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  • The Credential Theft Ecosystem Report
    The Credential Theft Ecosystem Report
    Jose Miguel Esparza, Head of Threat Intelligence at Blueliv Recorded: Jul 3 2018 53 mins
    There is a growing industry in cybercrime focused on obtaining valid credentials, using multiple mechanisms and tools. All of these tools and services can be cheaply acquired in the underground.
    All it takes is a single good credential to gain access to an organization and cause havoc.
    Understanding the lifecycle of a credential is the first step towards ‘closing the door’ of your company to cybercriminals.

    This webinar will explain how the credential theft ecosystem works, including detail on:

    - Illicit tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by cybercriminals to gather credentials;
    - Why credentials are targeted, how they’re used and their value in illegal marketplaces;
    - Methods used to filter, extract and validate credentials;
    - The ways criminals profit from credential theft and how various industries are affected.

    This Webinar is part of an ongoing effort to share practical intelligence with industry professionals, helping security teams of all sizes access relevant information, implement its value and improve their security posture.

    We believe in socializing cybersecurity: the fight against cybercrime is a collaborative effort.
  • Our Cyberthreat Landscape: why collaboration is key
    Our Cyberthreat Landscape: why collaboration is key
    Nahim Fazal and Ramón Vicens Recorded: Mar 19 2018 58 mins
    As the ‘public profile’ of cybercrime continues to increase, enterprises are encouraged to look at how they keep their businesses and customers safe by sharing intelligence, best practice and defense measures.

    Join Nahim Fazal, Head of Cyberthreat Intelligence at Blueliv, for a webinar reflecting on the incidents and trends discussed in Blueliv’s annual cyberthreat report, and guidance on how organizations of all sizes can protect themselves in an ever-more sophisticated threat landscape.

    The report combines intelligence gathered through Threat Compass with insight from the Blueliv analyst team, leading to informed assessments about the current state of play and areas which require immediate attention.

    Register today to reserve your spot.

    Blueliv is leading a new wave of proactive, real-time threat monitoring that protects organizations from the outside in, radically reducing attack success rates and improving incident response performance through fresh, actionable intelligence. The in-house team is bolstered by the Blueliv Threat Exchange Network, a global community of thousands of security experts united in the fight against cybercrime.
  • Data Breach Under GDPR: How threat intelligence can reduce your liabilities
    Data Breach Under GDPR: How threat intelligence can reduce your liabilities
    Nahim Fazal and Pedro López Recorded: Nov 29 2017 62 mins
    There has been an important clarification around what constitutes a data breach listen in to update yourselves and ensure you don’t fall foul of the regulation.

    When the legislation comes into effect in May 2018, compromised data will be among the most seriously regulated and highly penalized issues a company can face, so a practical and coherent understanding of the regulation is critical to mitigating any penalties your organization will face.

    In our latest webinar, Blueliv’s Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence, Nahim Fazal, and Legal Expert Pedro López will be providing specialist insight and guidance around aspects of GDPR specifically relating to a data breach. Building on our recent whitepaper, they will explain how to plan and manage the impact of the incoming updated legislation on your business.

    Pedro López is an expert in legislation relating to cybersecurity. When it comes to GDPR, the devil is truly in the detail, and he’ll be explaining how to ensure compliance without getting lost in jargon.

    Nahim Fazal’s experience in the industry enables him to explain not just how to mitigate the consequences of a data breach, but how to reduce the risk of exposure and ensure that any losses – from customers to financial to reputational – are minimal.

    The webinar will be followed by a short Q&A and demonstration of how threat intelligence can shield your organization from the worst impact of the updated GDPR.

    Pedro López, Legal Advisor and GDPR expert at Martin Andino Law firm
    Nahim Fazal, Cyber Security Development Manager at Blueliv
  • Scale up your cyber security strategy
    Scale up your cyber security strategy
    Nahim Fazal Recorded: Mar 15 2017 59 mins
    Enable data-driven decision making with the Blueliv Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform.

    It’s a fact that you’ll reach your desired destination much faster if you start on the right platform.

    In a crowded cyber threat intelligence marketplace, let’s look at the key factors involved in implementing a cyber threat intelligence management platform. Discover how you can accelerate threat investigations within your organization and give your SOC team the boost they need using targeted real-time intelligence.

    Identify and manage real threats targeting your organization at a global level

    • Better threat visibility means shorter incident response times. Enhance your understanding of the kill chain and implement improved strategic investigations
    • Scale the reliability of your data acquisition by collating and combining Blueliv proprietary intelligence, unique alliances and the Blueliv Threat Exchange Network
    • Eliminate manual data processing and reduce false positives with automated and relevant real-time intelligence

    Join us for an interactive tour of the Blueliv Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform where we’ll be showcasing our best bits, including:

    • Customizable configurations
    • Breadth of sources
    • Speed of setup
    • Ease of use

    Our solutions use API and plug-ins for seamless integration with CERT, SOC and SIEMs.

    This webinar includes something for everyone, from those of you already using external threat intelligence to those considering cyber threat intelligence solutions and seeking stakeholder buy-in.
  • Vawtrak v2: The next big banking Trojan
    Vawtrak v2: The next big banking Trojan
    Victor Acin, Malware Analyst, Blueliv Threat Intelligence Research Labs Recorded: Nov 3 2016 37 mins
    Vawtrak is a serious threat to the banking eco-system and is predicted to be the next major banking Trojan.

    Blueliv’s Threat Intelligence Research Labs team has published new research based on in-depth analysis of Vawtrak, including the results from tracking the cybercriminal group infrastructure and a technical investigation which analyzes the evolution of the botnet.

    The CrimeServer infrastructure behind the Vawtrak banking Trojan thrives on basic sharing of information to maintain a highly resilient criminal network. So, sharing is a large part of the problem. But it is also part of the solution.

    We believe sharing intelligence strengthens our defences against the ever-evolving cyber threats of today.

    Join us as we explore the distribution and execution of the Vawtrak banking Trojan, how attackers are collecting stolen data and the relevance of cyber threat intelligence to the finance sector in the context of Vawtrak.

    This webinar includes detailed technical analysis of cybercriminal network infrastructures and an in depth look at how the malware is executed. The research is of special interest to malware researchers and threat intel analysts. The webinar is aimed at listeners with a degree of technical understanding about malware and banking Trojans.
  • The role of Threat Intelligence Feeds in the Battle Against Evolving Cybercrime
    The role of Threat Intelligence Feeds in the Battle Against Evolving Cybercrime
    Nahim Fazal, Head of Cybersecurity Development at ‎Blueliv Recorded: Oct 11 2016 45 mins
    Today, advanced cyber threats form part of the risk landscape we encounter every day in our increasingly digital lives. Cybercrime is known for its complex, chameleon characteristics – it’s a highly lucrative industry with fast-paced innovation at its core. The evolution of cybercriminal techniques enables it to thrive, and we need to sprint to keep up. Organizations must respond with security solutions nimble enough to compete with the bad guys. Sounds like a job for MRTI, and we think we’ve got just the ticket.

    This webinar intends to be an educational piece for any Security team in need of having a better understanding of the value provided by Threat Intelligence feed in order to complement traditional security real estate. This is not intended for those who already have a strong expertise and understanding of the fundamentals of threat intelligence delivered via a feed.
  • Building an Adaptive Security Approach with Targeted Intelligence
    Building an Adaptive Security Approach with Targeted Intelligence
    Nahim Fazal, Cyber Security Development Manager, Blueliv Recorded: Mar 29 2016 44 mins
    Adaptive Security will be the new security posture that forward thinking organisations will want to deploy to meet the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

    What does an adaptive security model look like in practice? During this live webinar session, Nahim Fazal, Blueliv cyber threat development manager at Blueliv, will present some key concepts such as cross product integration, automation, and feeding live threat intelligence into a much broader range of tools. Moreover, he will examine and discuss how threat intelligence sat inside your organisation can be married with external threat intelligence to give you a much broader insight into the unseen cyber risks your organisation is facing.

    This webinar prolongs and complements Blueliv´s precedent webinar, ´What malicious actors know about my organisation?´, presented in December 2015. It aims to provide some practical guidance to organisations, which are considering to implement Targeted Intelligence within their security posture.

    Who should attend this session: CISO, Threat Intelligence Managers
  • Information Parity - What do the malicious actors know about my organisation?
    Information Parity - What do the malicious actors know about my organisation?
    Nahim Fazal, Cyber Security Development Manager, Blueliv Recorded: Dec 1 2015 44 mins
    With each passing year, the frequency and number of organisations that are hacked increases at a dizzying rate. No industry vertical can ignore this trend. One of the key challenges facing all business is to come to grips rapidly with an ever-changing threat landscape.

    How can your organisation understand specifically what threats is being targeted with? In order to answer this question business need to be able to quantify and qualify the threats aligned against them. In essence being able to understand what malicious actor’s know about an organisation and how that knowledge may be deployed in attack campaigns and vectors.

    During the course of the webinar session, Blueliv’s Cyber Security Development Manager, Nahim Fazal will present the Blueliv proposal for improving the cyber threat visibility of a business.

    Key Takeaways:
    - Why the same approach gives the same results
    - Actionable intelligence – what does this look like in the real world?
    - Reducing your cost and incident response time

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