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  • Proofpoint Enterprise Archive  Live Demo
    Proofpoint Enterprise Archive Live Demo Proofpoint Archive Recorded: Mar 9 2017 47 mins
    Proofpoint Offers Leading Archive, Compliance, and e-discovery Capabilities

    Get up to speed on the archiving and eDiscovery compliance challenges that enterprises face — and the Proofpoint solution that meets them.

    Watch security experts take an in-depth look at the technology that positions Proofpoint as a leader in enterprise information archiving. The solution features:

    - Powerful policy management capabilities that ensure information meets internal and regulatory-driven requirements
    - Fully automated eDiscovery response for real-time search, legal hold management, and legal team collaboration
    - Effective strategies for building internal support to control archived content
  • How to Fight the Next Generation of Targeted BEC Attacks
    How to Fight the Next Generation of Targeted BEC Attacks Ryan Terry, Product Marketing Manager at Proofpoint Recorded: Mar 8 2017 57 mins
    Highly-targeted, low volume impostor email – or business email compromise (BEC) – attacks that impersonate executives and business partners to trick employees are the biggest cyber threat organizations face today.  This is not news.
    But things are changing.  New technology can now surpass people and process initiatives to proactively protect email channels, while also removing the guesswork for users.
    Join us for a live webinar on Wednesday, March 8th at 10am PST where you will learn:
    -  Why email spoofing works
    -  Current BEC trends and attack methods
    -  How Proofpoint’s new Email Fraud Defense solution can identify and block BEC threats before they reach the inbox
  • FINRA And SEC Exam Priorities For 2017
    FINRA And SEC Exam Priorities For 2017 Martin Tuip, Sr Product Manager | Joanna Belbey, Compliance Subject Matter Expert | Dan Nadir, VP, Product Management Recorded: Mar 1 2017 49 mins
    Every year, FINRA and the SEC tell broker-dealers exactly what they perceive as heightened risks to the market and investors. In this way, regulators send a clear message of what to expect during exams in the coming year. As a compliance officer, this is the roadmap that sets the tone for your efforts for 2017.

    Joanna Belbey, Compliance Subject Matter Expert, Proofpoint, Dan Nadir, VP, Product Management, Proofpoint and Martin Tuip, Senior Product Marketing Manager will discuss some of the risks spotlighted for 2017:

    • Recordkeeping
    • Supervision and controls to protect investors
    • Suitability, particularly for seniors
    • Social media and electronic communications retention and supervision
    • Cybersecurity controls

    Learn how Proofpoint can help you and your firm meet these and other regulatory challenges in the year ahead. Live Q & A will follow.
    Time not convenient? Sign up anyway and we’ll send you the link to the recorded webinar plus valuable materials.
  • Threat Actors Are Using Automation.. Are You Automating Threat Response?
    Threat Actors Are Using Automation.. Are You Automating Threat Response? Joseph Yun, Sr. Product Evangelist, ProofPoint Recorded: Feb 21 2017 43 mins
    Threat Actors figured out long ago that automating and orchestrating their attacks gives them the ability to conduct their campaigns more efficiently and effectively. The byproduct of these automated attacks is a high volume of events and alerts meant to overwhelm enterprises. Enterprises conducting predominantly manual investigations and remediations will never be able to scale to the level of those attackers utilizing automated tactics.

    Join us on February 21, 2017 at 1 PM PT and learn how to quickly and easily

    •Understand the scope of automation necessary to combat mass campaigns from attackers
    •Understand which automations can be accomplished with the fastest ROI
    •Understand how,you can automate and apply internal context, 3rd party intelligence, campaign data, and investigations
    •Deploy powerful and proven shortcuts to integrate with alert sources and enforcement systems
  • Responding to Cybersecurity Challenges in Higher Education
    Responding to Cybersecurity Challenges in Higher Education Proofpoint, Duane Kurada, Curtis Wray Recorded: Feb 15 2017 52 mins
    Universities are faced with a constantly evolving cyber threat landscape as well as an ever-changing faculty and student body. With limited budgets and a shortage of skilled security staff, doing less with more is not a mantra, it's a way of life that requires smart choices and maximizing resource efficiency.

    Join us on February 15th to hear Proofpoint cybersecurity experts discuss:

    •Explore threats that specifically target Higher Education
    •Discuss the challenges faced when dealing with these threats
    •Demonstrate incident response focused technology
  • Bridging the Office 365 Security Gap
    Bridging the Office 365 Security Gap Jennifer Cheng Director, Product Marketing, Proofpoint Recorded: Feb 14 2017 52 mins
    Threat Protection and Compliance for Microsoft Office 365

    As you plan the move to Microsoft Office 365, make sure you have a good handle on the security capabilities you will need to ensure advanced email protection and continuity.

    Join Jennifer Cheng, Proofpoint Product Marketing Director, to hear how you can mitigating security and compliance risks to secure your Office 365 email environment.

    Hear how to take advantage of the bottom-line benefits of Office 365 while mitigating security risks with an integrated approach including:

    •Superior blocking of advanced threats
    •Immediate threat visibility and rapid response
    •Greater protection from compliance violations and information loss
    •Uninterrupted access to live and historic email
  • Live Demo: Protecting Your Healthcare Data from Attack
    Live Demo: Protecting Your Healthcare Data from Attack Proofpoint Recorded: Feb 9 2017 45 mins
    You know the situation: healthcare is becoming one of the primary targets for cyber attacks. What will it take to protect your organization? Find out by attending a live demo of Proofpoint Information Protection Suite.

    Learn about our products:

    •Email Data Loss Prevention to help you quickly discover exposed sensitive and confidential data and quickly resolve any issues
    •Email Encryption to ensure your clinicians and patients’ messages and attachments are communicated securely
    •Data Discover that provides the visibility to accurately discover, monitor and protect sensitive data on file shares, data stores and SharePoint sites

    The demo will include a live Q&A.
  • Improve Your Cybersecurity Visibility by Thinking Beyond the Network
    Improve Your Cybersecurity Visibility by Thinking Beyond the Network SVP, Cybersecurity Strategy, David Jevans, VP Mobile Security, Celeste Wynchopen, Social Media Strategist, ProofPoint Recorded: Feb 8 2017 53 mins
    Today’s cyber attackers exploit human weakness more often than infrastructure gaps: 90% of attacks target email, but social media links and mobile apps are also fair game.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • How cyber attackers gain visibility into organizations.
    • How you can see across all major threat entry points and stop attacks.
    • How to stop business email compromise (BEC), credential phishing, ransomware and other advanced threats.
    • How to eliminate social media risk so you can focus on social success.
    • How to protect against malicious apps that mishandle data or install malware.
  • Preparing for Cyber Threats in 2017
    Preparing for Cyber Threats in 2017 Richard Davis, Director Cybersecurity & Adenike Cosgrove, Snr. Product Marketing Manager, Proofpoint Recorded: Feb 2 2017 51 mins
    Despite increased investment in the enterprise security landscape, cyber threats in the coming year will continue to evolve and adapt to even the most sophisticated defenses.

    To help you and your company prepare, we've put together our top cybersecurity recommendations for 2017.

    Join Proofpoint for "How to Prepare for Cyber Threats in 2017" and learn:

    * What we predict for the threat landscape in 2017

    * Key actions you can take to prepare

    * What top resources will help support your security efforts

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