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  • Extend Visibility & Control to Your Private Cloud & Software-Defined Data Center
    Extend Visibility & Control to Your Private Cloud & Software-Defined Data Center Sumit Bhat: Senior Product Marketing Manager, ForeScout Technologies Recorded: Sep 21 2017 20 mins
    Private and public cloud security are logical extensions of securing managed, unmanaged and IoT devices in the physical world. ForeScout security solutions help enhance security and compliance of your virtual assets, regardless of where they are located. In addition, ForeScout’s heterogeneous platform lets you to leverage your on-premises security operations team’s skills and maximize your existing security investments. In this webinar, you’ll learn how ForeScout integrates with third-party solutions to:
    • Discover and classify virtual instances (and cloud workloads) and assess their security posture
    • Gain consolidated visibility and provide unified policy management across Data Center and cloud environments
    • Proactively identify and manage underutilized or shadow VMs
    • Allow, deny or segment virtual machines and cloud instances based upon policy compliance

    Learn how you can enforce security across your hybrid campus and cloud deployments using one solution. Join us for this live online webinar.
  • Staying Secure in the Era of Smart Things
    Staying Secure in the Era of Smart Things Shawn Taylor, PubSec SE, ForeScout, John MacMichael, CISO, DC Gov, Geoff Brown, CISO, City of NY Recorded: Sep 14 2017 62 mins
    As the world grows more interconnected by the day, security practitioners need to see beyond the network. The Internet of Things is presenting organizations with a threat landscape they’ve never seen before. We’ve entered an uber-connected world of sensors, cameras and other various data collection systems...making their jobs harder than ever before.

    Find out how City and Municipality organizations are learning to become flexible and nimble as they harness the future, all while maintaining the security needed to protect the data deluge from billions of sensors and devices.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    - How you can easily gain visibility to all of the devices connecting to your network
    - Increase the security posture of your organization by enforcing policies around compliance without the use of agents
    - How to operationalize your organization so your security is dynamic and adaptable to change
  • Extending Agentless Visibility and Control Across Campus, Data Center and Cloud
    Extending Agentless Visibility and Control Across Campus, Data Center and Cloud Sandeep Kumar, Director of Product Marketing, ForeScout Technologies Recorded: Sep 11 2017 44 mins
    To support the exponential growth of IoT, operational technology (OT) and virtualization on enterprise networks, ForeScout has new product features and technology partnerships to help keep the evolving enterprise infrastructure secure.

    Join Sandeep Kumar, ForeScout’s Director of Product Marketing, as he provides an in-depth update on ForeScout’s latest product advancements and how customers can benefit:

    - Advanced out-of-the box device classification with new taxonomy for IoT and OT devices
    - Enterprise scale and resiliency to manage over one million devices per deployment with new failover capability
    - Enhanced user interface for consolidated visibility, policy management and controls across heterogeneous infrastructures
    - Expanded collaboration with VMware and AWS to extend visibility and control across software-defined data centers and public cloud
  • Gaining Compliance with DFARs
    Gaining Compliance with DFARs Heather Engel, Chief Strategy Officer, Sera-Brynn Recorded: Aug 24 2017 49 mins
    U.S. Defense Contractors and soon all Federal Agencies will be required to meet the DFARS 7012 mandate with critical cybersecurity controls against NIST 800-171. The overwhelming challenges presented by these stringent guidelines are having a major impact on the contracting community which supports our warfighters. These requirements must be implemented by December 31, 2017.
  • Transforming K-12 Cybersecurity Through Visibility
    Transforming K-12 Cybersecurity Through Visibility Dr. Kecia Ray, Exec Director, Center for Digital Education & Erik Floden, K12 Education Strategist, ForeScout Technologies Recorded: Aug 1 2017 50 mins
    As school districts continue to make technology adoption in the classroom a top priority, they face increasing network security risks, including persistent cyberattacks and the potential theft or manipulation of student data. Dr. Kecia Ray, Executive Director of the Center for Digital Education, will address these challenges and discuss how school districts can effectively manage the rapid expansion of the number of devices students, educators and administrators are adding to their IT networks. Webinar topics will include:
    • Cybersecurity and student data security trends in K-12
    • Top K-12 priorities to address these challenges
    • Recent funding and legislative developments at federal and state levels
  • Global Partner Program
    Global Partner Program Todd DeBell, VP of Global Channel Sales Recorded: Jun 30 2017 10 mins
    Todd DeBell, ForeScout’s VP of Global Channel Sales, walks you through the details of our new partner program – ForeScout Forward Partner Program. Todd will cover key highlights, what’s new, including incentive rewards, sales and pre-sales technical enablement offerings, marketing development funds, and more. This session is relevant to ForeScout Value Added Resellers across the globe, in which you’ll learn about the commitment we are making to support your business and help drive profitability.
  • Smart Cities, a Hacker's Playground
    Smart Cities, a Hacker's Playground Tony Gillespie, US Public Sector Strategist, ForeScout Technologies Recorded: Jun 21 2017 31 mins
    It’s clear that smart technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the future of our communities. Is government ready for billions – soon to be trillions – of sensors and devices connected to one another that will transform our society? This session explores the role of government in using, exploiting, controlling and surviving the hyper-connected world of IoT and how it will affect our communities.
  • RWJBarnabas on Automation and Compliance in the Age of Connected Healthcare
    RWJBarnabas on Automation and Compliance in the Age of Connected Healthcare Hussein Syed, Chief Information Security Officer & Dominic Hart, Manager Information Security Architecture, RWJBarnabas Recorded: May 3 2017 49 mins
    As New Jersey’s largest integrated healthcare delivery system and one of the country’s fastest-growing health organizations, RWJBarnabas Health has dealt with formidable cybersecurity and data privacy challenges, such as:

    •Discovering and securing agentless clinical devices while maintaining availability
    •Supporting compliance with regulatory mandates such as HIPAA and HITECH
    •Merging highly mixed environments due to merger and acquisition activity
    •Securing guest-, vendor-owned and IoT devices through network segmentation

    During this webinar, RWJBarnabas Health’s Hussein Syed, Chief Information Security Officer, and Dominic Hart, Manager Information Security Architecture and Security, will discuss why agentless visibility and control are essential for securing healthcare environments.
  • Maximizing Value of Security Investments
    Maximizing Value of Security Investments Sandeep Kumar, Director of Product Marketing, ForeScout Technologies Recorded: Apr 11 2017 43 mins
    Join Sandeep Kumar, Director of Product Marketing at ForeScout Technologies, as he shares insights from a study that IDC conducted by interviewing seven ForeScout customers. The study showed that, on an average, the ForeScout solution discovered 24 percent more devices, and helped bring put 18 percent more devices into compliance with security policies. The study also concluded the ForeScout platform saved $46,000 for every 1,000 devices, had a payback time of just 13 months and achieved a five-year ROI of 392 percent.

    ForeScout achieves this by using its agentless solution that continuously monitors a heterogeneous environment and automates system-wide threat response. Benefits of this approach will magnify even more in a world experiencing exponential growth in diverse systems ranging from traditional endpoints, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

    With 20 years of experience in IT security and enterprise products, Sandeep Kumar is the director of Product Marketing at ForeScout. In his current role, he is responsible for various aspects of ForeScout's go to market and content strategy. He has previously held senior positions in product marketing, product management and engineering at several IT security companies including Symantec, Recourse and Axent Technologies. Sandeep holds MS and BS degrees in computer science.
  • The SANS 2016 Survey on Security and Risk in the Financial Sector
    The SANS 2016 Survey on Security and Risk in the Financial Sector Sandeep Kumar is the director of Product Marketing at ForeScout Technologies Recorded: Oct 24 2016 61 mins
    The financial sector is highly regulated, and as a result, often focuses on compliance. However, compliance rarely results in excellence, and thus financial institutions continue to suffer security-related breaches and losses, particularly by insiders according to the 2015 SANS survey on security spending and preparedness in the financial services sector.

    Today's webcast will focus on the relationship between compliance and security, and the best practices organizations can use to secure their financial environments. Specifically, attendees will learn about:

    The relationship between compliance and security
    The effectiveness of tools, skills and controls
    Ways to improve security effectiveness and reduce risk
    How to align security, risk and compliance programs with business goals

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