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  • Thinking outside the box!  Analyze your research activities globally with SciVal
    Thinking outside the box! Analyze your research activities globally with SciVal Martin Edling Andersson (Senior Product Manager) and Charles Martinez (Customer Consultant) Recorded: May 23 2018 55 mins
    Learn from the experts, how to use SciVal to analyze and gain insights into your research and knowledge exchange activities globally.

    In addition to providing pre-defined profiles and research topics, SciVal also allows you to define, profile and investigate bespoke themes, research teams and collaborative initiatives.

    Join us on Wednesday May 23rd where we will show you:

    - How to use all modules together to gain a detailed collaboration profile
    - How to use Topic Prominence in Science to profile strategic themes
    - How to use Research Areas to define, profile and investigate bespoke research topics
    - How to use groups of researchers to profile institutes or strategic research programs
  • SciVal Reporting: Simple, time-saving tips & tricks
    SciVal Reporting: Simple, time-saving tips & tricks Anne-Sophie Muller, Chris James and Aileen Christensen Recorded: Apr 19 2018 47 mins
    Are you making the most the SciVal Reporting functionality? Since its inception in January of last year, and based upon customer feedback we have added many new time-saving capabilities to SciVal Reporting.

    For ease of use we have combined the Analyses and Reports into one Library, where you will be able to:
    » Set up, re-arrange and edit your unique Analyses
    » Share your Reports with other SciVal users at your institution
    » Simply drag & drop your Analyses within the Report
    » Arrange multiple Reports into folders
    » & more!

    Join Anne-Sophie Muller, Senior UX Specialist, as she walks you through the latest updates, time-saving tips & tricks, how to make the most of your Reporting library and what's coming up on the roadmap.
  • Answering your research data management needs: Mendeley Data Launch
    Answering your research data management needs: Mendeley Data Launch Wouter Haak, VP, Research Data Management Solutions Recorded: Apr 5 2018 60 mins
    Ready access to research data is a cornerstone for success in science. Researchers need to keep track of their data & improve its impact through increased re-use. Universities want to eliminate re-work, showcase research outputs & improve collaboration inside and outside to drive research performance. These needs become more urgent as international funding bodies revise their policies to encourage, or even mandate, institutions and their researchers to make research data available.

    In this webinar we will introduce Mendeley Data, a platform designed to facilitate the comprehensive utilization of data. Consisting of five modules, this open, cloud-based platform helps research institutions to manage the entire life-cycle of research data, and enables researchers to safely access and share information wherever they are.
  • The emerging role of libraries in research information management
    The emerging role of libraries in research information management Anna Clements, University of St Andrews, Jennifer White, University of St Andrews & Rebecca Bryant, OCLC Research Recorded: Mar 21 2018 64 mins
    Pure, as one of the leading CRIS (or research information management RIM) systems, has facilitated the emergence of exciting opportunities for research organisations to transform their support for researchers, with many research libraries taking an increasingly important role. Broadly defined, RIM is the aggregation, curation, and utilization of information about institutional research activities, and as such, intersects with many aspects of traditional library services in discovery, acquisition, dissemination, and analysis of scholarly activities.

    OCLC Research has been working with members of its international OCLC Research Library Partnership, including the University of St Andrews in Scotland, on a publication to help libraries and other institutional stakeholders to understand developing RIM practices and, in particular, their relevance for service and staff development purposes.

    In this presentation, we will provide an overview of the OCLC position paper and provide a case study from the University of St Andrews.
  • Using the Pure Portal to make research more visible: Tomsk Polytechnic U, Russia
    Using the Pure Portal to make research more visible: Tomsk Polytechnic U, Russia Dr. Yulia Falkovich, Tomsk Polytechnic University Research Intelligence and Publications Department, Head Recorded: Feb 20 2018 29 mins
    The global scientific community benefits from having a diverse range of perspectives. As such, Russia is working to make its research more visible. In the same way, science in Russia benefits from a diverse range of global collaborators. The willingness of Russian universities to expand these collaborations and foster the excellence of Russian research is supported by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) is among such universities.

    The aim of this webinar to showcase how TPU uses Pure to make university’s research more globally visible and what the impact of the TPU Portal has been.

    In this session, Dr. Falkovich will cover:
    1)Why TPU research management counts on PURE as it’s research information management system
    2)How has international visibility for TPU research improved since the TPU Pure Portal was launched in September 2015 The statistics of Portal visibility as well as case studies of collaborations started with the help of Pure.

    This webinar will be helpful for the universities of Western Europe and the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) that have the same challenges and a similar economic and historical background.
  • Powered by Scopus: “Monitoring the transition to Open Access in the UK
    Powered by Scopus: “Monitoring the transition to Open Access in the UK Dr. Andrew Plume, Director Market Intelligence, Elsevier; Shereen Hanafi, Head of Marketing, Research Networks, Elsevier Recorded: Feb 13 2018 47 mins
    Attend this webinar to learn about the key findings of new report produced for the Universities UK by Elsevier in collaboration with Research Consulting, Michael Jubb Consulting and the University of Sheffield. One of the report author’s Andrew Plume will provide a briefing on the report’s key findings, the methodology and data including Elsevier’s Scopus data.
  • SciVal API :: What is it & how can I use it
    SciVal API :: What is it & how can I use it Martin Edling Andersson (Senior SciVal Product Manager) and Joe Riess (Principal Software Engineer) Recorded: Dec 7 2017 32 mins
    The SciVal API allows you to programmatically retrieve metrics for use in your own software applications.

    Join Martin Edling Andersson (Senior SciVal Product Manager) & Joe Riess (Principal Software Engineer) for an introduction to the new SciVal API, what it is, where it can be accessed and how it can be utilized. Joe, who built the SciVal API, will give a demonstration of how you can create a small application using the SciVal API and Scopus APIs together.

    An API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it provides a way for programs to talk to one another. The SciVal API gives access to a comprehensive basket of metrics for researchers (Scopus Author profiles) and all 8,500+ institutions available in SciVal.

    The API returns data machine-readable format that enables software, rather than humans using the scival.com platform, to use the data. Consequently, this allows developers to write programs that automatically extract metrics from SciVal periodically, and use that data in their Institutional Repository systems, websites and for richer visualizations in tools like Tableau.
  • Introducing a new Elsevier report: A Global Outlook on Disaster Science
    Introducing a new Elsevier report: A Global Outlook on Disaster Science Anders Karlsson, VP Academic Relations Japan & APAC and Basak Candemir, Analytical Services Product Manager Recorded: Dec 6 2017 47 mins
    Every year, disasters impact human lives and take a significant economic toll. Science plays a key role in reducing disaster risk and mitigating impact. For the report, A Global Outlook on Disaster Science, Elsevier has partnered with leading international institutions and drew upon high-quality global data including Scopus to examine the state of worldwide disaster science research. Attend this webinar with Elsevier presenters, Anders Karlsson and Basak Candemir to hear the report’s key findings and how it can support policy- and decision- makers at governments and universities on the topic of natural and man-made disasters
  • Raising the bar: Building world class library research services with Pure
    Raising the bar: Building world class library research services with Pure Scott Taylor, Research Services Librarian, University of Manchester Recorded: Dec 4 2017 31 mins
    The University of Manchester, a member of the UK's Russell Group, implemented Pure in April 2016 and this presentation discusses implementation from the library’s point of view.

    In this presentation Scott Taylor, Research Services Librarian, will describe some of the opportunities and challenges that Pure has presented to the University of Manchester Library’s Research Services Division as they aim to achieve the strategic objective of supporting world class research at the University of Manchester.

    As the University’s central store of research related data, Pure now underpins most of the Library’s research services across the key activity channels of Open Research, Impact, Identifiers, and Data Stewardship.

    This presentation will describe how Pure:
    • provides richer analytics enabling new insights into the University’s publication profile
    • enables the team to manage the institutional mandate for all researchers to have and provide an ORCID ID
    • allows the library to better track the online attention to outputs through the integration with Pure

    Scott will also discuss some of the new working relationships across campus that the library has created following the implementation of Pure as well as some of the challenges, including: learning the underlying data model of a new system; getting to grips with some of its features such as the reporting module; and tracking and reporting Open Access funder requirements to a range of stakeholders with differing requirements.
  • Delving Deeper into Topic Prominence in Science
    Delving Deeper into Topic Prominence in Science Martin Edling Andersson (Senior SciVal Product Manager) and Kevin Boyack (SciTech Strategies) Recorded: Nov 30 2017 61 mins
    Topic Prominence in Science is based on groundbreaking new technology and allows you to run a complete portfolio analysis quickly and easily.

    Following on from our introductory webinar, Martin Edling Andersson (Senior SciVal Product Manager) will show you how to get the most out of the new functionality, explain how new Topics are created and demonstrate some use cases.

    Kevin Boyack (SciTech Strategies) delves further into the underlying methodology and extensive research which powers Topic Prominence in Science.

    We'll give an overview of the roadmap for Topic Prominence in Science, highlighting some of the updates coming in future releases - based upon your feedback.

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