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  • The Speed of Self-Service + Trust in Data: Tableau and The Alation Data Catalog
    The Speed of Self-Service + Trust in Data: Tableau and The Alation Data Catalog
    Ashley Howard, Sr. Technology Evangelist, Tableau; Aaron Kalb, Co-Founder & CDO, Alation Recorded: Jun 12 2019 44 mins
    Traditionally, self-service analytics and data governance have been at odds. The freedom to enable more people to visualize and analyze data has conflicted with the need to govern data. Either analytics becomes the Wild Wild West where insights are difficult to trust, or data is so tightly controlled that insights are few and far between.

    In this webinar, learn how Tableau and the Alation Data Catalog work together to pair the speed of self-service with agile data governance, surfacing trusted data within the analysis workflow, and making it easy to make confident data-driven decisions.

    Join the webinar to:

    - Learn how Alation and Tableau make it easy to find and understand relevant data
    - Understand how endorsements, warnings, and deprecations can provide guardrails for analysis
    -See agile governance in action with Alation and Tableau
  • Bringing Data to Life with Visual Insights
    Bringing Data to Life with Visual Insights
    Erin Junio (BrightTALK), Aaron Kalb (Alation), Ashley Howard (Tableau) Recorded: Jun 12 2019 46 mins
    As data visualization technology continues to evolve, it gives businesses the edge they need to dive deeper into their data with analytics, enriching the data discovery process and revealing answers to questions that analysts might not have even known they had. Properly executed visual analytics can help organizations discover patterns and insights that lead to tangible results in today's competitive marketplace.

    Join this live panel and discover the latest tools, techniques and strategies industry experts are using to visually transform their data for compelling business intelligence and analytics use cases.
  • Make Confident Data Driven Decisions with Human Curation + Machine Learning
    Make Confident Data Driven Decisions with Human Curation + Machine Learning
    Aaron Kalb, Co-founder & VP of Design and Strategic Initiatives, Alation Recorded: Feb 12 2019 51 mins
    Despite big investment in big data, less than a third of companies are connecting analytics to action. A major factor is lack of trust.

    Finding relevant data assets isn’t easy, and when you do find data that seems useful, it can be hard to trust without context. Is this data up to date? Where did the numbers come from? Why is there a similar chart that points to a very different conclusion?

    By combining human collaboration with machine learning recommendations, a machine learning data catalog can create the foundation for confident data driven decision making by adding context and transparency.

    Join the webinar to learn:

    - How a data catalog makes it easier to find, understand, and trust data
    - Why learning from human behavior is critical to smart machine learning recommendations
    - How to create the foundation for agile stewardship

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