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(ISC)² EMEA Secure Webinars

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  • PCI DSS 3.2 - Are You Ready?
    PCI DSS 3.2 - Are You Ready? Adrian Davis, Managing Director, (ISC)² EMEA, Mor Ahuvia, IAM Product Marketing Manager, Gemalto Recorded: Oct 19 2017 59 mins
    The February 2018 deadline for complying with PCI DSS 3.2 is fast looming. Most of the new requirements in the latest PCI DSS guidelines are focused on the need to extend multi-factor authentication (MFA) to additional use cases and user groups within organisations who handle Credit Card Data. From February 2018 onwards, all individuals who access systems such as databases, network modules and email servers which hold credit card data will be required to authenticate themselves with MFA.
    Join (ISC)² EMEA and Gemalto to learn:
    - What’s new in PCI DSS 3.2
    - How to effectively map PCI DSS MFA requirements to business use cases and user groups in your organisations
    - Best practices for organisations that need to extend their MFA footprints to additional use cases, and for those that are starting to think about how to comply with PCI DSS’s authentication requirements.
  • Part 2: Security control quick wins that help achieve clarity for GDPR
    Part 2: Security control quick wins that help achieve clarity for GDPR Adrian Davis, Jeremy King, Andrew Barrett, Chris Strand Recorded: Oct 10 2017 63 mins
    Organisations apply many cybersecurity controls to help measure and maintain data security and regulatory compliance. Several are purposeful and list requirements that are subjective in how to employ them and how to meet their unique business risk strategy. This can often make it difficult to create a baseline security control strategy that will meet new regulations as they are introduced.

    In this session, the expert panel will discuss specific security controls that can be used to provide clarity, and measure for any data security and protection programme including the GDPR. Considerable focus and examples will be drawn from prescriptive data security standards such as the PCI DSS, (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), and how leveraging such standards can help to create a security control strategy to meet and measure continuous data security compliance.

    Webinar attendees will take away many practical examples, solutions, and anecdotes on how their businesses can alleviate the pressures of employing the right security controls to protect GDPR-defined data, meet compliance and prove security control efficacy.

    Panel Experts:
    Jeremy King, ‎International Director, PCI Security Standards Council
    Andrew Barrett, International / Managing Principal Application validation, Coalfire
    Christopher Strand, Sr. Director Compliance Strategy, Carbon Black
    Moderator: Adrian Davis, Managing Director, (ISC)² EMEA

    To listen to Part 1 of this session, paste the following URL into your browser: https://www.isc2.org/News-and-Events/Webinars/EMEA-Webinars/Focused-Webinars?commid=260091
  • Phishing Response: Stop the Chaos
    Phishing Response: Stop the Chaos Adrian Davis, Managing Director, (ISC)² EMEA, John ‘Lex’ Robinson, Marcel Feller, PhishMe Recorded: Oct 3 2017 62 mins
    During a survey recently conducted among security professionals, 90% said phishing is the #1 threat. Yet many acknowledged they’re unprepared to deal with phishing attacks.

    Attend this webinar to learn why responders are drowning in emails instead of hunting real threats. See why they’re betting on automation whilst we know, tech alone won’t stop threats from getting through and wreaking serious havoc. Learn what rapid changes and investments your peers are planning to turn the tide against phishing and protect their organisations.

    You will also find out:
    •How bad is the phishing threat?
    •How confident are companies in their phishing responses?
    •What solutions are companies using—and which ones should they add?
    •How can automation and technology help? Why are humans important, too?
  • A Day in the Life of a GDPR Breach
    A Day in the Life of a GDPR Breach Adrian Davis, (ISC)² EMEA, Matthias Maier, Elizabeth Davies, Splunk Recorded: Sep 21 2017 62 mins
    You’re a CIO, CISO or DPO - and you’ve been woken up in the middle of the night because personal data held by your organisation has been discovered for sale on the dark web. This disclosure puts the privacy of your customers at risk. What do you do next?

    Join this session to learn about the impact of GDPR and go through a breach investigation and response scenario as it would be after GDPR comes into effect in May 2018. You’ll hear from Splunk’s Data Privacy Officer Elizabeth Davies and Splunk’s Security Ninja Matthias Maier.

    What you will learn:
    - What breach response will look like under the GDPR
    - What tools and processes a data privacy officer will rely on in case of a breach
    - What departments and entities will be involved beyond IT
    - What activities are currently happening within organisations to prepare for the GDPR
    - What the consequences of the breach could be
  • Cognitive Security in Action: Watson at Wimbledon
    Cognitive Security in Action: Watson at Wimbledon Adrian Davis, Managing Director, (ISC)² EMEA, Mike Spradbery, IBM's UK & Ireland Security Technical Leader Recorded: Sep 20 2017 60 mins
    Cognitive Security has game-changing potential to help tackle cybercrime, but how is this playing out in reality? In February this year IBM announced Watson for Cyber Security, described as 'the industry’s first augmented intelligence technology designed to power cognitive Security Operations Centres'. What do customers say about their experiences working with Watson for Cyber Security and how is it helping security analysts improve response times?

    Mike Spradbery, IBM's UK&I Security Technical Leader, will discuss not only the promise of Watson for Cyber Security but the client results that IBM is seeing. Mike will talk live to Brian Jensen, the analyst responsible for Cyber Security during the high-profile Wimbledon tennis tournament, to understand the scale and type of attacks the team saw, and how innovative new technologies like Watson for Cyber Security helped the team keep Wimbledon safe and secure.
  • The Next Generation CISO: How to Find and Train Tomorrow's Security Executives
    The Next Generation CISO: How to Find and Train Tomorrow's Security Executives Adrian Davis, (ISC)² EMEA, Sam Curry Chief Security Officer, Cybereason Recorded: Sep 7 2017 62 mins
    Somewhere out there, in a market crowded by over-qualified workers deluged by job offers, the next generation of CISOs is maturing. But how can CISOs train tomorrow’s security executives when today’s well-known security talent deficit makes it difficult to fill even the most basic roles?
    Retaining cyber professionals isn’t just a matter of offering the biggest salary — it requires getting creative with cross-training, hands-on experience and developing collaborative solutions with fellow CISOs.
    Watch the webinar with Sam Curry, Cybereason Chief Security Officer, to explore strategies for identifying and developing the next generation — including your own replacement.
  • Guarding Against Mobile Malware, How to Avoid the Next Big Threat
    Guarding Against Mobile Malware, How to Avoid the Next Big Threat Adrian Davis, Managing Director, (ISC)² EMEA, Stephen McCormack, Mobile Security Leader, IBM MaaS360 Recorded: Sep 5 2017 62 mins
    In the wake of global ransomware attacks targeted mainly at Windows desktop and laptop devices, this webinar will discuss an often-overlooked threat: the mobilization of malware and ransomware. Whether through malign apps, poorly written code, corrupt e-mail profiles or disreputable websites, there are a range of avenues of attack open to hackers who might choose to target smart devices.
    To date, attacks on mobile devices have been mostly on a small scale, targeting individual user devices and data. But is a big attack waiting in the long grass? Will the next WannaCry or Petya target mobiles, and how can you protect yourself?
  • The IR Boost: How Cyber Hunting Enhances Incident Response
    The IR Boost: How Cyber Hunting Enhances Incident Response Nathaniel Ford, (ISC)² EMEA, Clifton Slater, Lital Asher-Dotan, Cybereason Recorded: Aug 31 2017 51 mins
    Incident response has become increasingly complicated. According to a recent report, 67% of security professionals believe that incident response is more difficult today than it was two years ago. This is due to the numbers of IT activities and security alerts, and the need for advanced IR skills.
    This webinar will explore a new and unexpected boost to incident response, coming from the integration of threat hunting methodologies.
    Israel Barak, Cybereason CISO and an Incident Response expert, will chat with Lital Asher-Dotan, Senior Director of Content, about:
    - The latest challenges faced by IR professionals
    - Threat hunting and its benefits for IR
    - Specific examples in which threat hunting leveled up IR practices
  • Guide to your (ISC)² Membership in EMEA: Benefits, Maintenance & Opportunities
    Guide to your (ISC)² Membership in EMEA: Benefits, Maintenance & Opportunities Nathaniel Ford, Moderator (ISC)² EMEA, Membership Services, (ISC)² EMEA Recorded: Aug 21 2017 49 mins
    Are you an (ISC)² member with questions about your certification and member benefits, or want to keep in touch with (ISC)² news in EMEA? Are you thinking about joining, and curious to hear more about what membership means and how (ISC)² can help you?

    Join the Guide to Your (ISC)² Membership in EMEA webinar to learn more about these topics and others including:
    - CPE opportunities, member benefits and getting involved
    - Updates on (ISC)² news, developments and changes in your region
    - Your membership requirements summarized
    - Who are the (ISC)² EMEA team and how we can help you
    - Focus discussions
    - Q&A session
  • Reduce Security Vulnerabilities in Enterprise Applications
    Reduce Security Vulnerabilities in Enterprise Applications Mike Pittenger, VP of Security Strategy, Black Duck Software, Adrian Davis, Managing Director, (ISC)² EMEA Recorded: Aug 17 2017 61 mins
    Would you leave sensitive data out in the open making yourself a target to thieves looking for a victim? That is exactly what your business is doing if it fails to identify vulnerabilities in their business applications. Cyber attackers are looking at your business applications for security vulnerabilities so they can get access and wreak havoc. It’s time to find and fix security vulnerabilities before the hackers do. Wondering where to start and what to do? This webinar will help you build a comprehensive plan to minimize threats and protect your company. Join this webinar to hear application security experts: Discuss methods for scanning & evaluating potential security vulnerabilities in out-of-the box and home grown business applications Teach methods for quickly detecting and eradicating software flaws Make recommendations for how to choose and implement vulnerability scanning tools Explain how to reduce security vulnerabilities during internal application development Examine the widespread use of open-source code and how it may expose your business to security threats

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