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  • Securing O365 Using AI-based Advanced Threat Protection
    Securing O365 Using AI-based Advanced Threat Protection Mike Bruchanski, Director of Product Management - Platform, Cylance & Karthik Venna, Product Manager, Bitglass Recorded: May 24 2017 40 mins
    Office 365 has garnered widespread adoption from enterprises due to its advantages such as ease of deployment, lower TCO, and high scalability. Additionally, it enables end-users to work and collaborate from anywhere and on any device. Although Office 365 enables IT to shift the burden for app and infrastructure to the cloud vendor, data security remains the responsibility of the enterprise. Given the limitations of native malware protection on Office 365, should the enterprise rely on Office 365 to protect their data from malware and ransomware?

    Join Bitglass and Cylance for a discussion on malware protection solutions for Office 365. We will cover the limitations of native Office 365 malware protection as well as the benefits of AI and machine learning based approaches. We will wrap up the session by discussing how CASBs, with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) capabilities, are uniquely positioned to protect cloud apps and end-points from malware attacks and proliferation.
  • How Cylance Prevents Ransomware Attacks
    How Cylance Prevents Ransomware Attacks Brian Robison, Senior Director, Technical Marketing at Cylance® Recorded: May 4 2017 56 mins
    Many of our customers sought out Cylance because it is highly effective in preventing ransomware attacks. We have learned firsthand how ransomware is affecting organizations of all sizes, and across all industries. In this live demonstration, Brian Robison, Senior Director, Technical Marketing at Cylance® will show how ransomware works. He will launch several attacks on unprotected machines to deliver a real-world view into how ransomware compromises systems, and how Cylance prevents ransomware attacks.

    Brian will provide a live demonstration of CylancePROTECT® blocking attacks, and will discuss:

    •Different ransomware types
    •Delivery methods, including drive-by downloads and fileless malware
    •Why launching attacks is cheap and easy with ransomware-as-a service
    •How Cylance prevents both file-level and disk-level encryption
  • Top Reasons Why Your Antivirus Isn’t Working Anymore
    Top Reasons Why Your Antivirus Isn’t Working Anymore Ed Metcalf, Director of Product Marketing and Brian Robison, Senior Director of Field Technical Marketing at Cylance Recorded: Mar 23 2017 68 mins
    Are you weary from fighting malware, ransomware, and other threats that your ineffective and tired antivirus software can’t stop?

    If so, join us for our webinar, “Top Reasons Why Your Antivirus Isn’t Working Anymore” to hear why it’s time to rise up and overthrow traditional, reactive antivirus solutions in favor of proactive endpoint protection powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

    During this webinar, you will see a live demo of AI in action with CylancePROTECT®, and cover the key reasons why your current antivirus solution probably isn’t working anymore:

    - It’s Reactive: Legacy, signature-based antivirus products cannot prevent malware from executing. Cylance AI technology protects before the machine is infected.
    - It’s Ineffective: Legacy security tools perform at a 70 – 90% success rate. Cylance routinely performs with near perfect efficacy, at 99%+.
    - It’s Burdensome: On average, traditional endpoint security products use 50% to over 70% of CPU cycles during intensive scans. CylancePROTECT is outstandingly lightweight at just 1% – 3% CPU utilization.
    - It’s Costly: Signature-based antivirus solutions impact the bottom line with more layers of unproductive technology. Cylance protects with a single agent and a single cloud-based management tool, and that translates into big cost savings.
  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Endpoint Protection
    The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Endpoint Protection Chris Sherman, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research & Malcom Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officers at Cylance Recorded: Feb 22 2017 57 mins
    Learn how next-generation endpoint technologies can prevent up to 99.4% of all attacks. In addition, you’ll receive information about how to build a better, more advanced threat prevention program with the fundamentally different approach of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.
  • Think Like a CISO: Risk Management for Advanced Threats
    Think Like a CISO: Risk Management for Advanced Threats Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security & Trust Officer, Cylance & Steven Young, CISO, Blue Shield of CA Recorded: Feb 8 2017 59 mins
    Watch this webinar discussion with Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cylance® and Steven Young, Chief Information Security Officer at Blue Shield of California, in which they discuss the fundamental first steps of developing a sound security foundation for your organization based on the first chapter of Harkins’ book, Managing Risk for Information Security: Protect to Enable.

    Webinar topics discussed:

    1. Issues that pervasiveness of technology causes in our business lives
    2. Building trust by ensuring data is secure and private
    3. Keeping the company legal: the regulatory flood, including privacy and financial regulations
    4. Rapid proliferation of information, devices, and things
    5. The changing threat landscape, including advanced persistent threats
    6. Nine irrefutable laws of information risk
    7. A new approach to managing risk and what should be Included in the approach

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