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Lowes Structured Investment Centre

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  • A Ground-Breaking Structured Investment Kick-out Strategy: The 10:10 Plan
    A Ground-Breaking Structured Investment Kick-out Strategy: The 10:10 Plan
    Chris Taylor, Head of Strategic Development, Lowes Structured Investment Centre Recorded: Feb 25 2016 47 mins

    The 10:10 Plan is the first product co-operation series developed through Lowes Structured Investment Centre, in collaboration with independent provider Mariana Capital and global investment bank Societe Generale.

    Breaking new ground, by combining short term kick-out potential (from year 3) with an extended maximum term (of 10 years), The 10:10 Plan is designed to fundamentally:

    1) Maximise the likelihood of achieving positive returns for investors;

    2) Minimise the likelihood of investors experiencing capital losses.

    The 10:10 Plan offers 3 options for investors - across two different Plans (so, six options to choose from or diversify across).

    The comprehensive back-testing conducted for the Plan highlights its exceptional merits, with analysis of the defensive option of the FTSE 100 Index only linked Plan showing that it would NEVER have failed to generate positive returns for investors, if employed as an investment strategy on any day since the inception of the FTSE 100 Index, on 3rd January 1984! This is unparalleled - in any corner of the investment universe.

    The Webinar will provide: a background explanation regarding the structured investment sector and the popularity and success of kick out plans; a full inroduction and overview of The 10:10 Plan; present the back-test analysis, in detail; and consider other apsects of relevant research / due diligence.

    As the tax year end / tax year start, ISA / Pension 'season' approaches The 10:10 Plan surely warrants consideration for inclusion in the investment options that advisers are suggesting to their clients. The Webinar will also provide details of the marketing tool kit that is available to assist advisers in the marketing and use of the Plan, for both 2015/16 and 2016/17 tax years.
  • 2015 Structured Product Annual Performance Review
    2015 Structured Product Annual Performance Review
    Chris Taylor, Head of Strategic Development, Lowes Structured Investment Centre Recorded: Feb 23 2016 48 mins
    A presentation of the '2015 Structured Product Annual Performance Review', compiled by StructuredProductReview.com and presented by Lowes Structured Investment Centre.

    The Review represents the most comprehensive data and analysis of structured product performance ever undertaken in the UK, covering all IFA distributed products to have matured in 2015, broken down by product and payoff type. 5-year data will also be presented, for a long term perspective of the sector and product performance.

    The Review provides factual data / empirical evidence for advisers and investors, that will be invaluable in assessing the efficacy and value of structured products and their performance ... and will highlight the exceptionally strong performance of the sector's products, across the piste, for all product types and risk/return categories, including Structured Deposits, Capital Protected and Capital-at-Risk Products.

    An inaugural 'Spot the Stars' section will also be used to help demonstrate the diversity of providers, counterparties, product offerings and risk/return propositions offered by the sector.

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