPAA expert as he outlines a compliance program that also protects against ransomware attacks.

    Our educational webinar focuses on:

    The anatomy of HIPAA including the final omnibus rule
    How to identify and protect ePHI
    The risks and penalties of non-compliance
    New strains of ransomware, including their behavior and entry methods
    A step-by-step plan for HIPAA compliance and ransomware defense
  • Cryptolocker - Ransomware Remediation
    Cryptolocker - Ransomware Remediation Owen Beesley, Sales Engineer, UK Recorded: Oct 20 2015 35 mins
    Want to successfully detect and react to Cryptolocker infections?

    Join us for an informative, actionable webinar that discusses:

    What Cryptolocker does once it breaches your security

    Steps for limiting the scope of what can be encrypted

    File access activity that indicates a Cryptolocker breach

    How to correct what you detect faster with automation
  • 6 Steps for Preventing Insider Threats
    6 Steps for Preventing Insider Threats Rob Sobers, Director of Inbound Marketing, Varonis Recorded: Aug 25 2015 55 mins
    Target lost 40,000,000 records in 2014 in a breach that cost them $148 million dollars. Ouch. They had lots of fancy tools watching the perimeter, but fell short when it came to securing insider access.

    Protecting against insider threats, whether malicious or accidental, is extremely difficult, especially when 71% of employees say that they have access to information they aren’t supposed to see.

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