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  • Unlocking Hard-to-Reach Data with No-Code Integration
    Unlocking Hard-to-Reach Data with No-Code Integration
    Michael Wacht, VP of Operations and Infrastructure & Scott Lasenby, Supervisor, Financial Planning & Analytics, Helm Recorded: Mar 17 2016 59 mins
    Are you struggling to access vital business data locked in your company's on-premises systems like ERP?

    In this webinar, you'll discover how business professionals can easily and automatically connect to data stored in any system, on premises or in the cloud, via CSV files in the cloud to drive seamless processes and better decisions.

    Hear Michael Wacht and Scott Lasenby from Helm explain how a leading distribution company transformed a key business process, saving their accounting department 300 hours a year.

    Watch now to learn how you can:

    -Access critical data stored in hard-to-reach systems with no code
    -Leverage data to drive seamless processes and better decisions
    -Eliminate copy/paste and manual imports between systems
    -Use a top application development platform designed for business professionals and its built-in no-code integration feature to automatically pull critical business data and instantly put it to use
  • Secure Shadow IT with aPaaS
    Secure Shadow IT with aPaaS
    Francois Tricot, CIO of Ceva & Angela Maglione, QuickBase Manager Recorded: Feb 11 2016 49 mins
    With as much as 30% of total IT budgets being spent outside of IT departments, technical workarounds by the business, also known as "shadow IT", can no longer be ignored.

    In order to strike a necessary balance between IT control and business-driven efforts, many IT leaders are turning to aPaaS solutions for Citizen Development. Successful implementation of aPaaS hinges on effective change management around people, processes, and technology.

    Join Francois Tricot, CIO of Ceva as he and QuickBase Manager Angela Maglione explore:

    -Factors contributing to the rise of shadow IT
    -Rules of engagement for IT leaders and business users who both want to benefit from aPaaS
    -Real-world examples of effective IT leaders who are currently managing shadow IT
    -Actionable next steps and key questions to consider before embarking on your own Citizen Development journey
  • Cut Your IT Backlog by 50% in Minutes
    Cut Your IT Backlog by 50% in Minutes
    Adam Hoover Solutions Engineer, Intuit QuickBase Recorded: Jan 14 2016 51 mins
    In the past 18 months, IT backlogs have risen 29%, and they are slowing down businesses that need to move more quickly. Watch this webinar to learn how you can reduce your IT backlog by 50% in just 30 minutes, while creating a sustainable approach for the future.

    This webinar will demonstrate how low-code Rapid Application Development tools, like QuickBase, can help IT handle the increasing number of requests from business counterparts, enabling them to run faster than ever – and ultimately driving revenue, eliminating costs, and improving operational efficiency.

    From this webinar you will learn to:
    -Cut your backlog by creating highly customized applications in just minutes
    -Create applications with three unique approaches to fit your needs
    -Identify how IT and business partners can share application production
    -Engage citizen developers safely to take the last mile of development

    With the tools and techniques presented in this webinar, you will be able to begin drastically reducing your IT backlog in minutes.
  • Maximizing IT Investment with aPaas
    Maximizing IT Investment with aPaas
    Shawn Aruch, Vice President of IT at Vintage Recorded: Dec 16 2015 31 mins
    In a digitally transformed world, technology leaders are being asked to drive greater ROI and innovation, while -- at the same time -- their investments are being more heavily scrutinized for lasting impact. Making one wrong investment can affect an organization for years.

    In his webinar you will hear how technology leaders are creating lean IT organizations with the right people, process, and technology;

    How to:
    -Create applications faster
    -Attract the right talent
    -Drive adoption of technology
    -Minimize administrative and governance costs
    -Improve pockets of process inefficiency

    With the best practices presented in this webinar, you'll be able to drive transformation not just across your entire team but across your whole organization.

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