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  • Container Security – Best Practices for Government Agencies
    Container Security – Best Practices for Government Agencies Jamie Duncan, Cloud Solutions Architect, Red Hat; Tim Mackey, Sr. Technology Evangelist, Black Duck Recorded: Jul 13 2017 64 mins
    Local and Federal government agencies are increasingly turning to container environments to meet the demand for faster, more agile software development. However, containers present a new array of security challenges, including how to properly manage open source security risk.

    Join experts from Red Hat and Black Duck for an educational webinar on securing open source in your containers.

    · Why container environments present new application security challenges, including those posed by open source
    · How to scan applications running in containers to identify open source and map against known vulnerabilities
    · Best practices and methodologies for deploying secure containers
  • 3 Pro Tips for Black Duck Hub & Ask the Experts
    3 Pro Tips for Black Duck Hub & Ask the Experts Black Duck Product and Implementation Team Recorded: Jun 27 2017 46 mins
    Join our next customer webinar where YOU are the star of the show! Our Ask the Experts panel features Hal Hearst, Principal Product Manager; Utsav Sanghani, Product Manager; and Don Mulrenan, Manager Implementation Services. They’ll present their top three tips for scanning your code, helping you use Black Duck Hub’s features most effectively. We’ll leave plenty of time for Q&A with the panel. Submit your questions now by emailing jenny@blackducksoftware.com, or ask them during the webinar. We’re excited to have this opportunity to answer your questions and hear your feedback about Black Duck Hub. Register today.
  • The Results Are In: Open Source 360 Survey
    The Results Are In: Open Source 360 Survey Tim Mackey, Sr. Technology Evangelist, Black Duck; Bob Canaway, CMO, Black Duck Recorded: Jun 22 2017 60 mins
    Today, open source drives technology and development, and its worldwide adoption ranges from companies with a single employee to large corporations like Microsoft and Apple. All of these organizations rely on open source to innovate, reduce development costs, and speed time to market. Recent research reports point out that open source comprises 80% to 90% of the code in a typical application. Our Open Source 360° survey provides an update on the rapid evolution of open source development, use and management.

    The 2017 Open Source 360° survey was conducted through Black Duck’s Center for Open Source Research & Innovation (COSRI), focusing on four important areas of open source – usage, risk, contributions and governance/policies. Our respondents include input from new players, established leaders, and influencers across vertical markets and communities. This range of respondents drives broad industry awareness and discussions of these key issues.

    Please join Technology Evangelist Tim Mackey (@timintech) and CMO Bob Canaway (@bobcanaway) to review the results from the Open Source 360 Survey. Please bring your questions! 

    Follow the conversation on Twitter, using the hashtag #OSS360.
  • Prepping for Tech M&A – What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know
    Prepping for Tech M&A – What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know Steven S. Fang Sr. Counsel Kastner Huggins Reddien Gravelle LLP; Phil Odence VP & General Manager Black Duck Software Recorded: Jun 13 2017 58 mins
    In potential tech M&A transactions, both buyers and sellers are focused on the IP quality and security of the most valuable asset – software. Both are extremely important to the sellers, who are looking for the best price, and to acquirers, who want to ensure a future return on their investment.

    During this webinar, open source experts from Black Duck and the Austin legal firm KHRG will discuss best practices as well as pitfalls to avoid to protect IP quality and security. The session will include:

    - Security and license compliance issues to consider when using open source
    - Best practices for ensuring ongoing management of open source licenses and security
    - Latest trends in open source software use by developers
    - Examples of how improper code management has impacted software acquisitions
    - Anatomy of the M&A technical due diligence process and how best to prepare
  • Why Software Composition Analysis is Critical to Secure DevOps
    Why Software Composition Analysis is Critical to Secure DevOps Amy DeMartine, Forrester Principal Analyst; Patrick Carey, Black Duck Recorded: May 16 2017 37 mins
    Open source software is the lifeblood of today’s enterprise applications, comprising 80%-90% of the code. However, open source use comes with significant security and IP risks that both enterprise and smaller organizations are ill-prepared to address.

    As development teams increasingly automate the software development lifecycle (SDLC) through the use of agile DevOps tools and practices, the need to mitigate these risks through integration of Software Composition Analysis (SCA) into the DevOps tool chain has become critical.

    In this 60-minute webinar, guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst Amy DeMartine, and Black Duck Director of Product Marketing Patrick Carey, will discuss findings from the recent report: The Forrester Wave™: Software Composition Analysis, Q1 2017 and why SCA should be a key part of your Secure DevOps strategy.

    The discussion topics will include:
    - Why you need a software composition analysis (SCA) solution
    - How SCA solutions help you manage open source vulnerability, compliance, and component quality risks
    - Criteria to consider when selecting an SCA solution
    - Why it's important to integrate SCA into your automated DevOps environment
  • Leveraging Reporting Improvements and Docker Scanning using Hub 3.6
    Leveraging Reporting Improvements and Docker Scanning using Hub 3.6 Pat Durante, Senior Director Education Services; John Beaudoin, Senior Instructional Designer Recorded: May 11 2017 54 mins
    Please join us for the next Black Duck Customer Success Webinar and learn about the features and enhancements in the latest Hub release – version 3.6. It includes new usability and project management improvements as well as administration and integration enhancements.

    We’ll discuss:

    - Leveraging the new Hub Reporting Database to programmatically access project, project version, component version, and component license data for custom data reporting and analysis.
    - Taking advantage of the new Print View option which displays the Bill of Materials in a format suitable for easy printing or exporting.
    - Adding subprojects to your Bill of Materials. For example, if you have projects used by other applications, you can add them to a BOM so that the BOM accurately reflects the elements in your application.
    - Using the updated Hub 3.6 Scan Client to scan Docker Images. We’ve introduced a new script, bundled with the Hub Scanner, to scan your Docker images for open source.
  • Audits of 1000 Apps: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Open Source Use
    Audits of 1000 Apps: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Open Source Use Mike Pittenger, VP Security Strategy, Black Duck Software Recorded: May 4 2017 49 mins
    Open source components are the foundation of today’s applications. Ineffective security and management of open source is pervasive.
    That stark contrast marks Black Duck’s recently released 2017 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis (OSSRA), which is based on code audits of more than 1000 applications. Not surprisingly, 97% of the audited applications contained open source. Disturbingly, 67% of the applications contained known open source vulnerabilities.
    In this webinar, Black Duck VP of Security Strategy Mike Pittenger will review the audit findings in depth and discuss strategies companies can use to minimize open source security risk while maximizing the economic and productivity value open source provides.
  • Assessing Open Source Risk: An Imperative for M&A Professionals
    Assessing Open Source Risk: An Imperative for M&A Professionals Phil Odence, Vice President & General Manager On-Demand Audits; Mike Pittenger, VP Security Strategy Recorded: Apr 19 2017 59 mins
    Open source software use is ubiquitous worldwide, increasing the importance that M&A professionals understand the potential security, license compliance, and operational risks open source represents in today’s transactions.

    This webinar will detail findings in a recent report issued by Black Duck’s Center for Open Source Research and Innovation (COSRI) showing that most M&A target organizations are not effective in securing and managing their open source.

    Black Duck On-Demand audits hundreds of commercial code bases each year. The Open Source Security and Risk Analysis (OSSRA) will provide insight and results from over 1000 audits performed in 2016, including:

    - The number, age and severity of vulnerabilities in the open source components
    - The gap between the number of open source components used versus what the target company thought it was using
    - The prevalence of open source components using licenses that could put IP at risk
  • Before You Outsource, Protect Your IP & Mitigate Open Source Risks
    Before You Outsource, Protect Your IP & Mitigate Open Source Risks Jim Markwith, Managing Partner at Symons Markwith LLP Recorded: Apr 18 2017 60 mins
    Today’s rapidly changing technologies, including the proliferation of open source and the accelerating shift to the cloud, are increasing the use of outside experts for both application development and IT solutions. At the same time, IP security is top of mind worldwide. This presentation will look at ways organizations can outsource to meet their development needs and also address open source security and management risks before giving contractors access to their valuable technologies.

    Jim's bio:

    Jim Markwith is an experienced technology and corporate transactions attorney with over 20 years of experience. His clients range from start-ups to fortune 50 technology leaders, including computer software, on-line retail, and Healthcare IT product and service developers. Prior to private practice, Jim held Executive and Senior in-house legal positions with Microsoft, Adobe Systems, and Allscripts Healthcare. Jim received his J.D. degree from Santa Clara University School of Law, and is a member of the California, Washington, DC, and Washington State Bar Associations.

    For more information on Jim, please click http://symonsmarkwith.com/jim-markwith. For questions about this presentation, or for more information on available legal support, please contact Jim at jim@symonsmarkwith.com.
  • Comprehensive Toolkit Required for Application Security
    Comprehensive Toolkit Required for Application Security Mike Pittenger, VP Security Strategy, Black Duck Recorded: Apr 13 2017 47 mins
    Applications are the primary target for hackers with a staggering 84% of cybersecurity attacks focused on the application layer. Without effective tools to find and fix application security vulnerabilities, your organization is at risk. However, with lots of available tools – from Dynamic Analysis Security Testing (DAST) and Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST) to Open Source Security Vulnerability Management – selecting the right ones to ensure effective application security is a challenge.

    This webinar will provide an overview of application security risks, the types of solutions available, and where each excels or falls short. You will learn how to assemble a comprehensive application security toolkit to help you stay secure throughout the software application development and management lifecycle.

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