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Informed Funding

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  • Are Your Sales Generating the Cash You Need?
    Are Your Sales Generating the Cash You Need?
    Informed Funding Recorded: Nov 26 2015 59 mins
    The big challenge we will be looking at is simple – how do you get cash out of big customers quickly enough, to avoid ramping up a lot of debt in the process. Very many BIG companies, pay SLOWLY – and they are in control. Recent research by Experian shows that it takes large UK businesses, ON AVERAGE, over 80 days to settle an invoice – and that’s once it’s been through an approval process!

    Many who run growing businesses strive to get big deals from big customers, and it can take a lot of hard work and a long lead time to close a high value sale. However, it’s seriously bad news when it then takes weeks to get through the process of getting registered on to the customer’s approved supplier system (which allows you to invoice and get paid) and that’s BEFORE finding that you have to accept 60, 90 or even 120 day credit terms.

    How do you check in advance how quickly your customer is likely to pay you – rather than what they might claim?
    How do you get YOUR processes and documentation right, so that all possible delays are avoided?
    What’s the best way of challenging the Customer when you feel you are being unfairly treated? What are your rights?
    If giving extended credit is unavoidable (but, potentially, unaffordable), how can you use one of the “Alternative Funding” platforms to convert the invoice you have issued in to immediate cash?

    We are delighted to have experts from Experian, MarketInvoice and GapCap to help guide on best practice, and practical solutions to the above questions. This is a great chance to raise concerns and questions you have, and get answers.

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