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  • Fighting CNP Fraud: 5 Things to Consider with iovation
    Fighting CNP Fraud: 5 Things to Consider with iovation
    Eddie Glenn Recorded: Apr 27 2016 32 mins
    With the rise of online and mobile transactions, device fingerprinting is a known effective tool in fighting CNP fraud over the past decade. Today’s retailers need to consider how they can utilize the information within the device fingerprint to help detect fraud before a transaction occurs.

    In this on-demand webinar, iovation’s Eddie Glenn explains how the Global Device Intelligence Platform delivers device insight and fraud prevention management tools to combat CNP fraud: ​

    * How to leverage a global device intelligence network to fight CNP fraud
    * Why separating user identity from device identity is imperative when fighting fraud
    * What to look for when selecting a global device intelligence solution
  • Authentifusion: Clarifying the Future of User Authentication
    Authentifusion: Clarifying the Future of User Authentication
    Michael Thelander Recorded: Mar 16 2016 53 mins
    iovation hosted webinar: In January, PwC’s The Global State of Information Security declared its top 8 goals for 2016. Among these it asserted CISOs need to focus on “Replacing passwords with advanced authentication.” With terms like advanced authentication being thrown into a mix that already includes adaptive, contextual, behavioral, risk-based, multifactor and dozens more, it’s easy to give up and let confusion reign over the authentication space. And the idea of replacing passwords altogether? Is that even possible?

    In this on demand webinar, iovation’s Michael Thelander will clarify the authentication landscape and make sense of a rapidly evolving field that brings together the needs of both information security and fraud prevention teams.

    You’ll learn:

    * What analysts like PwC mean by “advanced security,” and what it might provide
    * Some ways password-less authentication might be achieved at scale
    * How different technologies might be combined to bring to the nirvana state of “continuous authentication”
  • Frictionless Authentication Anywhere and Everywhere
    Frictionless Authentication Anywhere and Everywhere
    Jon Speer, Sr. Product Manager, iovation Recorded: Nov 17 2015 44 mins
    The enterprise-computing environment is rapidly transitioning to support an increasing demand for unmanaged mobile devices, remote workers, partners, and vendors to easily access corporate resources. With resources distributed in "the cloud,” traditional enterprise authentication methods are not effective for unmanaged devices, and passwords alone are insufficient as a security access control.

    Meanwhile, consumer-facing businesses are using device intelligence to implement strong authentication technologies without adding challenges to the user. Leveraging the same intelligence used to fight credit card fraud, account takeover and other fraudulent behaviors across the globe, iovation's device intelligence empowers organizations to make adaptive, real-time decisions using risk context, including:
    Has this device already been explicitly authorized for this account on a previous visit?
    Has this device been associated with cyber criminal activity or linked to other devices or users that have been?
    Is this device exhibiting anomalous behavior or other risk indicators that suggest the use of evasion techniques or existence of malware?
    Learn how to implement strong 2-factor authentication methods without giving your employees, partners, and vendors a poor user experience.

    Register today for this 45-minute webinar!

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