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  • Not all clouds are created equal: finding the right fit for your business
    Not all clouds are created equal: finding the right fit for your business
    Iain Mobberley, Technology Director and Dean Gardner, Enterprise Architect Recorded: Jul 20 2016 42 mins
    What is the right cloud for your business? Private vs Public vs Hybrid vs Multi-Cloud?

    How do you realise the ‘art of the possible’ to get the most out of what’s available whilst managing risk and the impact to IT and the wider business?
    How do you truly drive innovation and digital transformation for your business?

    From experience we know that if you follow a structured process you will get success from the cloud. But in reality what does this process look like? And what types of challenges and benefits are you likely to meet along the way?

    Attend our 30 minute webinar to hear a cross section of views – from our Technology Director who regularly discusses strategy and business drivers at C-Suite level, one of our leading Enterprise Architects who takes customers along this process from beginning to end and one of our customers who has recently completed this process.

    The analysts are now talking about the next phase or decade of cloud, about how it will drive innovations such as IoT, 3D printing and smart machines. But if you don't get the foundations right now, how will you achieve success from these in the future? Hear insights to help you create the right foundations for your business to meet these demands head on.
  • How cloud technology is enabling business change
    How cloud technology is enabling business change
    Mark Skelton, Head of Software Services, OCSL and Oliver Hawkins, Technology Strategist, OCSL Recorded: Apr 21 2016 39 mins
    Everyone’s heard of Cloud technology. But what does this overused term actually mean in reality for businesses today? And for the future? How is it really solving business problems and challenges?

    In reality ‘moving to the Cloud’ isn’t really about adopting a new technology, its about changing your business. But how does this impact your IT team? What does it drive in terms of change both within the IT function and across the wider business?

    This is not about traditional ‘lift and shift’: it’s about transforming businesses, moving from a server centric to a service centric approach. The IT function needs to define its service catalogue: what do you offer, how do you deliver your services, what is enabled via the cloud.

    Attend our 30 minute webinar to gain insight into the steps you will need to take and what you and your business will need to think about to achieve this business transformation. All based on real-life customers examples.

    Both of our presenters have a wealth of experience in understanding customer’s business needs, then identifying solutions that will ensure these needs are met both today and into the future.
  • Insights into achieving Tomorrow’s Business Today
    Insights into achieving Tomorrow’s Business Today
    Mark Skelton, Head of Software Services and Oliver Hawkins, Technology Strategist at OCSL Recorded: Feb 12 2016 26 mins
    Cloud-based Technology Trends: How will they impact your business?
    In OCSL’s latest Webinar our technology experts, Mark and Olly, take you on a lightning-quick tour of the latest cloud-based technology trends. In just over 20 minutes, get an up-to-date overview and inspirational ideas from our bite-sized case studies.

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