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  • SAP Indirect Access: Gain visibility, know your risks & effectively manage them
    SAP Indirect Access: Gain visibility, know your risks & effectively manage them Burton Culley, Snow Software featuring Anoop Mohankumar, Anglepoint Recorded: Jun 28 2017 57 mins
    SAP licensing has always been cumbersome and complex. Increased reviews and claims by SAP related to Indirect Access have made managing your SAP licenses even more complex. Ever growing interconnected applications and interfaces are causing high risk and potential compliance issues due to indirect access. This webinar aims to educate, discuss indirect access risks you may have in your SAP environment, and give insight into your options to manage those risks.
  • Voorkom onnodige financiële risico's door SAP 'Indirect Gebruik'
    Voorkom onnodige financiële risico's door SAP 'Indirect Gebruik' Henk Dibbets - Director IT Asset Management at CGI, Koen Schaeffers - Product Specialist SAP at Snow Software Recorded: Jun 27 2017 60 mins
    Samen met onze partner CGI organiseren wij een webinar waarin wij u uitleggen hoe u onnodige financiële risico's door 'Indirect Gebruik' van SAP kunt voorkomen. Als software experts zien wij in de praktijk dat de licentiering voor SAP nogal complex is. Zoals u vermoedelijk wellicht weet werkt SAP met custom contracts en daarnaast zorgen 3rd party applicaties en add-ons voor veel verwarring. Dit type toegang is bekend als indirect usage.

    SAP-klanten lopen steeds vaker tegen financiële risico’s aan door audits. Wilt u dit voorkomen? Volg dan ons Webinar en wij leggen u binnen een uur uit:
    - Hoe identificeert u “inactive users” binnen uw SAP domein
    - Hoe analyseert u zogenaamde overspent of underspent situatie’s
    - Hoe identificeert u Indirect Usage binnen uw organisatie.
    - Welke SAP condities en voorwaarden leiden tot financiële risico’s
    - Wat kunt u al doen aan indirect usage?

    Voorkom een hoge audit boete voor uw organisatie! Zorg ervoor dat u volledig voorbereid bent en verlaag uw risico tot een minimum.

    Mocht u nog vragen hebben over het Webinar neem dan gerust contact op via infonl@snowsoftware.com
  • Managing Microsoft Reviews - for SMBs
    Managing Microsoft Reviews - for SMBs Scott Waugh, Pre-Sales Consultant Recorded: Jun 21 2017 39 mins
    A recent Snow Software survey asked SAM and IT Managers to identify the top three vendors they feared being audited by. 75% of respondents highlighted Microsoft, followed by 53% for Oracle and 33% for SAP. In this webinar you will learn:
    - What’s the difference between a Microsoft Review & a Microsoft Audit?
    - 5 steps to being “audit ready”
    - How to avoid unplanned license spend
  • NEW DATE: SAM Quick Wins in Public Sector
    NEW DATE: SAM Quick Wins in Public Sector Rory Canavan, SAM Charter Recorded: Jun 20 2017 45 mins
    Understanding what to do with SAM technology is every bit as important as having a SAM suite – if you are keen to know what to do with the data that goes into and comes out of your SAM suite then this is the WebEx for you. Rory Canavan of SAM Charter in partnership with Snow Software, is giving a 30 minute presentation on what you as an IT professional can do to improve the state of your SAM maturity, and so cascade those changes into tangible benefits for your organisation.
  • SAM Trends 2017 with Deloitte
    SAM Trends 2017 with Deloitte Diederik Van De Sijpe, Hans Vandewijer, Christian Den Boer & Ruben Claes Recorded: Jun 8 2017 59 mins
    The complexity of getting visibility and control on your IT spend will only increase in the coming year. Comply with the licensing of software vendors is an absolute must, but not an easy task. While your IT landscape is evolving continuously it has a huge impact on how you should deal with Software Asset Management (SAM). What are the key developments you must take in 2017?

    Deloitte and Snow Software discuss the six SAM trends for 2017:

    1. The gap between IT and the business
    2. Growing focus on paying for actual use
    3. Growing number of devices
    4. Increasing complexity of IT environments
    5. The continuous rising number of software audits
    6. The ever increasing License complexity

    During this one-hour webinar we will go into details on how these trends impact your daily job and how Deloitte and Snow Software can help you battle these trends.
  • Licensing Office 365 et son optimisation
    Licensing Office 365 et son optimisation Slim Jabr, Presales France Recorded: Jun 8 2017 37 mins
    L’industrie du logiciel s'oriente de plus en plus vers le modèle Cloud. De plus, Gartner prévoit une importante croissance du marché des applications SaaS. Cela introduit un degré supplémentaire de complexité aux problèmes de gestion des actifs logiciels auxquels font face les entreprises.

    Microsoft Office 365 a été identifié par nos clients comme étant l’une des principales solutions Cloud utilisées en interne. Par conséquent, il est indispensable de mettre en place un outil qui offre une parfaite visibilité sur les licences O365 existantes et utilisées, afin de garantir une optimisation efficace de vos droits d’usage, s’assurer de votre conformité et limiter les risques liés aux audits.

    Snow Software, spécialisé dans la gestion des actifs logiciels, a développé une solution pour vous aider à :

    •Optimiser l’usage de vos licences Office 365
    •Assurer le suivi des installations en local et dans le Cloud avec une seule solution
    •Avoir une meilleure visibilité sur l’utilisation de Office 365

    Nous vous invitons à assister à ce webinar en date du mardi 08 juin à 14h30 (durée maximum : 1h).
  • The Cloud Visibility Challenge: Can IT Leaders Keep On Top of Cloud Spending?
    The Cloud Visibility Challenge: Can IT Leaders Keep On Top of Cloud Spending? Tim Jesser, Snow Software featuring Forrester VP Andrew Bartels Recorded: Jun 7 2017 53 mins
    Cloud solutions offer many benefits - lower initial costs, faster deployments, lower operating costs, and more product innovation. But they also enable business units to buy technology without the knowledge or involvement of the CIO. This creates a visibility challenge for the CIO and the IT function. "Dark" cloud spending can create security exposures, compliance risks, higher costs and operational problems.

    Join Snow Software and a guest from Forrester Research as they:

    • Explore the shift in IT spend and how it is driving the need for CIOs to redefine themselves as the Chief Influence Officer.
    • Share how to use data and intelligence about what’s happening on the network to protect against unplanned expenditure
    • Show how you can retain control of costs, optimization and risk in your IT operations.

    Start shaping your future role in the digital business today.
  • Top Five Reasons for SAM
    Top Five Reasons for SAM David Foxen Recorded: May 17 2017 67 mins
    The importance and significance of Software Asset Management (SAM) has increased significantly over the past ten years. This is due to increased complexity of license metrics, enhanced technologies and the threat of vendor audits.

    In this webinar, Snow Software will walk you through the Top 5 Reasons as to why you need Software Asset Management within your organization.
  • What you can't see will hurt you: Track Cloud App usage & reduce overspend
    What you can't see will hurt you: Track Cloud App usage & reduce overspend Tim Jesser and Forrester Principal Analyst, Charles Betz Recorded: May 4 2017 51 mins
    Better agility, faster deployment and lower IT resource demands.  With 87% of enterprises using cloud applications the value is clear.  But along with benefits of infrastructure and maintenance cost savings comes significant financial risks.  SaaS applications such as O365 can drive overspend in the form of over-provisioning of user accounts, excessive account entitlement and duplication of on-premises licenses. 

    The burden on IT leaders becomes even greater as an increasing amount of technology spend decisions are owned by business units.  Snow Software will show how to create complete visibility of application usage and spend across all deployment platforms regardless of technology spend ownership.  Learn the critical yet simple steps you can take to track cloud application usage and reduce financial risks.
  • Microsoft Audit Success: The five key failures to avoid
    Microsoft Audit Success: The five key failures to avoid Michael Krutikov, Rich Gibbons (ITAM) Recorded: Apr 27 2017 46 mins
    Three-quarters of IT and finance leaders fear a software audit by Microsoft. More than Oracle, IBM or SAP. In fact, 68% say they have been audited by the world’s largest software publisher in the last 12 months alone* and this looks set to increase.

    But software audits don’t need to be scary if you’re armed with the right information and insight.

    The key is identifying and addressing the key points of failure in a Microsoft software audit:

    •SQL connections
    •SQL virtualization
    •Managing Office editions
    •Self-Provisioning of Office 365
    •Azure sprawl

    Join Microsoft licensing guru, Rich Gibbons from ITAM Review and compliance pros from the world’s leading SAM technology provider, Snow Software, for a 45-minute masterclass in Microsoft audit readiness.

    * Snow Software research, December 2016

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